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DMAP's presentation


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DMAP's presentation

  1. 1. A standard that provides guidance fordesign assurance of airborne electronic hardware to reach a higher level of quality and security required by the certification authorities.
  2. 2. Over 10 years of experience in Certification DO-254 development A rigourous team trained in the Civil control of the design process Own flow of development effective, automated andCompetitiveness compatible with outer tools and methods
  3. 3. PCIe AuditCAN TrainingAFDX DO254 Support ASIC FPGA
  5. 5. Your Ourneeds solutions
  6. 6. A tried and tested process Robustness Reliable and of the IP easy tousable in all implement kinds of IPenvironment No extra load of work
  7. 7. READY UPGRADE Large range of IP created Unique worldwide solution using a “reverse engineering”from a frame of references methodology to recreate theand processes to reach the DO-254 data life cycle of an DO-254 objectives existing IP IP DO-254
  8. 8. PCIe Ethernet ARINC825 ARINC429 USART
  9. 9. AUDIT Establishment and master of organizational processesnecessary for project management under DO-254 constraints SUPPORT Strengthening your development method in order to be DO-254 compliant TRAINING Restitution of practical experiences covering all aspects of DO-254 implementation
  10. 10. Put us in charge of your Subcontract a part or the project management completeness of youror/and assurance process project to us
  11. 11. Design Methods & Assurance Process100 Route des Houillères – 13590 Meyreuil - FRANCE +33 (0) -