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We are an innovative R&D oriented software service provider with deep competencies and sharp focus on Enterprise Level RIA, Online Video, Adobe platforms, Application development for mobile/iPad & QA Testing Services.

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Pariksha corporate presentation

  1. 1. CORPORATE PRESENTATION<br />Product Development Services<br />Software Testing Services<br />
  2. 2. An overview<br />We are an innovative R&D oriented software service provider with deep competencies and sharp focus on:<br />Enterprise RIA<br />Online Video<br />Adobe Platforms<br />Application Development for Mobile/iPad<br />Software Testing Services<br />We aspire to become the preferred India based R&D partner to global companies looking for top-notch talent exposed to global product development processes in our areas of focus.<br />
  3. 3. Mission & Vision<br />Pariksha is on a mission to establish a world-class software R&D service provider that leverages our deep competence in technology domains and global product development to help small and medium-sized companies bring great new products to the market.<br />We are fairly young but have significant technical depth on the team that differentiates us from other providers and makes us ideal R&D partners for small and medium-sized companies. <br />We can apply our knowledge of Indian conditions; access the talent pool, experience the hi-tech domains with our training in the product development processes at large software vendors to build and manage a high-performance product development & testing / QA team for your needs.<br />
  4. 4. An overview<br />ParikshaLabs is young and was established in Q3 2007 <br />Quickly grown to 25+ employees with global biz dev.<br />Team ParikshaLabs – Profile & Qualification – Doctorates, Masters, Management graduates, Engineering graduates, others<br />Global presence – India, USA, Dubai<br />Software R&D centre in Noida, India – 60 man facility<br />Technology innovation centre in Gurgaon, India – 50 man facility<br />Sales & Marketing presence in Dubai, USA<br />Customers include startup and SME from US, UK, Europe, Dubai, India<br />
  5. 5. Our Services<br />Pariksha is totally focused on providing its customers the best of class services across its areas of competencies.<br />
  6. 6. Our Services<br />Online Video – Stock Video Portal, WebTV, Video Asset Management, VideoOnDemand<br />Enterprise Web-Applications Development Services – Rich Internet Application, Migration of ASP/JSP to RIA framework (Flex, AJAX etc), video enhancements, social media tools integration<br />Outsourced Product Development/R&D Services – Prototyping, technology migration, development, testing, support<br />Enterprise IT Testing Services – Quality Consulting, Software Testing services – functional, automation, performance and security testing of desktop, mobile and web-applications<br />Mobile Solutions – Data-aware mobile applications, Extending Enterprise applications to mobile workflows, Mobile VAS applications for iPhone, Blackberry, Andriod platforms<br />
  7. 7. Businesses we serve<br />ISVs – Product R&D Services<br />Small and Medium scale IP owners<br />Large product companies with legacy testing needs<br />Adobe Partners worldwide and SIs<br />LiveCycle implementation services<br />Flex development services<br />Connect Pro Extension development<br />Enterprise Customers <br />Blackbox and automated testing services<br />Flex RIA front-end to legacy enterprise apps<br />Mobile extensions to enterprise apps<br />Mobile App Publishers<br />Porting apps to Blackberry, Android, Nokia<br />iPhone and iPAD development<br />
  8. 8. Domain Competencies<br />Online Video<br />Video formats, media servers, players, VOD, WebTV, Live streaming<br />Government<br />Forms based workflows<br />Enterprise Applications<br />Web-applications , reporting dashboards, data mining<br />Multimedia<br />Audio/video streaming, graphics and layout products<br />Mobile /iPad<br />Internet Radio, News Publishing, eBook Reader, Mobile Apps<br />Printing & Publishing <br />Magazine & Newspaper, eBook workflows with focus on Web2Print<br />
  9. 9. Engagement Models<br />Off-campus resource centre – Pariksha can build and run an off-campus team using its infrastructure, people and global software development processes to deliver superior development efficiencies at competitive costs. Customers benefit by having access to senior software professionals work on your assignments. Pariksha will invest in your technologies, domains and processes to build competencies for larger engagements.<br />On-campus resource augmentation – Pariksha will depute its senior engineering managers and team to work from your location and deliver under your guidance and leadership. Customers benefit from quick ramp-up/ramp-down and getting a team plus manager who can hit the ground running with minimal training needs. <br />
  10. 10. Development Skills<br />Product Engineering<br />C/C++/C#, JAVA, JavaScript, AIR on Windows/Macintosh/Linux; Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian, Android <br />Platforms SDKs – Adobe, Microsoft, Sun, Quark, Apple, Nokia, Google<br />Web Applications and RIA<br />Latest Web 2.0 Technologies<br />LAMP technologies and open-source toolsets <br />Adobe Flex, AJAX and RIA technologies<br />Media Servers, eCommerce engines<br />Development Models / Tools<br />Waterfall / Agile<br />6 to 20 month product development exposure<br />
