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Pariksha testing services


Published on provides the advance level services in software field like Software Testing Tools, Web Application Testing and also mobile Apps testing.

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Pariksha testing services

  1. 1. SOFTWARE QA/TESTINGSERVICESTest Cases & Test case suitesBug tracking, Wiki, Issue trackingProject managementSkypeSVN
  2. 2. Mission & VisionPariksha is on a mission to establish a world-class software R&D service providerthat leverages our deep competence in technology domains and global productdevelopment to help small and medium-sized companies bring great newproducts to the market.We are fairly young but have significant technical depth on the team thatdifferentiates us from other providers and makes us ideal R&D partners for smalland medium-sized companies. We can apply our knowledge of Indianconditions; access the talent pool, experience the hi-tech domains with ourtraining in the product development processes at large software vendors tobuild and manage a high-performance product development & testing / QAteam for your needs.
  3. 3. Overview Founded by senior software R&D professionals with 50+ years of experience under their belts. Dedicated QA/testing practice with top software testing professionals having deep exposure to software QA, testing and test management practices. We understand the value of technology, domain workflows and user expectations when testing any software. Team ParikshaLabs – Profile & Qualification – Doctorates, Masters, Management graduates, Engineering graduates, others Global presence – India, USA, Dubai Software R&D centre in Noida, India – 60 man facility Technology innovation centre in Gurgaon, India – 50 man facility Sales & Marketing presence in Dubai, USA (building) Customers include companies from US, UK, Dubai, India
  4. 4. Our Testing/QA Services Product Testing Services – We offer India based dedicated teams to manage your software testing needs giving you a near 20 hours work-cycles 3rd Party Independent Testing Services – for your application development and implementation projects Automated Testing Services – We have a dedicated white-box and automated testing team staffed with developers with 5+ years of experience in programming environments Testing Competency Analysis & Consulting Services – Our senior test professionals have the experience and passion to help analyze your test/QA organization and take them to the next level Talent Augmentation Services - We offer a mature, trained team of top QA talent, well versed in the latest tools and with exposure to 24x7 software development paradigms for short-term testing assignments.
  5. 5. Testing ExpertiseTypes of Testing Offered Test Automation Services Functional Test Automation Frameworks Integration Automation Scripts Load / Performance / Stress Regression Compatibility and Interoperability QA Consulting Services Localization & Internationalization QA Process Maturity Analysis Documentation Verification QA Process Improvement Services Testing Techniques Offered Black Box Techniques White Box Techniques
  6. 6. Automation Experience HP-Mercury Tool Set - Quality Center, QTP, Test Director and Load Runner Segue - Silk Test IBM-Rational - Rational Robot/Functional Tester Open-Source tools - TBD Scripting (Java Script, VB Script, Perl) Other Vendors (can be obtained quickly)
  7. 7. Typical Tester Profile Experience 2-5 years of testing experience, with at least 1-2 years in test automation tools and initiatives. Engineering or MCA degree; scripting and programming experience Excellent troubleshooting and problem solving skills Key Responsibilities Develop Test Plan based on System Requirements and high level documents Testing Lifecycle tasks – test execution, bug reporting, defect analysis, regression, test case enhancements Develop automation test framework and scripts to help in automating Regression Testing
  8. 8. ORC - Testing Process Management, Oversight & Control Planning, Scheduling, Scope/Time/Cost Management, Test Tracking, Status Reporting Initiation & Strategy Test Design Test Execution Test Analysis Definition & Reporting Initial knowledge transfer Detailed Product Understanding Test Result Analysis Team build up & kick off Test Case Execution Documentation of Metrics Reporting Set up a Test Environment Test Automation Test Cases & Test Identification of Test Planning & Test Scenarios Test Reporting Improvement Areas Strategy Test Data creation We will customize this process as per your requirements and procedures.
  9. 9. ORC - Testing Life Cycle Phase Activities DeliverablesTest Planning Requirement / functional spec analysis Refined specification Create test strategy to identify Master quality plan features to be tested types of testing to be performed resources & schedule to complete testing associated risksTest Design Test case preparation, review & approval Detailed test plan Test data preparation Test data sets Test environment setup Test environment Develop risk assessment criteria Risk assessment sheetTest Automation Tool identification & evaluation Test framework Identify automation requirement Test scripts Designing the framework & developing test Test drivers scripts Script integration, review & approval
  10. 10. ORC - Testing Life Cycle - continued Phase Activities DeliverablesTest Execution Execute manual test cases & automated Test results scripts Defect reports Report defects Updated test plans Revisit test cases & update/add new (if required) Retesting (multiple test cycles)Final Testing Execute stress, performance, load & recovery Test results tests Different metrics on test User acceptance testing efforts Review complete documentation Complete different matrices for testingPost Implementation Evaluate testing processes Documented issues & Identify problems to prevent in future projects enhancements Record new errors & enhancements Improvement plan for Clean up the test environment testing process Test machines restored to base line
  11. 11. Project ManagementWe believe that an effective & upfront channel of communication is vital for the execution of theproject, to understand each other & make the client confident to outsource their needs.Our experience in handling the requirements of Overseas Clients helps us to understand them &their work environments & work comfortably in virtual offices despite of having physical distances.Components of our Project Management Process: Project Initiation – We do detail analysis of the requirement, study existing system & workflow and then client objectives are documented. Team Introduction – We give contact details of the QA Manager & the Team Lead who supposed to be in touch with client during project tenure. Client can contact our team through various contact points. Point of Contact – A single point of contact is made available to the client for ease of communication. However, if required the client can get in touch with individual team members via Skype, Email, Chat messenger & phone. Strategy & Timelines – Once drawn up these are documented & centrally archived. Reviews – As per the requirement of the project, review meeting are scheduled which can be in person or in virtual meeting rooms, through video, VOIP or teleconferences. Documentation – We provide documentation of all procedures, processes, feedbacks & meetings and also consolidations of all resources & files for easy sharing, recall and reference. Post Program Support – We will also look into minor details after hand over the project within certain limits.
