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Webinar - February Features


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Published in: Technology
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Webinar - February Features

  1. 1. New Feature Webinar February 2012 Zach Bailey, VP / @znbailey
  2. 2. Last Time: Form Builder Missed it? Recording and slides:
  3. 3. Pardot Now!Trainings and Webinars Galore!
  4. 4. User Groups Atlanta - March 14 Boston - March 14San Francisco - March 14 Yup, 3 in one day... Interested in hosting? Email:
  5. 5. Agenda• Email Preference Pages• 36 New Email Blueprints• New Email Editor• Q&A
  6. 6. Email Preference Pages• Have as many as you want• Control which public lists show up on which pages• Easily link from the new email editor
  7. 7. 36 New Email Blueprints
  8. 8. Email Blueprints• Best practices email design • Render consistently on all email clients • Clean HTML/CSS - avoid spam filters• Take advantage of new email editor advanced features• Thinking of redoing your email template?
  9. 9. New Email Editor• Rebuilt from the ground up• Make common tasks easy • Styling/Formatting • Content Editing • Undo/Redo• Advanced features for designers
  10. 10. New Email Editor• Get out of the user’s way• Make sure it’s really WYSIWYG • Text/Link Colors • Fonts • Text Sizes
  11. 11. Email EditorWalkthrough
  12. 12. Q&A