Introducing the 2013 Email Design Lookbook


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With some help from our clients, we've put together the Email Design Lookbook to showcase successful email templates and template design best practices.

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Introducing the 2013 Email Design Lookbook

  1. 1. Email templates can be tricky...If you’ve ever struggled with template design,check out the email templates on the next fewslides, all of which have been provided byPardot clients, and be sure to download thefull Email Design Lookbook for even moreemail templates and best practice tips.
  2. 2. WISTIABest Practices Tip: Includingvideos in emails can increaseengagement and click-throughrates while decreasing subscriberopt-outs. Take a few notes fromWistia and include a nicescreenshot that links out to yourvideo’s location (keep in mind thatactually embedding the video in theemail can often decrease yourdeliverability rates).
  3. 3. AUDAXIUMBest Practices Tip: Wheneverpossible, show off your brand’spersonality and culture throughyour emails. Your readers wantto see something that looks likeit came from a human, not atextbook. Take a few notes fromAudaxium and don’t be afraid tomake a few jokes every nowand then! Readers willappreciate your candid sense ofhumor and your willingness toconnect with them on a morepersonal level.
  4. 4. CARESTREAMDENTALBest Practices Tip: If your emailcontent doesn’t lend itself well tobullets, break copy up into smallerparagraphs. Better yet, separate themwith headings so that readers can scanfor the sections that are most relevantto them. This will make your emails farless intimidating once they’ve beenopened, which will encourage clicksand increase engagement.
  5. 5. TWILIOBest Practices Tip: If you havegraphics that can convey the sameinformation as text, use them! Visualshave been known to increaseengagement levels, and are easier forreaders to scan than straight textcontent. If you do choose to usevisuals, make sure that you don’tsacrifice the clean lines andorganization of your email. Rememberto keep your content as uncluttered aspossible.
  6. 6. CLOUDSHERPASBest Practices Tip: Use colors todraw your readers’ eyes and pullthem further into the email, likeCloud Sherpas does with theirheader image and calls to action.You want your email to stand outfrom the rest of the black and whiteemails landing in your readers’inboxes.
  7. 7. VISUALLYBest Practices Tip: Make sure yourcall to action is featured at the top ofyour email, like Visually has done byplacing their call to action in a pink bar.Many people don’t bother scrolling allthe way to the bottom of their emails,so calls to action placed at the end ofan email could end up beingoverlooked (it’s also smart to distributeyour call to action throughout youremail).
  8. 8. ZEROCHAOSBest Practices Tip: Create a sidebarin your email if you have importantinformation that you’d like to set apart.Think of it like this: if your readers onlyread one part of your email, whichsection would you want them to read?This is the type of information thatwould be great to display separatelyfor readers who love to scan.
  9. 9. JAVELINBest Practices Tip: Keep emailssimple so that the actions requiredby your prospects or customers arealways obvious. In today’s day andage, your readers are often justgoing to be skimming your emailsfor important, relevant points. Callsto action need to stand out andshould be emphasized by eithercolor, placement, size, or a border.
  10. 10. Download the full EmailDesign Lookbook foreven more exampletemplates and bestpractices tips.Get the Free Lookbook
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