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Thanksgiving Supplies List by Parent Hacks


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Here's how I know I'll have enough cooking supplies and serving pieces for Thanksgiving. I can easily see which pieces I need to buy or borrow.

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Thanksgiving Supplies List by Parent Hacks

  1. 1. Thanksgiving supplies 11 guests (7 adults, 4 Cooking and serving pieces kids) Item Person responsible dinner plates turkey Dad cutlery stuffing me glasses green beans me tablecloths yams Phil napkins salad Mom decor cranberry sauce Sara mashed potatoes Miller pumpkin pie x 2 me chocolate cake Ariel drinks Cora appetiser me Mulled cider me gravy Dad set table/decor Ron
  2. 2. To cook To serve roasting pan platter (borrow), tongs 9x13 pan (red) red pan, spatula 9x13 pan (yellow) yellow gratin salad bowl, tossers pot large bowl, large spoon deep white casserole, large large pot spoon 2 pie pans (borrow), pie pie pan server Cake pan cake plate, knife, server (ice chest) glasses Cookie sheet bowl Pasta pot Crock pot, ladle small pot Small yellow pitcher