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  1. 1. Steps to produce attractive sketches People usually like to draw or sketch something, but mostly they don’t know how to draw beautifully and they don’t know how to improve it. People who enjoy drawing, during their free time or even when they are in class room or while thinking, take a pen or pencil and draw whatever they have in their mind. Actually sketching in some course in university or college like architecture and design is very important. There are many ways that people who really like to draw or sketch beautifully, can do. There are three steps that people can fallow to produce attractive sketch, which the first one is drawing basic, the second one is concepts the person should master and the last one is materials, recording, and timed drawing. At first you should start by drawing basics, for this you can begin drawing every simple object you see or common objects and try to progress them more complicated. The better you get at drawing real-life objects, the better you'll eventually be at putting ideas on paper. Another thing that you can do, is Drawing as often as you can, because The more you practice, the better you'll get. For example when you are doing something that your hand is free, like being on the phone. For starting you can bring paper and pencil and then start drawing basic shapes, because practicing them will help you for harder and more complicate drawings.So drawing basics strong your base for harder and more complicated drawings. Next step is concepts that you should master which you can make a rough sketch. Don’t start with one part of an object and try to start with the whole thing and then go through the details of it, otherwise your drawing ends up looking unattractively imbalanced. You also can elaborate on your sketch and use darker line to bring out the parts of the drawing you need, and use an eraser to take out the lines you don't need. Add details, bit by bit, making sure to frequently step back and look at your drawing as a whole to make sure it's coming along the way you want it to. Learn and experiment with several techniques, which can enhance your ability to express ideas through drawing. Beside that you can add touches of realism, because when you want to draw cartoons or caricatures, you have to try to appear it realistic in your drawing. When you are drawing something making it realistic is very important, so you need to practice more and fallow some rules.
  2. 2. The last steps to produce attractive sketches are materials, recording, and timed drawing. As a beginner you need to know what you need to start out, for instance sketch paper will probably work best; very smooth paper will give you better detail, but "toothier" paper holds the graphite from your pencil better. One of the best things that can help you is keeping work. Try to keep your drawings then you can see your progress and understand that which parts need to improve. Try a timed gesture drawing. If you find yourself struggling with proportion, annoyed that your poses are stiff and worst of all making and mistakes that your conscious mind knows better not to do, this is a great way to break that cycle. There are the things that can affect your drawings but they are not about your drawing skills. So to there are many steps to produce attractive sketches but are they really enough? Actually practicing is the best and the most important step for improving drawing or sketching but beside that you need to fallow these steps: drawing basics, concepts you should masterand supplyingmaterials, recording, and timed drawing. With allowing these steps everyone who is interested in drawing, can draw beautifully. Reference: How to draw.[online]Available at: [Accessed 30 May 2013]