  11. 11. Pariksha means 'deep examination' in Sanskrit. We started the company as a testing focused company and it continues to be a strength area.<br />QA/Testing Services<br />TESTING TECHNIQUES<br />White Box Techniques<br />Code Coverage Testing<br /><ul><li>Decision/Condition Testing
  12. 12. Loop Testing
  13. 13. Basis Path Testing
  14. 14. Testing Exception Handling</li></ul>Black Box Techniques<br />Equivalence Partitioning<br />Boundary Value Analysis<br />Cause-Effect Graphing<br />Error Guessing<br />
  15. 15. QA/Testing Services<br />Testing Methodology<br />Functional (Black Box) Testing<br />Testing the functional requirements<br />Testing non-functional requirements<br />Structural (White Box) Testing<br />Integration Testing<br />System Integration<br />Workflow Testing<br />Regression Testing<br />Regression Testing & Analysis<br />Maintenance Testing<br />Testing Automation<br />Design Automation Framework & Scripts<br />Regression Test Libraries<br />Testing Types<br />Functional / Integration<br />Automation<br />System<br />Installer<br />Load / Performance / Stress<br />Usability (GUI) <br />Compatibility<br />Localization<br />Certification<br />Security<br />Documentation<br />
  16. 16. Our Advantage<br />All under the umbrella of a Leadership team with 100+ years of Software R&D experience<br />Breadth and depth of technology<br />Ability to hire, train and integrate highly skilled employees<br />Ability to handle dedicated customer delivery centers of few employees to hundred+ employees<br />Ability to ramp up to large teams quickly<br />Ability to handle customers globally with the same set of processes<br />Deep technology, domain, and process Knowledge<br />Global Best Practices<br />Great Service from Sales to Delivery<br />Put Our Skills to Work For You!!<br />
  17. 17. CASE STUDIES<br />A Proven Track Record<br />
  18. 18. Flex-based Rich Internet Application – MediaBaron<br />Application Overview <br />An enterprise grade video management tool showcasing Flex RIA and flash media server capabilities for frame accurate video scrubbing and control over standard internet connections.<br />Technology<br />Flex<br />Flash Media Server<br />Tomcat, MySQL, Hibernate<br />QuickTime, MPEG2, H.264, FFMPEG<br />
  19. 19. Flex-based Rich Internet Application – MediaBaron<br />Challenges<br />Existing video management systems are file based and require local files or fat pipes for remote video access. This also makes the remote access less secure<br />Existing video management systems have evolved from 24x7 TV requirements and are not suited for producers and content owners who are mainly interested in web publishing<br />The cost of existing video management is prohibitive and most producers tend to rely on excel sheets or simple unconnected databases to manage their videos making it very unproductive to search for clips that are relevant to their work<br />Innovation<br />Frame accurate video scrubbing using standard internet connectivity using FMS<br />Simple lightweight browser based application to access video content repositories and interact with them<br />Remote access to video content enables scene-based tagging via low-cost locations<br />The Solution<br />Design a frame accurate video scrubber using a streaming server backend to take advantage of internet video streaming technologies<br />Developed a Flex-based UI that integrates video asset management functions with stream based playback<br />Powerful server based video processing tools for video cutting, join, trans-coding and delivery<br />The Benefits<br />Enables internet based access to video databases at a fraction of cost of existing systems<br />Powerful tools for online video publishing to web-portals<br />Use of open-source components reduces cost of ownership significantly.<br />
  20. 20. Stock footage Web-Application –<br />Application Overview <br />A web-application for eCommerce enabled stock footage trade. It includes video browser, powerful text search, preview player, light-box, user account management, payment gateway integration and an innovative back-end server for automated video delivery.<br />Technology<br />Flex & PHP<br />Flash Media Server<br />MySQL<br />eCommerce engine<br />
  21. 21. Stock footage Web-Application –<br />Challenges<br />Video content owners are unable to monetize their video archives for lack of online catalog presentment and trading tools<br />The time and costs involved in manual review of a library are prohibitive of trade<br />Delivery of high resolution videos is manual thus increasing cost of transaction and slowing growth of business<br />Innovation<br />Full text search engine enables rapid search for what one is looking for<br />Light-weight preview player<br />Dynamic tags and promotional videos presented in UI to keep visitor interested in content<br />Conforms to state of the art stock footage trends<br />The Solution<br />Designed an online portal for stock video commerce<br />State of the art asset browser, preview player, eCommerce engine, user management engine with special features for selection, review and search<br />Automated video delivery engine with integration to large file delivery toolkits<br />The Benefits<br />Enables content owners to reach global audiences<br />Powerful tools for search, preview, selection and purchase<br />Lowers overall transaction costs significantly by using automated delivery options<br />
