Empower Employee to Work Anyplace, Amytime


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Webinar deck for our session on Virtual Desktop technology & how it can empower employees and streamline network management & costs. Access the session on-demand at: http://www.ali-inc.com/info-resource-center.html

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Empower Employee to Work Anyplace, Amytime

  1. 1.  Coffee Break Webinar: Using Virtual Desktop to Empower Your Employees to Work Anywhere, Anytime1
  2. 2. VMWare Enterprise Level Partner Virginia ▲West Virginia ▲ Maryland ▲ Washington DC ▲ North Carolina  Collaboration, Conferencing & Messaging  Converged IP networking & telephony  Network Resource Management solutions  Wireless & Mobile Workforce solutions  Data Storage, Archiving & Disaster Recovery  Network Support & Optimization  Virtualization  Data Security  Managed Services  Training2
  3. 3. Empowering Your Workforce:Introducing VMware View 5.1Matthew Allen – Sales Engineer, VMware © 2009 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  4. 4. A Vision for End User Computing4
  5. 5. The Way We Work is Rapidly Evolving Sources: Morgan Stanley 2011, Gartner 2011, Forrester 2010, Pew 2011 ACCESS: 37% use do-it-yourself tech 97% carry > 2 devices OS ACCESS APPS: 2015 Mobile App Market $38B DEVICES APPS DEVICES: 2010 Shipments Tablets + Smartphones > PC 2015 shipments 1.1B cell phones, 300M tablets5
  6. 6. IT is Under Pressure from Every Direction OS ACCESS STUCK IN A VICIOUS DEVICES APPS SPIRAL6
  7. 7. Enter the Post-PC Era iOS Android Mac (Physical) Windows (Physical)7
  8. 8. The Post-PC Era and the Piecemeal Approach iOS Android Mac (Physical) Windows (Physical)8
  9. 9. The Problem with Desktops IT Pains  Distributed computing environment is  Difficult to patch and update difficult to manage and control  High IT support costs  Hardware centric model is inflexible and traps apps and data to device End-User Pains  Apps/data trapped on a single device  Desktop and application downtime  Limited device choice and freedom  Dissatisfaction and frustration  Limited remote access and mobility Business Impact  Rising Cost of Business: $1 in hardware  8+ hours lost per employee per year in end- equals $3 in management user productivity  Compliance and security risks  Lack of innovation  Rouge end user behavior  Inability to recruit and retain talent9
  10. 10. VMware View Delivers Value IT Benefits  Centralized management and control  85% reduction in imaging time  Virtualization enables isolation,  57% decrease in app packaging and encapsulation, flexibility deployment time  Data secure in data center  65% reduction in configuration time  94% reduction in desk side support End-user Benefits  A device of your choosing  Improved technology support  Secure and flexible anytime access  71% reduction in downtime  Dynamic and adaptive experience  Familiar desktop experience Business Impact  Reduce Desktop TCO up to 50%  Gain business ability  Reduce IT support costs by 55%  Faster time to M&A, secure divestiture  CAPEX flexibility with endpoint devices  Beginning step in transformation to End-  Reduce end-user productivity loss up to 58% User Computing Platform10
  11. 11. Desktop Service Solutions Address a Wide Variety of Needs Mobile-Secure Business Process Branch Office Always On Desktop Desktop Desktop DesktopFlexible and secure Secure access to Flexible and secure Highly available andaccess to data and data and applications access to data and access to data andapplications from any for offshore or applications from applications fordevice whether in the outsource contact remote and branch employees requiringoffice, remote or on centers, developers offices with limited or business continuitythe road. and back office no local IT support. and disaster recovery employees. to desktops. developers. Task Workers Knowledge Workers Power Users Mobile Users11
  12. 12. ThinAppMinimize application conflicts and reduce costs Details Operating System  Decouples applications from OS  Encapsulates data and applications into Application Application an executable file App Files App Files  Agentless architecture Benefits Application Application  Simplify patching and updating by sandbox sandbox touching smaller number of images  Push out updates to thousands of VOS VOS desktops without disruption to the end- user  Improve performance and reduce costs Operating System 12
  13. 13. View Persona ManagementEfficiently preserve user settings and reduce desktop TCO Details  Just in time retrieval of user persona  Maintain personalization between sessions on virtual and physical desktops *new*  No dependency on Roaming Profiles or extra infrastructure Benefits  Reduce desktop costs by using stateless floating desktops  Simplify management and deployment  Streamlines physical to virtual desktop migration  Give users consistent desktops  Faster log in times 13
