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Korea two jaw surgery for jutting chin


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Understanding better jutting chin and korea two jaw surgery to overcome jutting chin. Slim and small face is not only a dream anymore. Make it come true with Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea

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Korea two jaw surgery for jutting chin

  1. 1. Understanding Jutting Chin What is jutting chin? When lower jaw or mouth is protruded with long face, we refer it as Jutting Chin. Why plastic surgery is required? When a patient has jutting chin and malocclusion at the same, the effect of orthodontic treatment is very limited. That is the reason why plastic surgery is required to relocate the jaw bone then the orthodontic treatment should follow for the best result. This patient had masculine looking with big and long face. She never went out with a guy for 37 years. She was so depressed coz of her look.
  2. 2. Understanding Jutting Chin Diagnosis after all the medical examination at Wonjin: 1) Jutting chin 2) Long face 3) Asymmetrical face
  3. 3. Understanding Jutting Chin Surgical Information • Surgery time : 2-3 hours • Anesthesia : general anesthesia • Hospitalization : 2 days • Thread removal : after 2 weeks • Post operative visit : 5 times • Recovery : return to daily activities after 2 weeks Recommended for those who • Have a long face • Have a protruded chin tip • Have long lower chin & showing too much gum when smiling • Have long jaw and overall size is big and wide • Have over developed lower jaw and sunken area in the middle • Have jutting chin with asymmetry • Have jutting chin with malocclusion
  4. 4. Understanding Jutting Chin Self diagnosis of jutting chin • Face shape is long and sharp • Jaw looks longer than middle face • Lower teeth is more protruded than upper teeth • Middle face looks dented due to sunken nose • Have difficulties in cutting the noodles with front teeth • Have difficulties in pronouncing Jutting chin that has protruded front chin that makes face appears long. Korea Two Jaw Surgery Process: Lower jaw has to be relocated backwards and orthodontic treatment is required. Jutting chin that has both long chin and face that shows gums while smiling Korea Two Jaw Surgery Process: Lower jaw has to be relocated backwards and reducing the length of chin and mid face is required.
  5. 5. Understanding Jutting Chin Jutting chin that is wide. Korea Two Jaw Surgery Process: Reduce the overall size of the jaw and relocate it backwards. Jutting chin with sunken mid face. Korea Two Jaw Surgery Process: Relocate the mid face forward and relocate the jaw backwards. Jutting chin with asymmetry. Korea Two Jaw Surgery Process: Correct the asymmetry and relocate the jaw backwards.
  6. 6. Wonjin’s Jutting Chin Diagnosis Process 3D CT There are only two devices in Korea and it is the most advanced 3D CT machine which can accurately identify the non-visible thickness of jaw, the slope, and location of the nerve. ST Model (Simulation Two Jaw) 4D diagnosis of jaw joint structure, teeth condition, and face frame close to real condition for accurate diagnosis
  7. 7. Wonjin’s Jutting Chin Diagnosis Process Invivodental It is a device that accurately predicts the location and form of nerves, as well as the thickness and density of the jaw bone. Simulation Operation Prediction Program (SOPP) Measured by changes in facial bones and soft tissue to analyze the changes in the occlusion and facial surgery from various angles.
  8. 8. Korea Plastic Surgery for Jutting Chin Lower Jaw Surgery IVRO (Intraoral Vertical Ramus Osteotomy) to make slimmer jaw line. The surgical method of cutting back side of the lower jaw vertically without fixation for natural settlement. The mouth has to be tied up for 2 weeks until the bone adheres. Pros Cons Less pain and jaw joint problems Fixation on mouth is required for two weeks since it does not fixate the bone Almost no possibility of nerve damages Physical therapy is required to recover lower ja w function for 1~2 weeks Less surgery time compared to SSRO After care is very important because it may cause the error range in occlusion due to no fixation of the bones
  9. 9. Korea Plastic Surgery for Jutting Chin Lower Jaw Surgery SSRO (Sagittal Split Ramus Osteotomy) The surgical method of cutting back side of the lower jaw into two plates and push the jaw bone backwards to occlude and fixate using pins and wires. Advantages Disadvantages Short recovery time with complete fixation Complete fixation may cause strain on jaw joint Fixation power is excellent for stable healing May damage the nerves The error range is minimized for o standing result Operation time is longer than IVRO
  10. 10. Long chin surgery Genio osteotomy is performed to reduce the length and move it backwards to correct jutting chin. Korea Plastic Surgery for Jutting Chin Advantages • Simply by reducing your genio, you can rectify your facial structure • Close to zero risk of damaging nerves • Quick recovery duration after a quick one hour procedure
  11. 11. Korea Plastic Surgery for Jutting Chin Two Jaw surgery In severe cases of malocclusion and elongated facial appearance, both the upper and lower jaw are cut and adjusted. Advantages • Protruding chin surgery results in a much smaller and slender face • Bones are tied together and has very low chance of recurrence • Dramatic outcomes can be achieved by balancing both upper and lower jaw
  12. 12. Korea Two Jaw Surgery for Jutting Chin First day of visit • Meet the consultant Through the consultation with the consultant, patient’s desire is well understood to provide the general information about the surgery • Check the current condition Face photo, X-ray will be taken for the accurate diagnose. • Dental impression Dental impression model is made for the accurate diagnose. • Plan the surgery The surgeon will decide whether to use ‘Virtual Operation’ or pre-operative orthodontic treatment method based on the current condition and consultation data to plan the surgery schedule. If surgery plan is established, then the blood test, chest X-ray, and EKG examination is processed on the same day.
  13. 13. Korea Two Jaw Surgery for Jutting Chin Preparation of the surgery • Wafer making Customized Wafers are made for before and after the surgery purposes to maintain the dental bite after surgery. It will quickly and accurately shorten the surgery preparation period about 2 weeks. • Accurate diagnose & precise mock surgery 3D CT and SOPP will increase the perfection of the surgery by accurately analyzing face bone structure, invisible nerve and blood vessel location.
  14. 14. Korea Two Jaw Surgery for Jutting Chin Surgery Performance Accurate surgery with rich experience and know-how Co-operative treatment system of different departments including Plastic Surgery, Dentist, Maxillofacial, Orthodontics, and Anesthesiology for safest and accurate surgery.
  15. 15. By performing Korea Two Jaw Surgery& cheekbone reduction, jaw would find its place and turned into a voluminous face shape. Korea square jaw surgery narrowed down her jaw and finally she has smooth and slim face line
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