  22. 22. Testing: On-Line Year-Book Application<br />Overview <br />Functionality, release testing and production support testing for a leading web-based yearbook hosted application. Our domain knowledge and testing skills have proven extremely useful and productive and we are proud to be associated with multiple releases of the application over nearly two years.<br />Technology<br />Collaboration Tools<br />Test Cases & Test case suites<br />JIRA, Wiki, video grabs, screen shots<br />Skype<br />
  23. 23. Testing: On-Line Year-Book Application<br />Challenges<br />Web-based applications require constant releases with multiple derivative offerings. The testing complexity is significant.<br />Strong domain knowledge is required to understand the end-user workflows in addition to regular feature testing etc.<br />Innovation<br />Leveraged our significant domain expertise in print layout to bring benefit to our customer<br />Remote QA testing process innovation to make it highly productive for our customer<br />The Solution<br />Developed a mature process to handle test case development, acceptance suit, workflow suite, regression and ad-hoc testing requirements<br />Full end to end workflow test cases to simulate end user behavior<br />Strong communication and project management processes to keep the team connected on daily basis<br />The Benefits<br />Rapid application development taking advantage of the time zone difference between developers (in US) and testers (in India)<br />Cost effective testing with strong domain competency and high productivity workforce.<br />
  24. 24. Development:RedBox<br />Application Overview <br />An AIR application that interfaces with Microsoft SharePoint Server and provides a highly interactive UI to manage time-sheets, project status and basic project management setup defined via MOSS setup.<br />Technology<br />AIR terminal application<br />MOSS web-application and database<br />
  25. 25. Development: RedBox<br />Challenges<br />Time-tracking tools are complex and requires significant resources to capture time spent on project tasks/sub-tasks<br />Management needs visibility on project status to monitor and guide projects<br />Innovation<br />Integration of Flex data services with MOSS back-end<br />Simple UI design for quick and lightweight project management functions<br />The Solution<br />Developed an AIR application that can connect to MOSS back-end<br />A simple UI interface for operators to update their tasks<br />A highly interactive interface for management to provide monitoring information on all projects.<br />The Benefits<br />Encourages operators to update their time-sheets regularly as it is simple to use<br />Provides management with a tool to monitor project progress, operator efficiency, customer engagement levels and prioritize accordingly<br />
  26. 26. Development: iPad Cartoon eBook - Panchatantra<br />Application Overview <br />An iPAD application presenting a legacy cartoon series (originally appeared in print) in a new avatar. Combining video, interactivity and rich graphics, the eBook re-tells the stories from the cartoon for the new generation of kids.<br />Technology<br />HTMl5<br />ePub document format<br />iPAD SDK<br />
  27. 27. Development: iPad Cartoon eBook - Panchatantra<br />Challenges<br />Globally dispersed diasporas are hard & costly to reach via print medium<br />The cultural values are not easily passed from one generation to another in case of non-resident workers<br />eBooks for kids using plain vanilla text are not interactive<br />Innovation<br />Re-used existing materials to lower cost of initial production<br />Designed a language to provide multimedia interactivity overlaid with the base materials<br />Local language support to retain cultural ties<br />The Solution<br />Develop iPAD eBook reader and mechanism to publish interactive cartoons and distribute via the app store<br />Annotate ePub with audio and video presentations to liven up the presentation<br />Design easy subscription or payment system encouraging high usage.<br />The Benefits<br />Parents and kids can enjoy the legacy cartoon characters together and share the common cultural values<br />Content owners can monetize the assets with new customers, markets and revenue models<br />
  28. 28. TESTIMONIALS<br />What Clients Speak About Us<br />
  29. 29. Testimonials – What Clients Speak About Us<br />"It was a real pleasure for me to work together with Pariksha Labs on our project. The team is very talented specialist with a deep understanding of mobile & IT business peculiarities”~ mobile software publisher in NY<br />“Good develope, very good support. Accurate Documentation.”~ Italian software provider for hazardous chemical transportation tools<br />"What I really appreciate about the company is your willingness to always go the 'extra mile', particularly when we have had tight deadlines imposed by our customers. You have made us look very good! Clearly you are a great asset to us as we build this product.”~ CEO, Adobe Partner, Canada<br />"Your team's intimate knowledge of publishing has helped us hugely on this project. Clearly you are a great asset to us as we build this product.”~ US company building a Rich-Internet-Application for a publishing workflow solution<br />
  30. 30. THANK YOU<br />Pariksha Labs Private Limited<br />#198, HSIDC UdyogVihar Phase VI<br />Gurgaon 122 001<br />Haryana, India<br />Phone: +91-124-426-6913<br />Email:<br />For more case studies & portfolio, Please visit our website<br /><br />