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Pardot Elevate 2012 -WordPress and Pardot: The World’s Newest Power Couple

Join Cliff Seal, a Pardot UX Designer, as he introduces one of Pardot’s newest features - the WordPress plugin. This session will cover the basic functionality and use cases of the plugin, as well as the advantages
of using open-source, self-hosted WordPress as a platform for web projects. After reviewing the plugin’s use of dynamic content, A/B testing, and advanced content optimization, you will be itching to get back and implement this power couple solution.

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Pardot Elevate 2012 -WordPress and Pardot: The World’s Newest Power Couple

  1. 1. +The World’sNewestPower CoupleCliff SealUX Designer & Resident WordPress Nerd
  2. 2. Who’sthis guy?
  3. 3. NERD.
  4. 4. Open Source
  5. 5. So, whyWordPress?
  6. 6. WordPress powers22% of new activewebsites, and 14.7%of the “top 1 million”.WordPress Now Powers 22 Percent Of New Active Websites In WordPress Dark MatterThe U.S.TechCrunch
  7. 7. 54.7% of the 1 million most visited sites (that run on a CMS) run WordPress. Usage of content management systems for websites W3TechsWordPress Dark MatterJoomla!   Drupal  
  8. 8. Staying Community Plugins & Power Themes
  9. 9. Ah, yes.WordPress.
  10. 10. Tracking Forms Dynamic Code Content
  11. 11. Tracking codeimplemented.
  12. 12. Relevant ContentMarketing By Stage
  13. 13. 0-9: 10-70: 71-100:Greet Nurture Sell!
  14. 14. A Quick Note on Caching
  15. 15. Holy $%!#,WordPress!
  16. 16. 0-9: 10-70: 71-100: Greet Nurture Sell!Sign up Register Don’t missfor our for our out! Buyemails! webinar! today! Would Buy now you like Get your free for only our whitepaper! $199. emails?
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  18. 18. The BestBoyfriend Ever
  19. 19. @cliffseal