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Korean Eye Plastic Surgery Specialized Hospital


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Want a double eyelid with no incision but worry that the eyelids become release again? Then come to Wonjin.
Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea, an eye plastic surgery specialized hospital in Korea has the solution for you.

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Korean Eye Plastic Surgery Specialized Hospital

  1. 1. Eye Plastic Surgery Specialized Hospital Wonjin Plastic Surgery
  2. 2. A Wonderful Eye’s Golden Ratio The ideal eye will have symmetrical eye lengths as well as length between eyes. This length ranges from 30 mm – 34 mm The inner corner of the eyes should make a vertical line with the sides of the nose. The outer corners of the eyes should make a diagonal line with the corresponding nose side The outer corners of the eyes should be slightly raised in relation to the eyes being on a level plane
  3. 3. Wan’t to make double eyelid with no incision method but you have thick eyelids? NO PROBLEM!!!! WONJIN HAS THE SOLUTION!
  4. 4. Wonjin’s Know How, Natural Muscle Fascia Fixing Wonjin has created Natural Muscle Fascia Fixing Method to make double eyelid Wonjin induces Levator palpebrae superioris muscle, muscle that elevates the upper eyelid, to attach tightly to the skin minimizing the need to have revision.
  5. 5. The vertical length of the eyes is increased by correcting the levator palpebrae muscle without incision
  6. 6. Common double eyelid surgeries in existence made double lines by “pinching” the skin. All of Wonjin’s eye plastic surgery uses Natural Adhesive Method, a method that induces skin and the tissue between levator palpebrae superioris muscle to stick together just as natural double eyelids.
  7. 7. Wonjin’s upgraded double tying method (double tying with multiple knots)has been proven to make stronger double eyelid fixation, overcoming the disadvantage of non-incision method in existence.
  8. 8. Advantage of Wonjin’s Natural Muscle Fascia Fixation • There is no problem though you have thick eyelids! • Unnecessary fats and muscles are removed to form slim eyelids • By extending the vertical length of eyes, you can get big and clear eyes • Scars can’t be seen even when you close your eyes! 1-2 mm of micro holes are made without incision, leave mostly no scar • The result is very natural because we finely control the tension of muscle fascia in compared to ptosis correction in existence • Double eyelids aren’t released because the natural adhesion + double-tying method forms stronger double eyelids • Fast recovery. There will be only light swelling. Everyday activities are possible 3 days after surgery
  9. 9. FIND the eyes that SUIT you PERFECTLY!
  10. 10. Fine double eyelids formed from the inner line of the front corner become obvious on the outer line of the back corner as it is slightly exposed to create natural double eyelids.
  11. 11. Small double eyelids give a cute impression with clear eyes and slightly visible double eyelids. 80% of the patients wanted this surgery
  12. 12. Thin double eyelids formed from the outer line of the front corner that connects to the back corner are obviously visible even after eye make-up, making the eyes clearer and look gorgeous. This is especially suitable for those with long and fatless eyes.
  13. 13. This is suitable for big-eyed foreigners because thick double eyelids are formed from the outer line of the front corner and parallel to the end.
  14. 14. Korean Best Eye Plastic Surgery -WONJIN Plastic Surgery-