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Vhs park and trees introduction


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Published in: Business, Art & Photos
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Vhs park and trees introduction

  1. 1. Theme: Regions 8 ‘Park and Trees’ Team: Manasvini Bhatia, Ritika Panattu, Aninda Ghosh, Nikhil Kutheala and Arjun Menon Grade: 9 School : Vibgyor High Goregaon West
  2. 2. ‘Park and Trees’ team in one frame
  3. 3. Hobbies: Playing piano, Painting, Cooking and Singing. About Me :Manasvini Bhatia ‘I am interested in photography and I hope to grow up to be a photographer. I write short stories and poems. I am also interested in debating. I am happy to be a part of the EuMind project. I am looking forward to actively participate in it. I believe it will help me to evolve as a better citizen of my country’.
  4. 4. Hobbies: Reading, Music, Movies and Sketching About Me : Ritika Panattu ‘Yeah, I’m excited to be a part of EUmIND and hope to contribute constructively. I feel participating in EuMind will help me to develop creative , social and communication skills. I love reading Potterhead, Panemaniac…. sketching, gothic fashion and writing. Looking forward to a fantastic Eumind journey with my team.’
  5. 5. Hobbies: Reading, Painting, Writing, Singing. About Me : Aninda Ghosh ‘EuMIND for me is not some group project or an assignment. For me, it’s a life experience. It offers me a platform to show my different skills be it technical, artistic, creative, etc. I think that at the end of this project, I would have learned tons of new stuff and would become a more creative as well as a more idealistic person. I would achieve the goals through teamwork, dedication and hard work. I think to get to the finish line, teamwork is the most important aspect.’
  6. 6. Hobbies: Football, Painting and Trecking About Me : Nikhil Kutheala ‘As a person I am fun loving and creative. I like to interact with people and make new friends. I like participating in different programmes and learning from experiences. I have actively participated in Model United Nation sessions and I am looking forward to enthusiastically participate in EuMind. Our topic is regions and I am looking forward to acquaint you about the interesting regions’.
  7. 7. Hobbies: Photography, Cycling and Skateboarding. About Me : Arjun Menon ‘I am very excited to be a part of EUmIND and I know this will be real fun endeavour. My interests are varied as of now. Astrophysics is one of my core interests and so is photography. Shows like Star Trek and the Big Bang Theory have led to this aspiration of mine. Other than that, I am an avid cyclist. I love skateboarding and everything about it. I play a lot of paintball. I will conclude by saying that EUmIND is going to be an awesome initiative and I am really looking forward to everything that follows’. Cheers!