  12. 12. Communication ManagementProject Communication Resources & Tools Collaboration Space – Secure project space accessible to all stakeholders. The space will be used to store: Project status summaries Action item lists Any project review documents that core team needs to access Other information as determined by the project manager Email Distribution List – All core & extended team members are included on an email list to communicate with the team on matters that affect the entire team Teleconferencing System/Account in order to hold team meetings that include remote team members Security of Communication – We treat all project communications as extremely sensitive & all team members are bound to keep all information within the office Test Case Management – Information is centrally available to the entire team to document test requirements, test specifications & test plans; execute repeatable comprehensive test cycles; and review & compare the results of test runs Defect Tracking System – To record, manage, evaluate and prioritize defects Wiki / Blog CMS / DMS
  13. 13. Communication Plan Type of Who/Target Purpose Media/Tools Frequency ofCommunication CommunicationWeekly Status CT, XT Team leads generate weekly status MS Word doc Due beforeReport report stating current weeks weekly team progress, issues needing attention, meeting goals for next week/upcoming milestoneWeekly Team Core team Standard status meeting with Face-to-Face meeting Weekly / FixedMeetings members predefined agenda listing key / Conference call Time objectives of the meeting & Action Plan is subjects to be covered distributed to all concernedWeekly Project Client & all Project manager generates an Plan published in MS WeeklyPlan Updates managers updated project plan each week Word & stored in the based on weekly status report & project collaboration weekly team meeting space, email sent to all.Monthly All Project manager creates a Status report MonthlyExecutive stakeholders summary project report covering published in MSMeeting progress against project milestone, Power Point upcoming milestone, issues concerning upcoming milestone and/or overall project success
  14. 14. Communication Plan – Continued. Type of Who/Target Purpose Media/Tools Frequency ofCommunication CommunicationWorking CT-CT or CT- Informal meeting to resolve instant Email, Chat, As neededSessions XT issues Conference call, informal F-2-F conservationsProject Issues CT members Used to record & track project issues on Face-to-Face As needed & Client PM an ongoing basis meeting / Conference callProject closure All Formal closure of the project After completion Project closuremeeting stakeholders of the project meetingPost mortem All Determine successful practices applied Last meeting Post mortem stakeholders & identify issues during the project cycle Client Initiatives – If client feels the need to contact us at any stage of the project, he can call up meetings at his initiative too CT – Core Team members include Client, Project Manager, representatives of each functional group & individual technical contributors on the project XT – eXtended Team consists of experts/consultants included in reviews, administrative personnel, vendor representatives & customers chosen to be part of some activities
  15. 15. Multiple Advantages Testing Competencies – Pariksha Labs gives you access to senior software testing professionals with deep exposure to software QA, testing and test management. Off-shoring competencies – The leadership team at Pariksha Labs has managed large QA/testing teams for leading US based companies thru Global Delivery Models. We understand how leading ISVs work and the pressures and challenges of the product domain and its complexities. Process Competencies – All engineers at Pariksha Labs are exposed to global software development processes and have a track record of successful deliveries with multi- cultural, multi-location development paradigm. Talent Competencies - We offer a mature, dedicated team of top talent, well versed in the latest tools and with exposure to 24x7 software development paradigms.
