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  1. 1. Analysing Magazine Covers
  2. 2. The image of the artist is used to fill the whole cover instead of an image with a block coloured background Bold ‘Billboard’ masthead used to show which magazine it is. This is the main cover line you can tell it is this as it stands out. Different fonts used to emphasise the writing and make the cover more exciting. Barcode used on the cover to scan. The magazine has a famous artist on the front which is used so that we know that the magazine is a music magazine, however Billboard includes all different genres of music. The main image on the cover is the first thing the reader notices when buying the magazine Well known artist name ‘Beyoncé’ The masthead is placed in front of the image so that the colours and font is seen well The image is placed in the centre of the cover so that the audience knows straightaway what the inside article is about.
  3. 3. This magazine is very colourful which represents pop and is made for a younger age group. Very well known boy band ‘One Direction’ image attracts female attention and is the first thing the reader will see. Little images used on the cover to show who is in the magazine and to make it more exciting. Well known pop stars and idols throughout the magazine Date and Price used Barcode used to scan when sold The cover also had advertisements on it which are throughout the magazine The image is placed centre – right so that other images can be used on the cover without it looking messy and full The image covers a little bit of the mast head but it is still seen Very important facts about the magazine are pointed out on the cover
  4. 4. Classic font used to make the magazine look very classical and well written. Older figure used for main cover image to attract a reader who enjoys classical music. Basic font colours are used however some words are bright so that they stand out. Classic Colours used to make the cover smart and attract more of an older audience Mast head written in white so that it stands out on the background. This magazine is targeted to a older audience who may enjoy more classical music The image is slightly over the masthead which can still be seen Price and Date used The image takes up the full cover and a natural background is used, on some magazine the image is cut out using adobe Photoshop Barcode so that the magazine can be scanned when someone is purchasing it
  5. 5. The logo ‘Q’ shows the who published the magazine Different fonts are used to emphasise the writing and also to make the cover more exciting The well- known artist main images takes up a lot of the cover Barcode is used so that it can be scanned for when being purchased in a shop, this will always be on a magazine cover. The same colours on the cover are also used throughout the whole of the magazine