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Pardot Elevate 2012 - Best Basic Practices for Drip Nurturing


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Learn how KANA Software, a global B2B software company, implemented email nurturing campaigns to mature buying interest through targeted content offers across multiple product lines. Using actual analytics, Jessie Wilkie, a Senior Specialist for Marketing Programs at KANA, will bring to light the specific ways KANA was successful in their nurturing programs and how they were able to tweak them to improve performance.

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Pardot Elevate 2012 - Best Basic Practices for Drip Nurturing

  1. 1. Basic  Best  Prac+ces   for  Drip  Nurturing  ‘s   Jessie  Wilkie,  KANA  So@ware   Good  Experiences.  On  Brand.  On  Budget.      |  1  
  2. 2. Company  Overview  •   B2B  so@ware  company        •   MulGple  product  and  brand  lines      •   MulGple  geographies      • MulGple  target  markets     Good  Experiences.  On  Brand.  On  Budget.      |  2  
  3. 3. Marke+ng  Overview  •  Our  markeGng  organizaGon  is  divided  into  three  main  groups:   •  Product  Strategy   •  Product  MarkeGng   •  MarkeGng  Programs   •  Corporate  MarkeGng  Services  (where  I  fit  in)  •   I  help  support  the  online  programs  we  run  here  at  KANA   Good  Experiences.  On  Brand.  On  Budget.      |  3  
  4. 4. Key  Sta+s+cs  •  127,501  Prospects   •  172  AutomaGon  Rules  •  245  Landing  Pages   •  1,165,991  list  emails  sent  •  627  Segments   •  3.66%  Average  Unique  Click   Through  Rate  •  215  Campaigns  •  74  Custom  Fields  •  26  Default  Fields  •  266  Email  Templates  •  185  Forms  •  42  Custom  Redirects   *February  2012  -­‐  Present    •  33  Drip  Programs   Good  Experiences.  On  Brand.  On  Budget.      |  4  
  5. 5. How  do  we  move  prospects  through  the  funnel?  We  came  up  with  a  theory  and  some  proof  of  concept  slides   Good  Experiences.  On  Brand.  On  Budget.      |  5  
  6. 6. Targeted  Nurturing  Campaigns  Get  qualified  prospects  ready  to  have  a  detailed  conversa5on   Engagement  Campaign   •  Create  an  interacGon   •  Follow-­‐up  acGvity   •  Build  demographic  profile   •  Extend  immediate  offer   Stay  in  Touch  (Drip)   •  Validate  area  of  interest   •  Rolling  campaigns  based  on   •  Build  behavioral  profile   role  /  stage  /  area  of  interest   Accelerator   •  Advance  buying  interest   •  IncenGves  to  take  the  next  step  in   •  Expand  markeGng  contacts   markeGng  /  buying  cycle   Reac+va+on   •  Test  new  messaging   •  Outreach  to  inacGve  contacts   •  Energize  around  new  programs   Other  (Up-­‐sell  /  Cross-­‐Sell)   •  Develop  new  contacts   •  Energize  installed  base   •  Market  targeted  events   •  Expand  sphere  of  influence   Good  Experiences.  On  Brand.  On  Budget.      |  6  
  7. 7. Role  and  Stage-­‐Based  Content   EARLY   MID   LATE   Director   P1   P2   P5   W1   P6   W2   W3   C1   D1   D2   D3   D4   VP   P4   W4   P3   W5   C2   D5   IT   P7   W6   D7   D6   •  Classify  ExisGng  Content   To  Do:   •  IdenGfy  and  Address  Holes   •  Implement  Ways  to  Test  P   Whitepaper   W   Webinar   D   Datasheet   C   Case  Study   Good  Experiences.  On  Brand.  On  Budget.      |  7  
  8. 8. But  how  did  we  really  do  it?  Nurturing  1,  2,  3,  …   Good  Experiences.  On  Brand.  On  Budget.      |  8  
  9. 9. Step  1:  Define  Goals   Target  prospects  via  email  nurturing  campaigns  with   relevant  content  based  on  previous  offer  downloads.   Move  “latent”  leads  through  the  funnel  and  reengage  them.   Show  that  CTR  can  be  increased  through  targeted  campaigns     Good  Experiences.  On  Brand.  On  Budget.      |  9  
