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Causes and effects of drug addiction


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The causes and effects of drug addiction circumscribed both the reasons for a person to start using drugs and the aftermath of becoming a addicted. Drug addiction doesn’t pose fragility or flawed self control. It creates a vicious cycle that undeniably precipitates anomaly in the brain, resulting in potent cravings and involuntary inclination prompting to use more drugs.

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Causes and effects of drug addiction

  1. 1. Causes and Effects of Drug AddictionThe causes and effects of drug addiction circumscribed both the reasons for aperson to start using drugs and the aftermath of becoming a addicted. Drugaddiction doesn’t pose fragility or flawed self control. It creates a vicious cyclethat undeniably precipitates anomaly in the brain, resulting in potent cravingsand involuntary inclination prompting to use more drugs.Resisting help and medical intervention can lead to detrimental drug addictioneffects such as health risks and devastations in the families and their livelihood.There are different causes and effects of drug addiction varies from one addict toanother. It is not always easy to determine what prompts a person to come to thepoint of abusing drugs, that leads to loss of their family, job, home and socialdynamic.The addiction has many important aspects. The most detrimental cause ofaddiction is the person’s destitute of self control, or A powerful force in addictionis the inability to self- soothe often times an acute mental or physical disability. For many real drug addicts, using drugs becomes the only outlet for dealing withtheir emotional and physical problems, stress in the relationship or work,loneliness or depression.
  2. 2. Regrettably, because of the damaging effects the drug may have on the brain, in some cases it can only be a single use of drugs in order for the person become a drug addict. Other applicable risk factors include:• Family history of addiction.• History of mental illness. (Drug abuse can aggravate mental illness).• Peer pressure. Person’s surrounding can seriously affect his decision making.(especially teenagers).• Chronicle physical pain.(without medical supervision, pain medications or illegal drugs can become addictive). Genetic factor Just like some congenital diseases that are inherited from the parents to the children, the drug addiction and habits may also be inherited genetically. Social pressure Widely spreading peer pressure amongst teenagers and young adults, can set the drug addiction in motion. In the other hand, the social relevance amongst adults may cause drug addiction, as being part of the crowd and be accepted. Character of the person An individual personality and character can influence a person to start using drugs, derived from curiosity and the desire to experiment, and essentially searching for ultimate pleasure and high. Some people may turn to drugs as a result of personal problems, having difficulties with relaxation and anxiety. Many people rely on drugs for the luck of self-confidence, self esteem and self soothing. Easy access to drugs Unfortunately, in our fast paced environment, the drugs are easy to access and buy. Regrettably, the drug dealers target the young and vulnerable individuals,
  3. 3. thus creating an army of drug addict at the early age of their life.DepressionOur society today are broadly plagued by this fast spreading emotional disease,and one other major cause of drug addiction and alcoholism. The depression formany often comes from individual insecurities, life trials and tribulations, lossesand personal problems and issues.Many people find drugs to be an easy outlet to deal and overcome thedepressions.Effects of drug addictionHealthThe drug addiction can pose a serious health risks for the addict, and in somecases lead to death or fatal accidents and overdose. It is vital to understand thatthe drug abuse is not just a bad habit or a choice, but primarily deemed as adisease that effects the brain, consequently causing change the chemistry of thebrain, thus influencing the person’s behavior.SocietyThere is a damaging ramifications placed on the society today due to the presenceof drug addiction that causes and effects of drug addiction burden on the families,schools, places of work, places of worship. The drug addiction directly takes a tollon raising children, increases crimes amongst youth, constricts work productionin the job environmentFamily and relationshipsIn order for the family to thrive and grow, it requires both financial and emotionalsupport. If the family is invaded by a drug problem parents, the wellbeing and thelivelihood of this family will rapidly deteriorate.
  4. 4. The prevention is the key element in reversing drug addiction epidemic, andsustaining an drug free environment.According to NIDA,in reference to prevention, it is states that:“Drug addiction is a preventable disease. Results from NIDA-funded research haveshown that prevention programs involving families, schools, communities, andthe media are effective in reducing drug abuse. Although many events andcultural factors affect drug abuse trends, when youths perceive drug abuse asharmful, they reduce their drug taking. Thus, education and outreach are key inhelping youth and the general public understand the risks of drug abuse.Teachers, parents, medical and public health professionals must keep sending themessage that drug addiction can be prevented if one never abuses drugs”For immediate help call : (855) 937-7342c25a8u3s9e7s