  16. 16. CASE STUDIESA Proven Track RecordAll projects have development andtesting components
  17. 17. Testing: On-Line Year-Book ApplicationOverviewFunctionality, release testing and production support testing for a leading web-based yearbook hosted application. Our domain knowledge and testing skillshave proven extremely useful and productive and we are proud to be associatedwith multiple releases of the application over nearly two years.Technology Collaboration Tools Test Cases & Test case suites JIRA, Wiki, video grabs, screen shots Skype
  18. 18. Testing: On-Line Year-Book ApplicationChallenges Innovation Web-based applications require constant Leveraged our significant domain expertise in releases with multiple derivative offerings. The print layout to bring benefit to our customer testing complexity is significant. Remote QA testing process innovation to make it Strong domain knowledge is required to highly productive for our customer understand the end-user workflows in addition to regular feature testing etc.The Solution The Benefits Developed a mature process to handle test case Rapid application development taking advantage development, acceptance suit, workflow suite, of the time zone difference between developers regression and ad-hoc testing requirements (in US) and testers (in India) Full end to end workflow test cases to simulate Cost effective testing with strong domain end user behavior competency and high productivity workforce. Strong communication and project management processes to keep the team connected on daily basis
  19. 19. Testing: Web-based Dating AppApplication OverviewFunctionality, release, production support, automated testing for a leadingonline dating application. We started as a pilot relationship and have quicklydemonstrated our strong work ethic, testing skills, test case creation andmanagement discipline, automation tools familiarity and domain knowledge tobecome the preferred testing partner.Collaboration Tools Test Cases & Test case suites JIRA, Wiki, video grabs, screen shots Skype
  20. 20. Testing: Web-based Dating AppChallenges Innovation Web-based applications require constant releases with Added automation testing techniques to multiple derivative offerings. The testing complexity is the testing capability and established significant. new ground for repeated release testing Mature processes and quick learning is required to Remote QA testing process innovation to understand the end-user workflows in addition to regular make it highly productive for our customer – shifted the QA team working feature testing etc. hours to provide more overlap for QA Cost of QA resources is higher in US/Canada manager, thus increasing his confidenceThe Solution The Benefits Assigned senior resources to quickly understand the Streamlined testing of application workflow, functionality and challenges of the customer supporting rapid development taking Documented test cases, developed automation tools and advantage of the time zone difference improved overall structure of testing team between developers (in US) and testers (in India) Strong communication and project management processes to keep the team connected on daily basis Cost effective testing with strong QA competency and high productivity One in a month management review to keep teams aligned to workforce. the goal
  21. 21. Testing: Image Sharing AppApplication OverviewWe have assisted in regression testing and stability testing of this AIR based RIAapplication. Our team was able to quickly stretch the application and identify keyweaknesses in installer design, packaging and functionality across multiple usersthat helped deliver a higher quality release.Collaboration Tools Test Cases & Test case suites JIRA, Wiki, video grabs, screen shots Skype
  22. 22. Testing: Image Sharing AppChallenges Innovation Project was late and beyond budget but bugs were Remote QA testing process innovation to still coming at rapid rate make it highly productive for our No dedicated QA assigned to the project. Testing was customer deep testing across typical user being done by end customer workflows to identify all issues quickly so that the development team can quickly Lack of structured testing was under-reporting issues put the project back under control. for development to fixThe Solution The Benefits Assigned senior resources to quickly understand the Reported over 50+ bugs in 4 weeks which workflow, functionality and structure the test plans helped the development team deliver a high quality release passing user Focused on out-of-the-box user-experience testing – acceptance installation, configuration, use-cases and updating processes. Cost effective testing with strong QA competency and high productivity Strong communication and project management workforce. processes to keep the team connected on daily basis
  23. 23. Testing: Vulnerability AssessmentApplication OverviewInternet security and threats are a constant factor for all web-applications. Itrequires specialized skills to assess the weaknesses in a web-application thatmay make it vulnerable to attack. We have delivered a highly sophisticatedvulnerability threat assessment report for a complex web-based transactionalapplication and recommended several changes to make the application moresecure and robust.Collaboration Tools Test Cases & Test case suites JIRA, Wiki, video grabs, screen shots Skype
  24. 24. Testing: Vulnerability AssessmentChallenges Innovation Web-applications can be attacked by hackers to Domain knowledge of internet threats and exploit multiple security vulnerabilities vulnerability assessment. Publicly available web-applications should be designed with security features in mind to avoid failure, data leaks, code injection etcThe Solution The Benefits Assigned senior resources to design an end-to- Reported over 20+ serious vulnerability issues end vulnerability threat assessment of a web- during development that has helped the application application become more secure. Executed the test cases and reported the results. Cost effective testing with strong QA Recommended changes. competency and high productivity workforce. Regressed the application after changes
  25. 25. TESTIMONIALSWhat Clients Speak About Us
  26. 26. Testimonials – What Clients Speak About Us"It was a real pleasure for me to work together with Pariksha Labs on our project. Theteam is very talented specialist with a deep understanding of mobile & IT businesspeculiarities”~ mobile software publisher in NY“Good develope, very good support. Accurate Documentation.”~ Italian software provider for hazardous chemical transportation tools"What I really appreciate about the company is your willingness to always go the extramile, particularly when we have had tight deadlines imposed by our customers. You havemade us look very good! Clearly you are a great asset to us as we build this product.”~ CEO, Adobe Partner, Canada"Your teams intimate knowledge of publishing has helped us hugely on this project.Clearly you are a great asset to us as we build this product.”~ US company building a Rich-Internet-Application for a publishing workflow solution
  27. 27. THANK YOUPariksha Labs Private Limited#198, HSIDC Udyog Vihar Phase VIGurgaon 122 001Haryana, IndiaPhone: +91-124-426-6913Email: info@parikshalabs.comFor more case studies & portfolio, Please visit our