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ParkMyCloud - Overview for January 2016 TechBreakfast


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ParkMyCloud - The First Programmable On/Off Switch for Cloud Computing

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ParkMyCloud - Overview for January 2016 TechBreakfast

  1. 1. The First Programmable On/Off Switch for Cloud Computing This document is confidential and proprietary not to be copied or otherwise reproduced nor given to parties without prior written consent. © ParkMyCloud Inc 2015 Jay Chapel, CEO Jan 2016
  2. 2. Problem / Opportunity Cloud Exploding No Easy ‘Off Switch’ Millions Wasted on Idle Servers Status Quo: • Homegrown: Scripts and Cron Jobs • AWS: Reserved Instances (RI) / Spot Instances • Scripts on Steroids: Botmetric, Skeddly
  3. 3. ParkMyCloud o WHAT: Simple, single- purpose SaaS tool. o HOW: Automatically schedule on/off times for idle compute. o ROI: Save 20% or more; payback in 1-2 months! Nest for the Cloud
  4. 4. AWS Market Size o$7.3B revenue in 2015 o1M + customers o70% of revenue comes from Compute oGrowing 95% Y-o-Y o52% non-production oDeutsche Bank predicts AWS will be a $16B company by 2017
  5. 5. Web Client Analytics & Policy Engine Compute Management The Solution ParkMyCloud Solution: o Discover & Ingest Cloud Computing Instances o Get ‘Parking’ Recommendations (Analytics) o Choose & Assign Parking Calendars o Save 20% or more on your total Cloud Bill SaaS Patent Pending 7-10 Mins Setup
  6. 6. Immediate ROI
  7. 7. Create Schedules
  8. 8. Pricing
  9. 9. @parkmycloud / 703 731 8073 Thank You