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Korean Best Face Contouring


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Korean best face contouring to correct big jaw, blunt front jaw, square jaw, big face, asymmetry, etc. Get smaller, younger, V-line face through surgery or non surgery face contouring only in Wonjin

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Korean Best Face Contouring

  1. 1. Korean Best Face Contouring This is how an elegant face look like
  2. 2. While You Worry About Your Make-up Technique & Your Hairstyle, WONJIN Has Brought Korean Best Face Contouring Surgery Into Reality By Its Rich Technology and Years Of Know-How
  3. 3. Wonjin Plastic Surgery – Korean Best Face Contouring Wonjin Doesn’t Tolerate Error Even It’s Only 1mm We Want To Meet You. With Our Sophisticated Medical Knowledge & Technology, We Can Save Your Time!
  4. 4. WONJIN Wants To Meet You WHAT IS YOUR BEAUTY PROBLEM?? ? You’ve corrected your cheekbone but then your cheek became droopy and saggy??? Masculine look make me so sad! 1 2 3You want V-line face without surgery?? etc
  5. 5. Face Contouring? Compare first with another clinic Before coming to WONJIN!
  6. 6. Afraid of sagging cheek? Well, don’t be! Because Wonjin is different!
  7. 7. Korean Best Face Contouring Surgery There is a high chance of sagging cheeks if you don’t fix the bone to the place. This is a side effect that can happen if during the surgery they desquamated the skin too much, but didn’t fix the bone properly. At Wonjin, we don’t desquamate the skin, we just do a little incision inside the mouth also we fix front and side cheekbones. Wonjin’s 20 years know-how that can’t be copied
  8. 8. Korean Best Face Contouring Surgery Key Know How of Wonjin 3D Cheekbone Reduction We do not simply make reduction but also rotate bones inward to enhance 3D effect Existing cheekbone surgery: simply fracture bone & push it in Wonjin cheekbone surgery: fracture bones twice and rotate the bones in a 3D way
  9. 9. Korean Best Face Contouring Surgery As you can see from above, side cheekbones and 45 degree cheekbones are pushed in so the width of a face is reduced much more. The volume of frontal cheeks increases dan the outline out stands in three dimensions.
  10. 10. Korean Best Face Contouring Surgery
  11. 11. Korean Best Face Contouring Surgery Wonjin only use surgical plate pin that is already verified for its safety throughout the world. It is harmless to our body, does not change in shape. It can’t be felt when touched. It is safe even after time
  12. 12. Forget your masculin face! Welcome to your new, small, V-line face!!
  13. 13. Korean Best Face Contouring Surgery Facial Contour that has a different 3D effects
  14. 14. The subject of spin-carving is not the square jaw.  Its aim is to complete a slenderized face from the hairline to the cheekbone, square jaw and edges of the chin. Carving the hard bone into a curve just at once and correcting the square chin and a wide front chin is the 20 year knowhow of WONJIN that is only possible with the experienced skills. Korean Best Face Contouring Surgery
  15. 15. For the facial bone surgery, not hurting the nerves is important. However, increasing the effects at the same time is more important. Would satisfying result be gained if the jaw is less cut due to danger of nerve damages? Safety  and aesthetic effect, both rabbits must be caught at once.  Since WONJIN carves the bone tightly beneath the nerve lines located on the edges of the jaw while maintaining the safety, the front view effects are very good. This is the skill of WONJIN, gaining both Safety and aesthetic effect which requires high level of know-hows that no one can copy. Korean Best Face Contouring Surgery
  16. 16. Korean Best Face Contouring Surgery Our facial bones are made up of three layers.  At Wonjin, we remove the cortical bone which is the outermost shell of the bone. Since the cortical bone is located closest to the tissues it cannot be just pulled off, a knowhow of delicately removing is needed. When the cortical resection is made, the volume of both bone and muscle will be shrunken and thus narrowing the face width. Therefore, a dramatic effect of a whole face becoming smaller and 3D effect will be gained
  17. 17. Afraid of cutting your bones? Then go for Wonjin’s contouring therapy!!
  18. 18. Korean Best Face Contouring Therapy -Thread Lifting- Thread lift is a procedure which rejuvenates, regenerates and improves the structure of the face, in a similar way to a surgical facelift, but without the need for surgery. Thread lift uses specialized threads which are introduced into the skin with a very fine needle to lift tissue and muscle and improve skin texture.
  19. 19. Korean Best Face Contouring Therapy - Belody Lifting- Belody is a treatment that uses 980nm vibration type laser treatment using strong frequency that stimulates collagen and elastin formation for tighter and firmer body procedure.
  20. 20. Korean Best Face Contouring Therapy - Accu Lifting- One of the hardest area is the chin line and buccal fat on your cheeks. If there is much fat on the cheeks and chin, there may not be effective results after lifting. With Accu lifting, both the fat is removed and the skin is regenerated to make tight V-line.
  21. 21. Korean Best Face Contouring Therapy - Accu Lifting- The accusculpt laser, which has very frequency of 1,444 n and has also been globally patented, melts the fat and produces collagen to create an elastic V-line
  22. 22. Korean Best Face Contouring Therapy - High Frequency Masseter Nerve - Blocking the masseter nerves using high frequency through the nerves of the mouth. Masseter muscles, the cause of square jaw, are slowly recess which is visible from the front side of face. Face volume will be completed slender and totally reduced. • Semi permanent effect • Amount of muscles reduced • Using high frequency sophisticated equipment
  23. 23. Korean Best Face Contouring Therapy - Botox For Square Jaw-
  24. 24. Korean Best Face Contouring Therapy - Botox For Square Jaw-
  25. 25. Korean Best Face Contouring Therapy - Botox For Square Jaw-
  26. 26. Korean Best Face Contouring Therapy - Fat Removal - • Done through inside the mouth so almost leaves no scar • Short duration • Faster recovery
  27. 27. Wanna know more??? Contact us via e-mail: Or send message to our facebook page: