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Adserver for Publishers

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Ad server for publishers

  1. 1. Tribal Fusion Ad Serving For Premier Publishers
  2. 2. Agenda • Publisher pain points • TF solution • Benefits • What you need to get started • Tutorial
  3. 3. We hear a number of common problems from our Publishers “I can’t afford an enterprise-level ad server, but I need more than a low cost solution can “I wish I had a way of prioritizing provide.” different ad networks to yield maximum revenue” “I need the ability to geo target “I need a support team that and frequency-cap campaigns can help me with anything from that I’ve sold myself.” setting up Google AdSense to trafficking campaigns.”*Tribal Fusion Publisher Survey, July 2006 n=513 respondents; representative comments selected.
  4. 4. Our solution for premium publishersComplementary ad serving• We are offering our Premium Publishers a complementary ad management solution for their site – Robust, enterprise-level reliability – Serve and manage campaigns in real time – Ability to better monetize inventory – Highly reliable• With our solution, you will be able to – Better manage inventory to increase your CPMs – Reduce the costs associated with serving ads
  5. 5. Our solution for premium publishers - detailFree ad serving overviewFeature DetailsIntegrated ad • Single platform for all ad management needsmanagement • Manage all your networks, site-sold campaigns and revenue from Tribal Fusion through a single interfaceReal-time • Our real-time ad server launches and stops campaigns the momentadministration you click on an actionand reporting • All reports are up-to-the-second accurateSupport for all • Support for Flash, HTML, Floating, and third party rich media vendorstypes of rich including (PointRoll, KlipMart, & Eyeblaster)mediaFully compatible • We support the tags of all major ad networks, including Google AdSensead tags • We also support all third party ad servers like Doubleclick and AtlasReliability • The TF Ad Platform has a full time support staff which delivers with a track record of 99.9% uptime
  6. 6. The benefits of our solution are clearFeatures and additional revenue at no additional cost• No cost – Our ad management solution is available with no fees or charges of any kind for ad serving or hosting• Increased revenue – The more robust targeting capabilities give you the ability to command higher paying campaigns• Time savings and efficiency – Familiar interface is easy to use – Save time setting up default campaigns and trafficking your own campaigns• Features and functionality – Get many of the same features as a commercial ad server to support the growth of your business
  7. 7. Why free ad serving?Our most valued publishers told us it would be useful• Tribal Fusion continues to innovate ways to generate more revenue for our most valuable publishers, and help them grow their businesses• An extensive survey of our publisher base indicated several areas of opportunity: – Better management of inventory to increase CPMs – Features to streamline our publisher’s business and help reduce costs• Our complementary ad management solution is one answer for your business – Utilizing our ad server allows us to better predict the inventory we have available, which allows us to sell it better for you – We serve over 18 billion impressions per month, so we can easily absorb incremental ad serving costs
  8. 8. Publishers using Tribal Fusion ad managementMany top-tier publishers use our complete ad serving solution • No cost solution • Ability to better monetize inventory • Real-time tools and reporting • Supports all ad tags and rich media formats A few of our premium • Highly reliable publishers. “This solution gives me everything I need in a single ad management platform without lengthy contracts or hassle. It works perfectly and best of all, it’s free.” Kit Purdy,
  9. 9. Our ad serving solutionAdditional benefits1. Globally tested ad • Access to the same system that Tribal Fusion uses management solution to manage its global ad network of sites and advertisers2. $1MM in research and development • Continually delivering new functionality (such as contextual advertising and behavioral targeting)3. Simple installation • Leverage your existing hard coded Tribal Fusion tags, or simply load our tags.3. Superior customer support • Our highly experienced team of Account Managers is available to provide you with dedicated account support and consultation
  10. 10. What you need to doIt is easy to get started… simply• Let your account rep know that you are interested• Ensure that your Tribal Fusion ad tags are hard coded on the pages of your website, or in the first position in your existing ad serving solution.• We will verify placement and operation and enable the enhanced capabilities in your existing account on our end• That is it – you’re ready to experience greater control over your inventory Your Tribal Fusion Account Representative can also walk you through the details over a call
  11. 11. Manage creative easily and effectivelyUpload any type of media Select the media type from Add Media drop down menu, including standard units (banners, skyscrapers), rich media and Flash Give the media a Name Click Submit
  12. 12. Upload rich media codeDrop rich media code directly into the ad server Select the Rich Media option from the drop down menu Copy and paste the code into the box Click Submit
  13. 13. Upload flash filesInstructions Select the Upload Flash option from the drop down menu Give the creative a name Input the click through URL Upload the .swf Flash File Upload the static Image File for users who cannot support flash (image file not necessary to run flash campaign) Click Submit
  14. 14. Upload rich media redirectsDrop rich media redirect code / url in the ad-server Select the Rich Media Redirect option from the drop down menu Enter the URL
  15. 15. Enhanced campaign optimizationControl day and day part times, and creative Select the specific days of the week and times during the day when your campaigns serve Full control over the frequency with which each creative is displayed
  16. 16. Geo-target your campaignsGeo-target by country, state, metro or zip code Select Include to specify the type(s) of geo- targeting you wish toinclude Input specific zip codes you wish to target (applicable currently to US only) Select the country, state or metro area you wish to target (state and metro targeting is applicable currently to US only) Click Save and the geo-targeting parameters you have set are applied to the flight
  17. 17. User-targeting your campaignsTarget by operating system, browser, ISP, bandwidth, or extension Select the OS, Browser, ISP, Bandwidth or Extension you wish to target Select the user demography you wish to target.
  18. 18. Edit launched flightsModify flight parameters to meet changing campaign needs. Add Impressions to your budget Change the pacing from Aggressive to Governed Control the Exposure Limit/Frequency Capping for the campaign Change the End date for the campaign
  19. 19. Thank You!Tribal Fusion Network Development Department:6th Floor, Tower -C, │Logix Techno Park, Sector -127Noida, India 201301Tel: +91 120 4016300│ Fax: +91 120 4016301Parikshith ReddyEmail: parikshith.reddy@tribalfusion-corp.comAnish SadanandanEmail: