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Pardot Elevate 2011: Building a Marketing Function from the Ground Up


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When you are no longer limited by technology, how far can you take your marketing efforts? Epicom’s Marketing Manager, Amanda Anderson, will discuss how she and her team built a marketing function from the ground up using Pardot. Learn how Amanda utilized newsletters, email campaigns, public relations, and nurture programs integrated with Epicom’s in-house CRM system to generate more leads and increase business from current customers. See how integrating Pardot’s tracking tools with Epicom’s new website generated more quality leads and streamlined lead distribution.

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Pardot Elevate 2011: Building a Marketing Function from the Ground Up

  1. 1. Building a Marketing Function with Pardot Our 17 Month Journey to Success Amanda Anderson Marketing Manager Epicom Corporation
  2. 2. From Zero to… Started to build content in June 14 employees5 employees 2010 and was actively using more thanNo marketing Pardot by August doubled revenue 2010
  3. 3. What’s missing?
  4. 4. What’s missing?
  5. 5. Know Your Audience
  6. 6. Content is KingBlog Video Newsletters Public Events Website, Products, & Relations & Case Studies Webcasts
  7. 7. Blog… why have just one.
  8. 8. Videos
  9. 9. Videos
  10. 10. The Under Appreciated Newsletter
  11. 11. Public Relations• Pitching Stories and repurposing content
  12. 12. Events & Webcasts
  13. 13. Integrate Pardot with our Website
  14. 14. Products
  15. 15. Nurture Program
  16. 16. Inform Sales of Process• DEMO to Sales Team• Meaning of Notifications• Define Nurture Program (when to set to nurture status)• Campaigns• Custom Redirects
  17. 17. Round Robin in PardotWebForm SalesPardot SugarCRM Follow UpOutsideSources
  18. 18. Results 25 active 51 activecustomers in to customers in May 2010 October 2011
  19. 19. Results Doubled2009 Annual 2010 Revenue
  20. 20. Results Web trafficJune 2010 June 2011 doubled
  21. 21. Results Website leadsJune 2010 increased June 2011 63%
  22. 22. Results Links to our websiteJune 2010 Today increased 2,400%
  23. 23. Results 460% increase in opportunitiesJune 2009 June 2011 created from existing customers
  24. 24. Think Big, Do Great Amanda Anderson Marketing Manager Epicom Corporation (512) 782-0007