May 11, 2015 Parkmerced Vision Update and Tenant Relocation Plan

May. 12, 2015

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May 11, 2015 Parkmerced Vision Update and Tenant Relocation Plan

  1. RESIDENT MEETING MAY 11, 2015 1  
  2. AGENDA 6:00 Welcome, Introductions, and Ground Rules 6:05 Vision Plan Overview Rogelio 6:15 Development Phase 1 YuSun 6:40 Tenant Relocation Plan Jim 7:15 Q&A 7:55 Next Steps and Closing Bert 8:30 Final Shuttle 2  
  3. SAN MATEO COUNTY BART SAN FRANCISCO COUNTY Parkmerced WHERE WE ARE •  152 Acres •  Single Ownership •  Connection to Transit •  Access to Parks 3  
  5. PARKMERCED MIXED-USE NEIGHBORHOOD •  Existing Homes to Remain (Tower Units) 1,683 •  Existing Homes to be Replaced (Garden Units) 1,538 •  New Homes (affordable and market) 5,679 TOTAL DWELLINGS 8,900 •  Neighborhood Retail 230,000 sf •  Offices 80,000 sf •  School 25,000 sf •  Community Center 64,000 sf •  Open Space & Parks 68 Acres 5  
  6. • 3-4-story walk-ups • low-rise homes • mid-rise homes • live/work studio 1 bedroom 2 bedroom 3 bedroom 11 1,683 1,113 2,398 1,863 3,472 234 1,347 HOUSING OPTIONS 6   • Existing 2-story garden townhomes • Existing 13-story tower homes
  7. 10 Min. Walk 4 Min. Walk Neighborhood Retail & Amenities Grocery Store Daycare/ K-5 Community Center Neighborhood Commons COMMUNITY AMENITIES 7  
  8. COMMUNITY GARDENS Recreational Fields Pond Recreational Area Recreational Fields Stream Corridor Community Gardens OPEN SPACE IMPROVEMENTS RECREATION POND 8  
  9. M Oceanview To Daly City BART S        TO  WESTLAKE   S To Stonestown Bike Routes & Bike Share Car Share Shuttle Service MUNI Improvements Transportation Coordinator TRANSPORTATION IMPROVEMENTS 9  
  11. 2006-2014 2006-11 •  Over 550 public meetings held with residents, neighbors, stakeholders, and local and state public agencies 2011 •  Project Approved by San Francisco Planning Department: February 10, 2011 •  Project Approved by San Francisco Board of Supervisors: May 24, 2011 •  Development Agreement Effective: July 9, 2011 2011-14 •  Long Term Existing Tenant Notices: July 8, 2011 •  10+ year residents provided non-binding preference to locate into a Interim Replacement Unit •  Coordinate with SFCTA and SFMTA to implement Tier V transportation improvements Fall 2014 •  September: Development Phase Application I Submitted to Planning 11  
  12. LOOK AHEAD MAY 2015 •  Development Phase I Application Approval SUMMER 2015 •  Tenant Relocation Packets mailed to Residents in To-Be-Replaced Apartments (B37W, 34, 19) •  Building Design Review and Informational Planning Hearing LATE 2015 •  Seek Building Permit Approvals 2016 •  Spring 2016: Break Ground on Subphase A (~18-24 month construction) •  Spring/Summer 2016: Break Ground on Subphase B (~22-28 month construction) 12  
  13. CONSTRUCTION •  Priority: maintain highest quality of life for our residents •  Required to meet all City ordinances and applicable laws by using construction best practices •  During construction, contractors will have a designated Community Liaison who residents can reach at all times •  Residents will be kept up to date on all construction activity. •  Updates will be provided •  Project Website: •  Quarterly Resident Newsletter •  Email notifications as needed 13  
  14. COMMUNICATIONS •  We will prepare and deliver a quarterly newsletter to each resident. •  Project updates •  Operations updates •  Known public hearings •  Known resident meetings •  Additionally, information will also be posted: •  Project Website: •  Email notifications as needed 14  
  15. Existing Towers to Remain Galindo and Felix Garages Replaced Subphase C Subphase A Subphase B Subphase D ~390 ~567 ~333 ~378 New ~344 ~567 ~267 ~278 Net NewReplacement 56 (C/D) 66 (Ph 2) 100 (Ph 2) Replaced 38 18 DEVELOPMENT PHASE 1 15  
  17. AT BUILD OUT 17   SFSU
  18. SUBPHASE A 4 Story ~51 New Homes 8 Story ~91 New Homes 11 Story ~129 New Homes ~450 space below-grade parking 11 Story ~129 New Homes Soft Site 18  
  19. BLOCK 1: 300 ARBALLO LMS Architecture, 8-stories, 91 homes (16 replacement) 19  
  20. BLOCK 1: 99 VIDAL Fougeron Architecture, 4-stories, 51 homes (40 replacement) 20  
  21. BLOCK 1: 99 VIDAL Fougeron Architecture, 4-stories, 51 homes (40 replacement) 21  
