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SEO Simplified - Implementing SEO with Confidence


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Learn basic steps about how to incorporate SEO into your marketing plan and increase your company's visibility.

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SEO Simplified - Implementing SEO with Confidence

  1. 1. SEO Simplified
 Implementing SEO with Confidence!
Presented by: Tim Niziak, Marketing Operations Specialist"
  2. 2. Intro"
  3. 3. SEO Overview"§  Past: SEO copywriting used to be largely based on keyword frequency and density.""§  Today: The search engines’ algorithms (i.e. Google’s) have evolved. There are more than 80 attributes that are weighed when determining a page’s relevancy and ranking."
  4. 4. SEO Keys"•  URL Naming Convention"•  Copywriting Tips"•  Keyword Density/Frequency"•  Metatags: title, description, keywords"•  Page Copy: header, keyword selection, links, alt text"
  5. 5. URL Naming Convention"•  The name of your page/post should be keyword targeted, and as close to the root as possible:" –  Example: For the phrase “marketing automation” we use the URL:" "•  This is much more effective, than, say:" –  Example: scoring/custom-lead scoring" " *Search engines are lazy – they don’t want to crawl all the way to the end of a long URL string looking for keywords.*"
  6. 6. Keyword Density"•  In the past, search engines weighed keyword density and frequency much more heavily. That led to black-hat SEO practices that included things like ‘keyword stuffing’."•  However, it is still an important piece of SEO. Suggested practices say to not make your targeted keyword more than 7% of your page’s content. ""•  In short, balance is key – don’t over or underuse your targeted keyword/phrase."
  7. 7. Content Writing Tips"•  Do your keyword research – think like your audience and be specific."•  Review your site pages – what words do you think are the most targeted for each page? Are you actually using those words?"•  Choose one keyword that is targeted for each page."
  8. 8. Metatags"•  Metatags’ importance has also been downgraded in the past few years."•  However, it is still a key piece as it is what your visitors see when they search for your phrase in the search engines." –  Example:"
  9. 9. Page Attributes"There are several pieces of SEO opportunity on a page or post, besideskeyword density and URL:"•  Header Tag Copy: <h1> and <h2> tags are great ways of calling out specific keywords on your page/post and tells the search engines that the copy in-between these tags is the most valuable."•  Image Alt Text: Every image on a page is an opportunity to use more keywords for SEO. The search engines have no way of telling what is on a jpg, png, gif, etc so an Alt tag gives them that info. The Alt Text is displayed, if the image is not visible. "" –  Example: <img src=“pardot_tm.jpg" alt=“Pardot Marketing Automation" width="42" height="42" />"
  10. 10. All About Links"•  Links, both internal and external, build trust. They tell the engines that your site is relevant, and that your content is legit."•  Internal links are used to drive traffic to your other pages and posts through your own content. These are important because they help search engines find other content on your site and improve its overall relevancy score.""•  Inbound links come from outside websites and are weighed more heavily by the search engines. You can drive your inbound links by sharing your own content via forums, blogs, emails, e-newsletters, etc."•  If you must link to an outside website, be sure to use a target=“blank” command so that the content is opened in a brand new page so your visitor doesn’t leave your site.
 " Example: <a href=" notification" target="_blank">with a change to their terms of service</a>"
  11. 11. SEO Optimized Page: “Marketing Automation”" "
  12. 12. SEO Checklist" •  Keyword Targeted" •  Page URL" •  Content" •  Page Title" •  Description Tag" •  H1 Headline" •  Images" •  Keyword density" •  Links" •  Example that outlines the ‘perfectly optimized page’:" ->"
  13. 13. More Info"•  Helpful sites:" –" –" –
 "•  Blog posts:" –" –" –"
  14. 14. Questions"
  15. 15. SEO Simplified
 Implementing SEO with Confidence! 
 Tim Niziak" Marketing Operations Specialist" !   @!mniz" " " " "Pardot™, An ExactTarget® Company
950 East Paces Ferry Road, Suite 300, Atlanta, Georgia 30326"  404.492.6845 | 877.3B2B.ROI |"