  14. 14. vShield EndpointEnsure desktop security and virus protection Details  Data hosted in datacenter  Secure and encrypted end point access agent agent agent AV agent agent agent  Configurable security settings  vShield Endpoint offloads anti-virus protection, partner integration possible agent agent agent agent agent agent Cloud Infrastructure Benefits  IP protected behind firewall  Visibility to maintain compliance  Choices in two-factor authentication solutions *new*  Improve performance by eliminating AV boot storms 14
  15. 15. vCenter Operations Manager for ViewMonitor, troubleshoot and proactively respond to desktop issues Details  End to end monitoring of desktops, users and network through dashboards  Ensures health and performance of stack  Enable proactive alerts Benefits  Comprehensive visibility to track and monitor desktop environment  Proactively trend and troubleshoot issues  Decrease help desk time and support  Streamline deployments  Reduce management costs 15
  16. 16. VMware View with PCoIP Display ProtocolDeliver the Best End-User Desktop Experience Details  Optimized for LAN and WAN environments  Software based protocol with optional hardware acceleration  Adaptive protocol adjusts to network conditions  Progressive build of graphics Benefits  Deliver best possible desktop performance  Ensures a responsive desktop while graphics and pages are rendering  Provides end-users with the most optimal user experience 16
  17. 17. PCoIP Optimization ControlsAdjustable setting by user, desktop or group for the best experience Details Configurable settings by GPO  Enable or disable build to lossless  Enable Client side caching  Enable or disable build to lossless  Adjustable frame rate setting  Adjust max bandwidth per session Benefits  Flexible configurations to address a wide variety of use cases and requirements  Increase user density and scalability on the WAN  Delivers the best experience across the LAN and WAN 17
  18. 18. VMware View Client with LocalModeDeliver offline mobility for desktop services Details  Check in and check out desktops to physical devices  Synchronize update upon check in  Encrypted disk image with remote expiration Benefits  Provide virtual desktops offline to increase mobility  Support for mobile users, contractors  Ensure security and compliance View Manager 18
  19. 19. View Media ServicesOptimize usability and end-user productivity Details  Integrated UC solution with virtual desktop  Support for software based 3D graphics (OpenGL.21, DirectX9)  Location based printing  USB and multimedia redirection *Improved*  Copy / paste between physical and virtual Benefits  Increase end-user productivity with follow me desktop and phone  Leverage existing VOIP investments  Deliver a traditional desktop experience with USB and printing support  Enable more use cases with 3D graphics requirements 19
  20. 20. Continuity ServicesDeliver a seamless, uninterrupted experience Details  Automatically detect network loss and reconnect the user session X  Streamlined Login:  Single Sign-on  Enable smart and proximity cards  Enable biometric devices Benefits  Seamless experience on unreliable networks  Decrease end-user downtime and re-login  Improves end-user productivity  Decrease login times Connection Server  Support for a wide array of authentication devices and cards 20
  21. 21. View 5.1 New Features Overview •Newly implemented USB redirection stack •Radius Authentication (more options) •More clients (e.g. New Mac Clients) Connect •PCoIP & User Experience improvements •Local Mode enhancements •Admin UI Performance Enhancements •Persona Management for physical machines •Persona Management Migration tool Manage •Support for Pre-created AD machine accounts • Large scale tuning and best practices •View Storage Accelerator •View Composer Array Integration (Tech Preview) •Cluster size expansion for NFS Datastores Simplify •Standalone View Composer Server •Customer Experience Improvement Program21
  22. 22. Next Steps © 2009 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  23. 23. ALI Consulting & Deployment Services Highly experienced staff with diverse & practical technical experience  Proactive strategy  Clear roadmap for deployment  Value driven project analysis Project &  Limits burden on existing staffConsultative Resource DeploymentAssessment Planning  Saves IT budget  Speeds time to deployment  Priority access to VMWare as needed  Option for lab testing23
  24. 24. Questions & Discussion Cindy DeHart Practice Manager cindy@ali-inc.com 540.443.3392 Matthew Allen Sr. Engineer - VMWare allenm@vmware.com24
  25. 25. THANK YOU © 2009 VMware Inc. All rights reserved