  23. BLOCK 6: 455 SERRANO/850 GONZALEZ Woods Bagot, 11-stories (2), 258 homes 23  
  25. 14 story 103 homes 14 story 153 units 5 story 87 homes 14 story 152 units ~333 space below-grade parking ~225 space below-grade parking SUBPHASE B Soft Site 25  
  26. BLOCK 20: 1188-1198 JUNIPERO SERRA Kwan Henmi, 14- and 5- story, 190 homes 26  
  28. BLOCK 22: 21-25 CHUMASERO SOM, 14 stories (2), 305 homes 28  
  30. ~3-4 story ~218 homes ~4-8 story ~113 homes ~618 space below-grade parking SUBPHASE C Future Subphase, Design TBD 30  
  31. ~14 story ~123 homes ~66 space below-grade parking ~6 story ~42 homes ~14 story ~123 homes ~6 story ~90 homes SUBPHASE D Future Subphase, Design TBD 31  
  32. Resident Relocation 32  
  33. Resident Relocation Process •  Parkmerced required to provide one for one replacement of any existing apartment •  Same bedroom & bathroom count •  Similar size floor area & storage areas, based on averages •  Same lease terms, except for location or premises •  New and old pass-through provisions prohibited •  New amenities in units •  Same parking rights & rent, but not exact same location •  All moving expenses covered, including packing •  Allocated based on seniority by unit type What are “Replacement Units”? 33  
  34. Relocation Payment Benefits •  Parkmerced has agreed to pay relocation benefits to Existing Tenants who do not elect to have a Replacement Unit . •  An Existing Tenant who vacates his or her unit after receiving the Replacement Unit Availability Notice is eligible for Relocation Payment Benefits unless the tenant is subsequently evicted for a “just cause” – even if the Existing Tenant does not remain in the unit until the Building Vacancy Date. •  Relocation Payment Benefits will be in accordance with what is required under § 37.9C of the Rent Ordinance. 34  
  35. Resident Meeting Existing Tenant Notice Unit Availability Notice Selection of Replacement Unit Relocation Notice Moving Services Relocation Notice Moving Services •  Receive free moving services SP/SU 2015 SPRING 2017 Winter ’17/’18 Resident Relocation Process SU/FA 2015 35  
  36. Existing Tenant Notice •  Within 60 days after commencement of construction of the Replacement Building, Parkmerced will deliver a written notice (the “Existing Tenant Notice”) to all occupants in every occupied unit in the To-Be-Replaced Building •  Notices will also be posted in common areas •  This purpose of the notice is to inform the tenant about the anticipated date of completion of the Replacement Units and the tenant’s seniority in choosing the unit •  Notice will request that tenant responds, indicating intention to relocate to a Replacement Unit •  Any dispute about whether someone who occupies a unit is an Existing Tenant is resolved by the Rent Board. 36  
  37. Replacement Unit Availability Notice Issued no sooner than 1 year or later than 6 months before issuance of First Certificate of Occupancy for a Replacement Building. •  the anticipated completion date of the Replacement Building; •  the anticipated relocation dates for Existing Tenants who elect to relocate; •  At least three dates and times when Parkmerced will arrange for an opportunity for the Existing Tenant to visit model Replacement Units; •  Notice that the Existing Tenant must deliver a “Replacement Unit Preference Notice” and the date by which such notice must be returned to developer; and •  A floor plan of the Replacement Building indicating the unit type within such building for which that the Existing Tenant qualifies. 37  
  38. Replacement Unit Preference Notice •  Existing Residents must deliver written notice (the “Replacement Unit Preference Notice”) to Parkmerced of his or her decision to •  relocate to a Replacement Building including all selections Replacement Units ranked in the order of preference, or •  remain in his or her Existing Unit up to the Building Vacancy Date and receive Relocation Payment Benefits •  Replacement Unit Preference Notice must be returned to Parkmerced the later of 20 days after the last of 3 dates provided to visit model Replacement Units or 45 days from receipt of the Replacement Unit Availability Notice •  Existing Tenants will be assigned units based on seniority (duration of tenancy) and their selections as provided through their Replacement Unit Preference Notice •  Existing Tenants who do not deliver the Replacement Unit Preference Notice will be assigned a Replacement Unit by Parkmerced 38  
