Priority Content Planning with 3-D Content Mapping


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With 3-D content mapping, marketers learn what types of content to create and how, when and where to apply their valuable content resources.

Priority Content Planning with 3-D Content Mapping

  1. 1. Priority Content Planning
With 3-D Content Mapping!
Presenter: Micky Long, Vice President & Practice Director-Lead Nurturing, Arketi Group!
  2. 2. Speaker!•  Micky Long - Vice President and Practice Director,
 Lead Nurturing, Arketi Group#
  3. 3. Agenda!•  3-D Content mapping defined#•  Getting to know your prospects#•  Map to buy stage#•  Create, curate, cultivate#•  Putting it together#•  Where to start#•  Questions#
  4. 4. 3-D Content Mapping!
  5. 5. Top Content Challenges! 0# 1%# 7%# 12%# 42%# Engaging  content   Enough  content   18%# Budget     Lack  of  exec  buy-­‐in   Content  variety   License  budget   20%# B2B Content Marketing: 2012 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends Profs/Content Marketing Institute #
  6. 6. Identified Content Challenges!•  56% of B2B marketers cite "time and bandwidth" as their biggest challenge to creating content, and 53% cite producing truly engaging content.#•  94% of B2B marketers create new content from scratch, 39% curate third- party content, 32% reuse existing content, and just 30% encourage user- generated content.#•  Top performance metrics for content marketers include Web traffic (64%), content views and downloads (59%), lead quantity (52%), and lead quality (52%).#•  Only 26% of B2B marketers are actively creating content to feed their marketing automation campaign; 56% do not use marketing automation at all.#
  7. 7. Defining 3-D Content!3 Main Components:# 1 Mapping  to  pain  point   2 Mapping appropriate content 3 Mapping to buy cycle
  8. 8. Pain Points Uncovered!•  Develop personas#•  Key Questions# Who What Why
  9. 9. Completed Buyer Persona! “I  have  3  concerns  when  I  sit  down  at  my  desk:  ‘what’s  our  cash  flow?’   ‘what  is  revenue/customer?’  and  ‘how  efficient  is  our  plant  running?’”     Brad  the  CFO   Age:  45       Educa4on:  Bachelor’s  (Finance)  with  most  likely  an  MBA   About Brad Goals Words-phrases that Objections resonate •  Reports to CEO •  Efficiency •  Cost too much •  Has financial responsibility for firm •  Less expenses •  ROI •  Burdensome •  Spends too much time on •  Proven ROI •  Proven implementation •  Better financial •  Financially stable compliance/risk mitigation/SOX ratios •  Integrated •  Must see fast ROI CFO Message Influencers Proof Points •  “Our plant solutions can bring •  Peers •  Avg.20% immediate ROI through reduced •  Case studies with decrease in inventory.” ROI inventory •  Current clients •  30% less waste •  “We enhance compliance through •  Analyst firms advanced reporting.”
  10. 10. Top Persona-Building Methods! Persona-­‐building  methods   Mining in-house database# 43%# Customer/prospect survey# 47%# Sales interviews# 56%#Customer/prospect interviews# 64%# 0%# 10%# 20%# 30%# 40%# 50%# 60%# 70%#
  11. 11. Pain Points Uncovered!Research comes from anywhere!•  Sales feedback#•  Industry publications / reports#  
  12. 12. Pain Points Uncovered!If you can’t find it, create your own! •  Conduct industry surveys# •  Survey your database#  
  13. 13. Buy Cycle Integrated! Now that we know who they are, it’s time to determine
 where they are in the buy cycle:!   Awareness: Window shopping. Discovery: Browsing. Validation: Comparing.
  14. 14. Call-to-Action / Content!To be effective, content must be:! •  Relevant# •  Varied# •  Personal# Emails with a mix of Product comparisons, •  Fresh# industry and product info info, offers Industry white papers, Case studies, Post-sales communication, educational material other validation info user newsletter
  15. 15. Why Variety Is Critical! Content type utilized during business search! Podcast# Presentation# Infographic# Video# E-book# Blog post# Case study# Webinar# White paper# 0%# 20%# 40%# 60%# 80%# 100%# Source: DemandGen Report, Content Preference Survey#
  16. 16. Reuse!
  17. 17. Reuse!Start with a white paper, run a podcast, create a video!
  18. 18. Reuse!Partner with an analyst, run a webinar, highlight in a collateral piece!
  19. 19. Curate (Borrow)!Content Curation - is a term that describes the act of finding, grouping,organizing or sharing the best and most relevant content on a
specific issue. # # 
 # # – Courtesy of Rohit Bhargava, Influential Marketing blog!!Five Curation Models:#1.  Aggregation – “Top five tips for success”#2.  Distillation – shorten and simplify#3.  Elevation – spot trends from other material#4.  Mashup – pulling together items to create new POV#5.  Chronology – Pulling together timeline to show trends#
  20. 20. Curation Tips!•  Know your market (have we said that before?)#•  Always be searching#•  Look for the unusual#•  Don’t forget to attribute #•  Commercial tools are available (Curata)#•  Don’t overlook Google alerts, RSS feeds, LinkedIn discussions, etc.#
  21. 21. Curation Tips!•  Know your market (have we said that before?)#•  Always be searching#•  Look for the unusual#•  Don’t forget to attribute #•  Commercial tools are available (Curata)#•  Don’t overlook Google alerts, RSS feeds, LinkedIn discussions, etc.#
  22. 22. Put It All Into Action!Well-mapped content can feed highly effective drip marketing programs! Industry Industry Industry Industry IndustryAwareness White Paper Response Webinar Response White Paper Response Webinar Response Podcast Response N N N N Y Y Y Y Technical Product TechnicalDiscovery Response Response Response Return to Pool White Paper Case Study White Paper N N N Y Y Y Vendor Product ProductValidation Video Response Datasheet Response Case Study Response N N N Y Y Y Offer/ Sales
  23. 23. Prospect Drip Program! 10%   Response   Rate   20-­‐30%   Response   Rate   40+%   Response   Rate  
  24. 24. Where To Start! 1 Hope is not a strategy – build a plan 2 Enlist all sources 3 Be realistic with budgets and timelines 4 Test, test, test – and then test again
  25. 25. Questions!
  26. 26. Contact Info! Micky Long ! Vice President & Practice Director - Lead Nurturing
 Arketi Group   @mlong1   # # # # #Pardot™, An ExactTarget® Company
950 East Paces Ferry Road, Suite 300, Atlanta, Georgia 30326#  404.492.6845 | 877.3B2B.ROI |!