JustGiving Charity Hack 2012


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JustGiving Charity Hack 2012

  1. 1. Charity Hack 2012JustGiving’s APIs@jghackers
  2. 2. Over 15m 24m APIusers hits in 2012 Over 8,000 over charities £1bn raised
  3. 3. In short…• We’re a pretty large fundraising platform• We enable charities and fundraisers to collect money online• We enable Gift Aid collection quickly and efficiently• We have developed APIs to enable much of the above
  4. 4. Most people…• Create & validate JustGiving accounts• Create & retrieve fundraising pages/data• Funnel donations to charity using the JustGiving SDI*
  5. 5. Simple Donation Integration No - we don’t have a donation API • SDI is a redirect based integration technique• Allows you to send users to JustGiving to make a donation• Users are returned to your site afterwards with some query string magic• You can then use the API to verify the donation (if you want)• Really really simple (i.e. I can build it!)
  6. 6. APIs availableWe’ve got API access to quite a lot of our data now, and we’re aiming formore coverage over time• Account data, creation and management• Charity data (name, logo, description, charity commission #)• Donation data (donor, amount, status)• Event data and creation• Fundraising page data, creation and management• Charity search• Team data, creation and management
  7. 7. Libraries• C# SDK• PHP SDK• Code Samples on GitHub
  8. 8. Lets Make A Page - Request
  9. 9. Lets Make A Page - Response
  10. 10. Bingo
  11. 11. Page Data • Event • Total raised • Total SMS donations • Target • Charity • Charity Image • Charity Reg # …and much more
  12. 12. Donation Data
  13. 13. Key to the Kingdom1. Set yourself up with a developer key athttps://apimanagement.justgiving.com/signup2. Create an applicationhttps://apimanagement.justgiving.com/admin/applications3. Point to sandbox4. Away you go!
  14. 14. SandboxAPI = https://api-sandbox.justgiving.comPlatform = www.v3-sandbox.justgiving.com
  15. 15. Team JG – here to help!
  16. 16. Help, I’m stuck?!
  17. 17. Help, I’m stuck?!1.Google Support Group athttps://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/justgiving-a2.Facebook Group athttps://www.facebook.com/groups/charityhack2012/3.Come grab us in person!
  18. 18. Useful Links & Documents• GitHub repository with open source SDKshttps://github.com/JustGiving/JustGiving.Api.Sdk• Sign up for an API account and create API keyshttp://apimanagement.justgiving.com• Documentation and usage informationhttps://api.justgiving.com/docs• Developer portalhttp://www.justgiving.com/developer• Simple Donation Integration guidehttp://www.justgiving.com/developer/simple-donation-integration• Some hack-tastic examples in a few languageshttps://github.com/JustGiving/JustGiving.Api.Sdk/wiki• Logos & Assetshttps://justgiving-charity-support.zendesk.com/entries/210512
  19. 19. Eyes on the Prize • £250 Apple vouchers • Chance to polish app with JustGiving team