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Trademark lawyer in benelux countries


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Clear your doubts and others issues regarding Trademark Registration. Trademarkcopia is available here for solve your all legal issues in Benelux Countries.

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Trademark lawyer in benelux countries

  1. 1. Login / Register | Contact Us ABOUT US TRADEMARKS TRADEMARKS GEOGRAPHICAL INDICATIONS PATENTS DESIGNS 7:41:07 Benelux Countries PLANT BREEDERS RIGHTS TRADEMARKS NEWS & UPDATES COUNTRY : BRUSSELS : NETHERLANDS 1. INDIAN TECH 2. Demo AFRICA NORTH AMERICA : COUNTRY ASIA KINGDOM OF BELGIUM CAPITAL CONTINENTS CAPITAL 3. INDIA JOINS MADRID PROTOCOL : AMSTERDAM SOUTH AMERICA 4. WEBSITE UPDATE OCEANIA COUNTRY : GRAND DUCHY LUXEMBOURG EUROPE CAPITAL : LUXEMBOURG TREATIES Language: Dutch, French & German FAQs MEMBER : European Union, OECD, Benelux, Trademark Law Treaties Western European Union, WIPO, WTO-TRIPS, Paris Convention PCT, Madrid Agreement, Hague Convention, Locarno Agreement, Bern Convention The Intellectual Property Office administering Benelux Countries is known as the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP). PROTECTION OF TRADEMARKS IN BENELUX: 1. BENELUX REGISTRATION: Within the territory of Belgium, Netherland & Luxembourg 2. EUROPEAN UNION COMMUNITY TRADEMARK THROUGH OHIM: Within the territory of EUROPEAN UNION. 3. MADRID AGREEMENT CONCERNING THE INTERNATIONAL REGISTRATION OF TRADEMARKS open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
  2. 2. Please refer our System, Community Treaties section on International protection under Madrid Trademark Registration and Benelux Countries Trademark Registration. Therefore, to obtain protection in Benelux Countries, there are three options from which the applicant can choose. KINDS OF TRADEMARKS REGISTRABLE IN BENELUX COUNTRIES REQUISITES FOR TRADEMARKS TO BE REGISTRABLE IN BENELUX COUNTRIES KINDS OF TRADEMARKS NOT REGISTRABLE IN BENELUX COUNTRIES TRADEMARKS SEARCH IN BENELUX COUNTRIES TRADEMARKS FILING IN BENELUX COUNTRIES TRADEMARKS EXAMINATION IN BENELUX COUNTRIES TRADEMARKS PUBLICATION AND OPPOSITION IN BENELUX COUNTRIES TRADEMARKS REGISTRATION IN BENELUX COUNTRIES TRADEMARKS USAGE IN BENELUX COUNTRIES TRADEMARKS REGISTRATION COSTS IN BENELUX COUNTRIES Currency Converter 1From US Dollar To Euro 0.7302 Rates 26 December 2013 Home | About Us | Blog | Disclaimer | Terms Of Usage | Privacy Policy | Domains | Copyrights | Contact Us | Sitemap open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API
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