  10. 10. Step  2:  Create  a  Checklist  Our  checklist  looked  like  this:    q   IdenGfy  content  and  paths  q   Create  lists  q   Create  landing  pages  q   Tag  URLs    q   Dra@  email  templates     Best  Prac+ce:  Using  a  checklist  helped  us  make  sure  we  did  not  forget  anything.  This   makes  the  process  more  efficient,  so  we  were  not  having  to  go  back  and  create  a  list   or  an  email  template  as  we  set  up  our  drip  programs.   Good  Experiences.  On  Brand.  On  Budget.      |  10  
  11. 11. Step  3:  Iden+fy  Content  and  Paths   Early-­‐Mid   Early   Mid-­‐Late   P2   Late   Latent   P2   W3   W5   W2   W5   ISEA   P3   D1   W3   W2   C1   C1   W4   P4   C1   Best  PracGce:   W2   Keep  it  simple.   0B-­‐1A-­‐2B-­‐3A   1B-­‐2A-­‐3A   0A-­‐1C-­‐2D-­‐3A   1D-­‐2C-­‐3A   Good  Experiences.  On  Brand.  On  Budget.      |  11  
  12. 12. Step  4:  Create  Necessary  Content   Who  are  we  targeGng?   What  do  we  want  to  say?   What  are  we  offering?   Best  PracGce:   Tag  your  URLs.   How  are  we  tracking  results?   Good  Experiences.  On  Brand.  On  Budget.      |  12  
  13. 13. Step  5:  Set  Up  Drip  Program  Once  we  had  completed  all  of  our  background  work:  •  Defined  goals  •  Created  checklist  •  IdenGfied  content  and  paths  •  Created  necessary  content  It  was  Gme  to  set  up  our  drip  program  in  Pardot.  There  were  three  main    steps  to  seong  up  the  Drip  Program:  1.  Name,  Tags  and  Time  Zone  2.  Recipients  3.  Logic  In  the  next  few  slides,  I  will  be  going  over  each  of  these  steps  in  more    detail.     Good  Experiences.  On  Brand.  On  Budget.      |  13  
  14. 14. Name,  Tags  and  Timezone  Things  to  consider  when  idenGfying  the    name,  tags  and  Gmezone  :    •  Pick  names  that  are  scalable    •  Pick  names  that  are  easy  to  remember    •  Think  about  the  recipients’  Gmezone    •  Pick  tags  that  are  descripGve  and  will   easily  help  idenGfy  your  program  based  on   language,  geography,  product,  etc.       Good  Experiences.  On  Brand.  On  Budget.      |  14  
  15. 15. Recipients  •  Based  on  our  defined  goals,  we   created  our  recipient  lists  around   certain  criteria   •  i.e.  They  downloaded  a  certain  offer,   they  haven’t  been  acGve  in  30  days,   they  came  in  through  a  certain   conference,  etc.    •  We  also  idenGfied  a  list  of   prospects  whom  we  did  not  want   to  receive  the  nurturing  emails   Best  PracGce:  Make  sure  to  incorporate   suppression  lists  when  needed.     •  i.e.  They  are  a  current  customer,   they  are  already  on  another   nurturing  program,  they  are  industry   analysts,  etc.     Good  Experiences.  On  Brand.  On  Budget.      |  15  
  16. 16. Logic   The  logic  in  our  drip  program  was  based  on  the  goals  of  the  program.  It   was  very  important  to  know  what  we  wanted  to  achieve  with  a  drip   program  and  work  toward  that  end.     With  that  said,  some  things  we  kept  in  mind  while  seong  up  the  logic:     •   Staggering  the  start  Gmes     •   Placing  pauses  a@er  every  email  acGon   •   Adding  tags  to  prospects  who  complete  certain   acGons,  so  they  are  easier  to  idenGfy  (new   development)  *   Best  PracGce:  Make  sure  your  logic  helps  you  achieve  the   goals  of  your  drip  program.     Good  Experiences.  On  Brand.  On  Budget.      |  16  
