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MOS lite


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MOS lite

  1. 1. MOS Travel lite Made by Parker Ciambrone of PLMS Robotics. DO NOT COPY OR EDIT. Version - lite
  2. 2. Welcome To MOS lite Mission Table Links Browser Made by Parker Ciambrone of PLMS Robotics. DO NOT COPY OR EDIT. Click Here For Official Rules Exit Info
  3. 3. Select a Mission to See Mission Details Gain Access to Places (3 Choices) Gain Access to Things (2 Missions+) Survive Impacts (4 Missions) Avoid Impacts (2 Missions) Videos
  4. 4. Links FLL Official Website FLL Twitter Washington FLL Website Unofficial Robotics Website PLMS Website FLL Blog PLMS Robotics Parker’s Twitter Lego Website Smart Move Website FLL Social Website * ISD Website * MISSIONS * THESE LINKS REQUIRE AN INTERNET CONNECTION
  5. 5. Gain Access to Places Details (Choose One ONLY to have vehicle in at end of the match) Target Spot – 25pts. Parked w/ treads or drive wheels touching round target. Yellow Bridge Deck – 20pts. Parked w/ treads or drive wheels touching yellow bridge decking, but not the mat or red decking. Vehicle Sharing – 25pts. Parked w/ drive wheels or treads touching your red decking, but not the mat.
  6. 6. Gain Access to Things Details Access Markers – 25pts. Each Access markers need to be in there down position. Loops – 10pts. Each Loops need to be in the base Bonus! If all gray loops are in your base you may bring a red loop into your base by hand. Independent from that if all red loops are in your base you may take a loop of any color into your base by hand. Once earned these freedoms may be used at time during the match.
  7. 7. Survive Impacts Details Vehicle Impact Test – 20pts. Vehicle must be not touching it’s red ramps, robot must be completely out of base while truck is doing this action, if not you lose 2 beacons. Single Passenger Restraints – 15pts. Crash test figure must stay on your vehicle the whole match, Any constraint system is ok as long as the figure is easily separated from your vehicle after the match. Multiple Passenger Safety Test – 10pts. All four people are in a device of your design, and the device is touching the round target area. Sensor Walls (Impact Option) – 40pts. No (zero) sensor walls are upright.
  8. 8. Avoid Impacts Details Sensor Walls (Avoidance Option) – 10pts ea, max. 40pts. Walls must be upright, any 4 walls can count, but only 4 walls can count. Each upright wall requires a down access marker. Warning Beacons – 10pts. Each Beacons must stay upright, also the beacons are the touch penalties, if you touch the robot while it is completely out of the base the ref will remove one of the beacons.
  9. 9. Rules
  10. 10. Table Made by Parker Ciambrone of PLMS Robotics. DO NOT COPY OR EDIT. Not yet available
  11. 11. Not yet available. Made by Parker Ciambrone of PLMS Thank you DO NOT COPY OR EDIT. Robotics. for using MOS Travel lite
  12. 12. Information Thank you for trying MOS lite. This is a beta item, it does not have the full capability of the standalone. back