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Mixed Reality Gaming Session


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Immerse yourself in an augmented reality enhanced learning environment by working in a group to solve a series of puzzles and adventures using virtual and augmented reality technologies as learning technologist, Eric Hawkinson from TEDxKyoto Interactive guides you through the possibilities of mixed reality technologies for learning, engagement and more.
This course will lead students will focus on how technology can be used as a tool to strengthen communication skills. Though the learning and analysis of communication tools, students will take part in activities that talk about the way the use of technology is changing the way we communicate, from the invention of the printing press to mobile social gaming like the new wildly popular Pokemon GO. Students with interest in technology are encouraged to join this course.

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Mixed Reality Gaming Session

  1. 1. Mixed Reality Gaming Session Eric Hawkinson, The University of Fukuchiyama, Japan Erin Noxon, Sagano Gakuen, Japan Parisa Mehran, Osaka University, Japan Mehrasa Alizadeh, Osaka University, Japan Asian Conference on Technology in the Classroom (ACTC) Kobe, May 2017
  2. 2. Fukuchiyama AR Rally • Orientation for freshmen at the University of Fukuchiyama • Augmented activities at four locations around the city: Citizen Plaza Fukuchiyama Flood Control Museum Fukuchiyama Disaster Prevention Center Fukuchiyama Castle Aim: Getting oriented to the new context and learning English in informal learning environments
  3. 3. AR-based Vocab Quiz at Fukuchiyama Castle • Game-based approach using AR cards • Opportunities for the incidental learning of vocabulary
  4. 4. Scenario of AR Rally 2017 Vocab Quiz Step 1 Based on an English text about the Fukuchiyama Castle, we selected 10 words falling in B2-C1 levels of the CEFR, and designed a pre and a post vocab quiz.
  5. 5. Scenario of AR Rally 2017 Vocab Quiz Step 2 AR technology (Blippar) was used to create AR-loaded cards to explain the game, expose the students to the information about the Fukuchiyama Castle in English, and provide the definition and pronunciation of the targeted words. tails?
  6. 6. Scenario of AR Rally 2017 Vocab Quiz Step 3 A game was designed by adding some secret codes to the AR cards, which the students would later need to unlock a box. There were mission accomplished signs in the box. Step 4 Some photos were taken from the castle to design the game, and the AR cards were placed there one day before the Rally.
  7. 7. Scenario of AR Rally 2017 Vocab Quiz Step 5 In the entrance of the castle, an AR card played the mission briefing. Castle Mission Briefing: Step 6 The students took the pre-test.
  8. 8. Scenario of AR Rally 2017 Vocab Quiz Step 7 The students got exposed to the text through watching a video loaded on an AR card. The words were emphasized in bold. Castle Text Reading: 96_Rc Step 8 The students got into the castle, and started exploring the castle to find the 10 AR vocab cards which contained the definition and pronunciation of the words and the secret codes needed to open the box, as said earlier.
  9. 9. Scenario of AR Rally 2017 Vocab Quiz Step 9 The students took the post-test. Step 10 The students were shown the last card with the lock cipher to accomplish the mission.
  10. 10. For more information… Blog Post about the AR Activity YouTube Video
  11. 11. Game time!