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May 9, 2016 Parkmerced Vision Update

  1. RESIDENT MEETING 9 May 2016, St. Thomas More Church School
  2. TONIGHT’S TOPICS 1. Vision Plan & Subphase 1AB Overview 2. Construction Overview 3. Resident Relocation Plan Overview 4. Parking Relocation Plan Overview 5. Q&A
  4. WINTER 2014 Resident Meeting SPRING 2015 Newsletter & Resident Meeting Development Phase 1 Application Approved SUMMER 2015 Informational Planning Commission Hearing FALL 2015 Newsletter & Resident Meeting Tentative Subdivision Maps Approved Design Review Applications Buildings Approved WINTER 2015/16 Building Permits Submitted Newsletter & Resident Meeting Privately Owned/Maintained Tree Removal History, Outreach, and Communication
  5. SUMMER 2016 Outdoor Resident Amenity Center Opens Quarterly Newsletter and Resident Meeting FALL 2016 Playground Closure (310/350 Arballo, 810 Gonzalez, 55 Chumasero) Resident Shuttle and Bike Share Launch Existing Tenant Notices to first 56 Apartments Quarterly Newsletter and Resident Meeting Parking Relocation for Felix Garage, Arballo Circle, and Galindo Lot F Construction Start for Subphases 1A and 1B Street Improvements Construction Start for Blocks 1, 6, and 20 SPRING 2017 Parking Relocation for Galindo Garage Construction Start Block 22 Look Ahead
  6. Parkmerced Today SFSU FONT BOULEVAD Lake Merced 152 Acres 3,221 Apartments Access to Parks & Transit Juan Bautista Circle
  7. FONT BOULEVAD Lake Merced Parkmerced (20-25 years) SFSU Juan Bautista Circle
  8. Existing Homes to Remain 1,683 Tower Apartments Existing Homes to be Replaced 1,538 Garden Apartments New Homes 5,679 Net New Homes TOTAL HOMES 8,900 Neighborhood Retail 230,00 square feet Office 80,000 square feet School 25,000 square feet Community Center 64,000 square feet Open Space & Parks 68 acres Residential Commercial, School, Recreation, and Open Space Build Out Summary by the Numbers
  9. 10 Min. Walk 4 Min. Walk Neighborhood Retail & Amenities Grocery Store Daycare/ K-5 Community Center Neighborhood Commons Community Amenities 9
  10. Community Gardens Juan Bautista Circle Recreational Fields Stream Corridor Community Gardens Open Space Improvements
  11. M OCEANVIEW To Daly City BART S TO WESTLAKE S TO STONESTOWN Bike Share Car Share Shuttle Service Muni ImprovementsTransportation Coordinator Transportation
  12. SUBPHASES 1A & 1B
  13. Subphases 1A & 1B LAKEMERCEDBLVD BROTHERHOOD WAY VIDAL DR ACEVEDO AVE HIGUERA AVE Juan Bautista Circle ARBALLODR PINTO AVE Leasing SFSU Community Enhancements Landscape and Hardscape Children’s Play Areas Flexible Open Space Community Gardens Car Share Bike Share Resident Shuttle Wayfinding Signage 1 2 3 3 4 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 199 VIDAL 300 ARBALLO 455 SERRANO 850 GONZALEZ 1208-1218 J. SERRA 95-99 CHUMASERO
  14. Subphases 1A & 1B LAKEMERCEDBLVD BROTHERHOOD WAY VIDAL DR ACEVEDO AVE HIGUERA AVE Juan Bautista Circle ARBALLODR PINTO AVE Leasing SFSU Street Improvements Enhanced Quality of Life “Better Streets Plan” Elements Promote Public Safety Wider Sidewalks and Bulb Outs Increased Accessibility for All Improved Transit Access Bicycle Infrastructure New and Upgraded Utilities Street Improvements: Reconstruction of portions of the public right-of-way including any sidewalk curb, gutter, parking strip, parkway, driveway, etc.