  39. Replacement Unit Notice •  Replacement Units allocated based on seniority •  Parkmerced provides notice about the location of the tenant’s Replacement Unit in Replacement Unit Notice •  Rent Board adjudicates disputes 39  
  40. Tenant’s Time to Accept Replacement Units •  Within 30 days of delivery of the Replacement Unit Notice, the Existing Tenant sends written notification of acceptance of the specified Replacement Unit to Parkmerced (a “Replacement Unit Acceptance/Rejection Notice”). •  Parkmerced will issue a Second Replacement Unit Notice if no response is received during the Acceptance Period informing the Existing Tenant his or her right to occupy the specified Replacement Unit •  The second notice is also sent to the Rent Board •  If an Existing Tenant fails to notify Parkmerced within 10 days of receipt of the Second Replacement Unit Notice, the Existing Tenant will have permanently waived his or her rights to a Replacement Unit, and is provided relocation benefits. 40  
  41. Developer Delivers Relocation Notice •  Within 30 days of the completion of the applicable Replacement Units, Parkmerced will deliver a “Relocation Notice” to each Existing Tenant who delivered a Replacement Unit Acceptance Notice. •  Relocation can occur, no sooner than 30 days or later than 60 days after the delivery of the Relocation Notice, unless an earlier or later date is mutually acceptable to the developer and the Relocating Tenant. •  At the time of relocation, Parkmerced will either relocate tenant to the applicable Replacement Unit or tenant may also choose not to move themselves and receive a moving stipend. •  In either case, Developer will pay for any utility hook-up fees or charges incurred by a Relocating Tenant (but only to the extent that the Relocating Tenant had such utilities). Relocation Process: Relocation Occurs 41  
  42. Long Term Existing Residents •  Existing tenants who resided at Parkmerced for more than 10 years on or before the effective date of the DA. (These notices were sent out Summer 2011) •  Between the Existing Tenant Notice and Relocation Notice, Long-Term Existing Tenants have the right to request to move into one of the three garden apartment blocks (the “Interim Replacement Units”) that will not be demolished for a period of 20 years or until the remainder of the Parkmerced Project has been completed, whichever is earlier •  Parkmerced will notify Long-Term Existing Tenants within 60 days of the effective date of the DA (Long-Term Existing Tenant Notice) •  Long-Term Existing Tenant Notice shall complete and return, non-binding form •  Will be moved as vacant Interim Replacement Units become available at the cost of Developer 42  
  43. Existing Tenants Who Elect Not to Relocate •  Existing tenants who do not want a Replacement Unit will continue to rent to the Existing Tenant their Existing Unit under the terms of the existing rental agreement until: •  (A) The Existing Tenant voluntarily terminates tenancy •  (B) Each of the following has occurred: •  (i) Developer stops leasing unoccupied units in the To-Be-Replaced building to new tenants, and •  (ii) Developer delivers a “Notice to Terminate Tenancy” pursuant to § 37.9(a)(15) of the Rent Ordinance to the Existing Tenants (the “Building Vacancy Date”) 43  
  44. Resident Meeting Existing Tenant Notice Unit Availability Notice Selection of Replacement Unit Relocation Notice Moving Services Unit Availability Notice •  Begin the Unit Selection Process •  Be invited to multiple Open Houses so that you can see a sample unit and pick your preferred unit layout •  Rank your preferred replacement units for Unit Selection Selection of Replacement Unit •  Receive results of Unit Selection Process •  Find out your future unit and address •  Confirm that you plan to move into the unit Relocation Notice •  Receive notice that your unit is move- in ready •  Work with Parkmerced to finalize a Moving Day that works best for you Moving Services •  Receive free moving services SP/SU 2015 SPRING 2017 Winter ’17/’18 Resident Relocation Process SU/FA 2015 44  
  45. Q&A 45  
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  47. PARKMERCED VISION 415.405.4666 47