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Kazimir malevich suprematism -artisoo


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One of the earliest and most radical developments in abstract art.

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Kazimir malevich suprematism -artisoo

  1. 1. Kazimir Malevich Suprematism A theorist and ardent proponent of non-figurative art as the supreme form of human creative activity, Kazimir Malevich is best known among the general public for his “Black Square” painting. In creating this artistic manifesto, the embodiment of suprematism or “supreme art,” Malevich immediately put himself at the forefront of avant-garde art. Black Square 1915 Painting Link:
  2. 2. Black Square and Red Square 1915 Painting Link:
  3. 3. Suprematism with Blue Triangle and Black Square 1915 Painting Link:
  4. 4. Black Square 1916 Painting Link: Hand painted by Artisoo artists Medium: Oil Painting Reproduction on Canvas Come from: