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Pardot Customer Success: Creating Agile Lead Management with Pronq, an HP Company


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Pardot Customer Success: Creating Agile Lead Management with Pronq, an HP Company

  1. 1. Pardot Customer Success: Creating Agile Lead Management with Pronq, an HP Company Kayton Bhatia Lindsay Gillies Director of Strategy & Planning Program Manager, HP Software IT Pronq by HP
  2. 2. Kayton Bhatia Director of Strategy, Pronq by HP
  3. 3. What is Pronq? • An experiment/incubation inside HP Software • Quick time to market, Easy BUY & TRY, Unified agile approach to cloud offerings – Modern look and feel, appealing to targeted persona- technologists and opinion leaders – Attractive, intuitive marketing content with immediate CTAs and value generation – Personalized end-to-end customer experience via MyAccount – Web events captured in Pardot, including product registration driven lead generation. – Seamless try option for SaaS and On-premise software – Quick specialist sales follow-up to lower any technical roadblocks – Sales/CRM in Salesforce ensures best of breed sales automation – Best of breed third party tools- example third-party credit card processing (quick integration time-to-market) – Co-located team with broad Silicon Valley roots and Global Infrastructure and support
  4. 4. Pronq marketing automation challenge No Yes Yes Web Link No Pronq Pardot Marketing tool Pan HP ESP Instance Vertica SW licensing SAP ERP AutoPass licensing Other systems If FOD If Vertic a Manual work v Multiple Salesforce systems q Pardot reports drive manual lead drops to multiple Salesforces q Manual approach also bypasses integration to non-Pronq licensing, ERP and other end-to-end systems Marketing Automation A Manual Marketing Automation B
  5. 5. Rapid time-to-market via manual high-touch lead creation • Couldn’t automate quickly to three SFDCs given massive pan-HP systems context • Expert off-shore support manages lead flow between Pardot and SFDCs • Drop new leads • Create campaigns in systems for record • Manage assignment • Produce regular data for metrics input • Produce ad-hoc reporting as needed Pardot Vertica Salesforce ESP Salesforce Lead flow Report by product Manual lead drop, setting campaign and assignment Pan-HP Salesforce Marketing Manual Marketing Automation A Automation B
  6. 6. Front-loaded selling via Technical Enablement Managers • Trial/Buy model needs up-front technical support • TEMs – are sales reps with extensive product knowledge – Serve as account managers passionate about the customer success story – help customers overcome technical barriers – qualify sales – sell small via Pronq using credit cards/paypal/POs – pass larger tickets to product inside sales – are not commissioned---operate synergistically with inside sales • TEMs provide valuable feedback to product managers on ease-of-use and features
  7. 7. Lindsay Gillies Program Manager, HP Software IT
  8. 8. Pronq marketing automation challenge If No Vertica If FOD Yes Pan HP ESP Instance Manual Yes No Web Link Marketing tool Manual work Pronq Pardot Vertica Marketing Automation A Marketing Automation B SW licensing SAP ERP AutoPass licensing Other systems
  9. 9. Technical solution • Two marketing automation systems integrated into one Salesforce • Pardot connector used • Added trigger logic in Salesforce to tightly funnel changes • Broad bi-sync capability of connector required Pardot / Salesforce semaphore to prevent side-effects • Developed by Vamshi Kodithyala, HP Salesforce Center of Excellence Pronq Pardot ESP Salesforce MA1 MA1 load logic for Salesforce (in MA1) Pardot connector Apex triggers implement Pronq lead prioritization, assignment & field contents Flag enables changes to Salesforce Reverse sync to Pardot (no flag) Connector flow (flag)