Kickstarter Best Practices


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Are you looking to start a Kickstarter project? Do you need help in getting started with Kickstarter? Learn how to successfully launch your campaign with the Kickstarter best practices guide.

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Kickstarter Best Practices

  1. 1. Any why is it important? By
  2. 2. • Budget time • Follow other Kickstarter projects • Build a following • Decide on a goal & awards • Setup Amazon Payment • Tell your story • Create a professional video & content • Promote, monitor, & provide awesome service Kickstarter Best Practices
  3. 3. Raising money for a project is hard. It is lot of work. Kickstarter is no exception. It’s lot of work! Spend lot of time on a plan. Follow it. Make adjustments. Work hard executing it. And you will be successfully with your Kickstarter campaign.
  4. 4. Budget Time Can take 3 to 6 months prep time Spend time planning for smooth execution Be prepared for curveballs Get you feet wet & follow other Kickstarter projects
  5. 5. • Build a community of followers before launch • Building loyal and engaged fans will give your project a huge boost • Start with your family and friends • Use every contact you have • Use social media, reach out to blogs, reporters and others in the field of your project Build a Following
  6. 6. Decide on a Goal & Awards The amount will depend on many factors Type of project, demand and need, # of followers you build Keep your rewards 5 to 7 choices unless you have large project Take care of you early backers
  7. 7. • Amazon Payment setup can take 7 to 14 days • Requires a bank account • Research any tax (sales and income) implications • You may have to open a business, corporation, or Limited Liability Company Amazon Payment & Business
  8. 8. Tell Your Story How you come across will give you credibility including early backers Create a professional video Create eye catching images, use charts, early diagrams Take care of you early backers
  9. 9. • Short paragraphs • Use titles and sub-titles for scanners • Use bullets where appropriate • Break paragraphs with images • Use easy to understand words • Be humble and compassionate • Don’t be arrogant Professional Content
  10. 10. Promote Your Project Did you build a following? They are most valuable! Use all social media channels Reach out to blogs, news outlets, & those in the industry
  11. 11. Build following early & keep that happy Final Thoughts 1 2 3 4 Crowdfunding is not easy & not for everyone More time you put in the more you will succeed It’s stressful and time consuming but lots of fun!
  12. 12. Read More About Kickstarter Best Practices Click below to learn more about starting a Kickstarter project. FREE to do list template.
  13. 13. BY PARESH DESAI. @pareshdesai