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Better parenting


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Parenting Wisely providing better parenting classes to parents with the skills to help their children survive.
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Better parenting

  1. 1. Better Parenting
  2. 2. Parenting is hard, but Parenting Wisely can help. This highly interactive course is designed by family and social scientists to equip parents like you with the tools necessary to engage your children in difficult family scenarios.
  3. 3. Better Parenting Our goal is to equip Parents with the skills they need to improve family interactions. Our evidence-based course has been proven to reduce teen alcohol and drug use, reduce aggressive behavior, and improve family communication. Or curriculum was developed with over 30 years of science and study proving its effectiveness.
  4. 4. After you’ve finished the course, you can spend time in the Skills Practice section - a fun, game-like environment meant to increase your confidence in the skills learned in Parenting Wisely.
  5. 5. Parenting Wisely 1005 East State Street, Suite G Athens, OH 45701 Ohio 866-234-9473