  15. 199 Vidal Drive 64 Homes (40 Replacement Homes)
  16. 300 Arballo Drive 89 Homes (16 Replacement Homes)
  17. Block 1 Community Improvements Community Gardens Car & Bike Share Play Area Landmark Tree Reconfigured Driveway 199 VIDAL 300 Arballo Landscaping New Intersection
  18. 455 Serrano Drive/850 Gonzalez Drive 248 Homes // ~445 Parking Spaces
  19. Block 6 Community Improvements Community Gardens Play Area Flexible Green Connections
  20. 1208-1218 Junipero Serra 299 Homes // 324 Parking Spaces
  21. Block 20 Community Improvements 125 CAMBON Community Gardens Community Green Play Area Tower Entries Tree Farm Chumasero/ J. Serra Bike Share Car Share
  22. 95-99 Chumasero Drive 313 Homes // 266 Parking Spaces
  23. Dog Park Flexible Greens Neighborhood Common Play Area Tower Entry Block 22 Community Improvements Bike Share Car Share
  25. 199 Vidal Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 300 Arballo 455 Serrano and 850 Gonzalez 1208-1218 Junipero Serra 95-99 Chumasero 2016 2017 2018 Chumasero Realignment Subphases 1A & 1B Construction Schedule 2019
  26. Subphase 1A and 1B Construction Areas SFSU FONT BLVD SUBPHASE 1B SUBPHASE 1A B1 B6 B2O B22
  27. Block 1 – Arballo, Acevedo, Vidal Construction Fence 300 Arballo 199 Vidal 310 Arballo 350 Arballo
  28. Block 6 – Serrano, Gonzalez, Higuera, Arballo 405 Serrano 810 Gonzalez Construction Fence 455 Serrano 850 Gonzalez
  29. Blocks 20 & 22 – Font, Chumasero, J. Serra, Brotherhood Construction Fence 1208-1218 J. Serra 95-99 Chumasero 125 Cambon 150 Font 100 Font 50 Chumaser o 55 Chumaser o
  30. SFSU FONT BLVD SUBPHASE 1A B1 B6 B2O B22 SUBPHASE 1B Construction Mitigations Noise Air Quality Resources Construction Hours Noise Barriers Equipment Selection Dedicated Truck Routes Noise Coordinator Regular Vehicle Service Shut Down Engines EPA Standards Vehicle Selection Dust Control Monitoring Traffic Management Bird Surveys Tree Protection Tree Removal Tree Replacement
  31. SFSU FONT BLVD B1 B6 B2O B22 Communication Project Website Social Media Resident Newsletters Information Boards Job Site Entry 415.405.4666
  33. All Townhome Residents Long-Term Existing Residents prior to July 9, 2001 Brand New Replacement Apartment Relocation Payment Benefits Interim Replacement Apartment Options for Relocation
  34. Subphase 1A & 1B Relocation Map Juan Bautista Circle Leasing SFSU Interim Replacement 37E 36 29 LAKEMERCEDBLVD BROTHERHOOD WAY VIDAL DR ACEVEDO AVE HIGUERA AVE ARBALLODR PINTO AVE GARCES DR 300 Arballo 199 Vidal
  35. Resident Meeting Existing Tenant Notice Replacement Apartment Availability Notice -Site Visit -Selection of Replacement Apartment Relocation Notice Moving Services SEPTEMBER 2015 SPRING/SUMMER 2017 2018 FALL 2016 CONSTRUCTION START CONSTRUCTION END WINTER 2017 WE ARE HERE FALL 2017 The Resident Relocation Process
  37. 2016 Preliminary Transportation Survey Results 48% Transit37% Drive Alone Walk Carpool Kiss & Ride Bike Other How do you get to work?Response Rate (Paper) 12% Trends (Since 2007) 17% 11% 76% Car Ownership Weekday Non-Work Trips Transportation Options 60% 20% 13% Trips % 0-1 ~51% 2-3 ~30% 4-5 ~3% 5+ ~16% Top 3Parkmerced Garages/Lots 53%
  39. GALINDO GARAGE & SURFACE LOTS FELIX GARAGE GALINDO LOT F ARBALLO CIRCLE HIGUERA GARAGE Parking Relocation Felix Garage 08/22/16 Arballo Circle 10/12/16 Galindo Lot F 11/08/16 Galindo Garage 04/04/17 Earliest Dates and Subject to Delay RelocationLocation
  40. Guaranteed Replacement Space in Higuera Parking Rent Reduction If Paying $0, Base Rent Reduction 60-Day Notice Special Accommodation Requests Free Resident Shuttle Staggered Relocation After Hour Service (Non-Shuttle Hours) Improving Higuera Garage Experience Carshare, Bikeshare, and Bike Racks Special Accommodations in New Garages Parking Relocation Plan Felix Garage Galindo Garage & Surface Lots Galindo Lot F Arballo Circle Parking Relocation Overview
  41. Resident BART/Shopper Shuttle (In Planning Stage) To Daly City BART & Westlake HIGUERA GARAGE Higuera North Higuera South 355 Serrano 750 Gonzalez JBC Leasing Center 125 Cambon 100 Font 50 Chumasero Monday-Friday 5AM-12AM Weekends 7AM-10PM Commute Hours: Every 10 Minutes Gonzalez at Font
  42. Resident Meeting 60-Day Notice Parking Relocation Garage/Lot Removal SHUTTLE BIKESHARE BIKE RACKS HIGUERA IMPROVEMENTS REDUCTION EFFECTIVE AFTER HOUR SERVICE Reminder Parking Relocation Process
  43. Q & A
  44. Contact Us! 415.405.4666 THANK YOU! Last Shuttle @ 8:30!