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managing product support


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managing product support & services in marketing

Published in: Business, Technology
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managing product support

  1. 1. Important functions of a Service Product Manager  Service Idea Generation/Management  Service Product Creation  Service Sales Support  Demand Supply Planning  Business Management System Support  Marketing and Market Communications  Knowledge Management Service Ramp Down
  2. 2. Role of Product Management
  3. 3. Good Product Manager/Bad Product ManagerSummary points:CEO of the productBalance all important factorsClear, written communication with product developmentClear goals and advantagesFocus on the sales force and customersOther key skillsReally good product manager
  4. 4. Role Definitions For Product Management and Product Marketing  How many products do you have?  How mature are your products?  Are you trying to innovate and launch new products?  How competitive is your market?  How many competitors are there?  How rapidly are they releasing new capabilities?  How large is your organization and how many resources do you have/can you have?  Who is your product’s primary buyer and how technical is the sale/solution?
  5. 5. PRODUCT MANAGER JOB DESCRIPTION This position will be responsible for managing the entire product life cycle from strategic planning to tactical execution Develop market requirements and maintain feature requirements for current and future products by conducting market research and on-going visits to customers and prospects Develop and write product requirements, maintain and develop all product documentation including business case, product requirements, pricing and policies. Analyzing potential partner relationships for the product. And implement a company-wide go-to-market plan, working with all departments to execute.
  6. 6. Summary In technology companies, Product Management often plays a support role: supporting the channel with demos and product information, supporting developers with user requirements and project scheduling, and supporting marketing communications with screen shots and technical copywriting. Is this the correct role for Product Management? Product Management was created in the 40s at Procter & Gamble for managing the business of a specific product. Through the years, product managers (and brand managers) have served as "president of the product" in consumer goods companies. Then along came technology.