  17. 17. Step  6:   Best  Prac+ce:  Review  and  Tweak  We  allowed  our  drip  program  to    completely  run  through  one  cycle    and  then  started  reviewing  the    results.  We  learned  to  ask  ourselves  important  quesGons.    •  Why  is  the  CTR  berer  in  one  email   versus  another?  •  Is  that  pause  too  long  or  too   short?  •  What  made  so  many  people  click   that  one  link?   Best  PracGce:  Consider  the   level  of  granularity  you  •  Are  we  meeGng  our  goals?  If  not   want  when  reporGng  on   what  can  we  do  berer?   your  programs.   Good  Experiences.  On  Brand.  On  Budget.      |  17  
  18. 18. The  Results    How  did  we  do?   Good  Experiences.  On  Brand.  On  Budget.      |  18  
  19. 19. The  Results  •  9.35%  CTR  All  Nurturing,  which  is  3x  higher  than  our  list  emails    •  15,118  Nurturing  Emails  Sent     •  AD  Nurturing  7.72%  CTR,  1,122  Email  Sent  since  May  28th,  2012     •  EA  Nurturing  6.68%  CTR,  7,727  Email  Sent  since  April  16th,  2012   •  KM  Nurturing  11.49%  CTR,  5,816  Email  Sent  since  May  16th,  2012   •  WSS  Nurturing  11.45%  CTR,  453  Email  Sent  since  July  2nd,  2012  •  Since  it  has  been  acGve,  KM  Nurturing  has  generated  the  2nd  largest   amount  of  downloads  with  206  downloads.    WSS  Nurturing  is  20th  with   25  downloads.      •  KM  Nurturing  has  driven  411+  visits  to  our  website.  AD  Nurturing  has   driven  74  visits  to  our  website.  WSS  Nurturing  has  driven  47  visits  to   our  website.   Good  Experiences.  On  Brand.  On  Budget.      |  19  
  20. 20. We  generated  532+  site  visits  with  nurturing  with  a  3:02  avg.  visit  vs.  1:56  avg.  visit  for  all  traffic   Good  Experiences.  On  Brand.  On  Budget.      |  20  
  21. 21. 31  Landing  Pages,  1,354  Views,  463  Submissions.  34.19%  Submission  Rate  vs.  2.63%  for  CPC  LPs.   Good  Experiences.  On  Brand.  On  Budget.      |  21  
  22. 22. Key  Takeaways  What  did  we  do  well  and  what  can  we  do  befer  next  +me?   Good  Experiences.  On  Brand.  On  Budget.      |  22  
  23. 23. What  did  we  do  well?  •  Realized  an  average  CTR  of  9.35%  for  all  of  our  nurturing   programs,  which  is  about  3  Gmes  our  normal  CTR    •  Drove  more  engaged  traffic  to  website  with  avg.  visit  duraGon  of   3:02  minutes  versus  the  site  standard  of  1:56    •  Reached  8,218+  prospects  via  nurturing    •  Generated  218+  downloads  •  Achieved  34.19%  LP  Submission  Rate  •  Gained  a  berer  insight  into  nurturing     Good  Experiences.  On  Brand.  On  Budget.      |  23  
  24. 24. What  could  we  do  befer?  •  Berer  use  of  suppression  lists    •  Berer  use  of  tags    •  More  diverse  drip  programs  •  Berer  defined  end  goals  •  Berer  defined  metrics  •  Berer  lead  stage  tracking   Good  Experiences.  On  Brand.  On  Budget.      |  24  
  25. 25. What  is  on  the  horizon?  •  Developing  more  varied  drip  programs  based  on:  source   programs,  product  lines,  geographies,  languages,  and  goals  •  Defining  more  goals  and  metrics  for  our  nurturing  programs  •  CreaGng  a  sales  nurturing  program  and  a  feedback  loop  between   nurturing  programs  and  the  sales  handoff     Incoming  Leads   Paid  Search   Website   New   Live   Opportuni+es   Banner  Ads   MQL   SAL   Conversions   Leads   Nurturing  eMail   Social  Media   3rd  Party  Imports   Db  Imports  Well  thought  out  nurturing  programs  are  the  key  to  moving  new  conversions  and  live  leads  through  the  markeGng  and  sales  funnel.     Good  Experiences.  On  Brand.  On  Budget.      |  25