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VHS_ Parks and Trees _Action Plan


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Published in: Business, Technology
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VHS_ Parks and Trees _Action Plan

  1. 1. How Green is our Goregaon !
  2. 2. Why have we chosen this topic? Around the 1980s, forest cover in Mumbai was dense and flourishing with thick and dense trees. After two decades, the forest cover in Mumbai has decreased approximately ten fold. A sudden drop in forest cover is a matter of grave importance and a cause for concern. Trees provide one of the most important necessities of life and that is oxygen. So we chose the topic ‘Parks and Trees’.
  3. 3. Methodology Plan laid out on how to go about the topic.  A particular area chosen to survey parks, that are near our school VIBGYOR High in Goregaon (West), Mumbai. A questionnaire prepared to conduct a study on the people who visit the parks, the age groups of people who visit and what the park management has done to increase the recreational facilities for the people. The parameters of the questionnaire will be same for all the parks to record the collected data.
  4. 4. Action Plan Aninda: Technical support My responsibilities include: • Reviewing/editing of articles • Editing of videos • Enhancing of the photographs taken Arjun: Content Developer My responsibilities include: •Writing the articles which involves the introduction, interviews and the facilities available
  5. 5. Action Plan (contd). Nikhil: Photographer My responsibilities include: Capturing images with camera  Extending assistance in technical work to Aninda Ritika: Art Director My responsibilities include: Giving creative inputs in designing the map  Extending assistance in developing content to Arjun
  6. 6. Action Plan (contd). Manasvini: Anchor My responsibilities include:  Interviewing people  Extending assistance in photography to Nikhil. *******