Accelerate	  Lead	  Conversion:	  The	  Combined	  Power	  of	  Webinars	  Plus	  Marke7ng	  Automa7on	                   ...
Who	  I	  am…Hi	  §  Demand	  Genera5on	  Manager	      –    Oversee	  outbound	  marke7ng	  campaigns	      –    Manage	...
Why	  Webinars?	  §  Webinar	  leads	  are	  some	  of	  the	  highest	  quality	  leads	       –  High	  bar	  of	  comm...
Why	  Webinars?	                                          • Lead	  hand-­‐off	  	                                          ...
Timeline,	  Promo7ons,	  Follow-­‐up…oh	  my!	    Task	                                                                   ...
Timeline,	  Promo7ons,	  Follow-­‐up…oh	  my!	                                                         6
Precise	  Funnel	  Targe7ng	                                      7
Why	  Integra7on?	        Power	          of	        Enterprise	     Flexibility	  	       Marke7ng	      Quality	        ...
Before	  Integra7on:	  Disconnected	  Systems	       Set	  Up	  Webinar	  in	              ReadyTalk	  	               Sen...
AXer	  Integra7on:	  Streamlined	  Process	      Set	  Up	  Webinar	  in	             ReadyTalk	                  Send	  I...
Integrated	  Webinars	  =	  Less	  Manual	  Work	                                             ü  Where	  are	  invites	  ...
Why	  Integra7on?	  Prospect	  Experience	                                                 12
Why	  Integra7on:	  Faster	  Sales	  Follow-­‐Up	  	                                                             13
Why	  Integra7on:	  Faster	  Sales	  Follow-­‐Up	  	                                                             14
In	  More	  Detail 	  	  Invite	                Registra7on	  Page	                                          Email	       ...
In	  More	  Detail 	  	                                  Nurture	       Department	         Industry	                     ...
Ex:	  SFDC	  Summer	  Campaign	  2012	                                                                   Sales	  Template	...
In	  More	  Detail:	  Less	  Manual	  Work	                                                        18
Integra7on	  =	  BeKer	  Webinar	  Programs 	  	                         Webinar	                        Registra7on      ...
Key	  Takeaways	  	   ü       Eliminate	  tedious	  data	  manipula7on	  work	   ü                                 Strea...
Ques7ons?	  Stop	  by	  our	  booth!	  	        Simone	  Nabers	        Demand	  Genera7on	  Manager	        Simone.nabers...
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Pardot Elevate 2012 - Accelerate Lead Conversion: The Combined Power of Webinars Plus Marketing Automation


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Technology has created an array of available tools to move prospects through the funnel faster, but few make the process more timely and efficient than webinar programs seamlessly integrated into your marketing automation platform. In these slides, Simone Nabers, Demand Generation Manger from ReadyTalk, explores ReadyTalk's integration and success with webinars.

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Pardot Elevate 2012 - Accelerate Lead Conversion: The Combined Power of Webinars Plus Marketing Automation

  1. 1. Accelerate  Lead  Conversion:  The  Combined  Power  of  Webinars  Plus  Marke7ng  Automa7on   1
  2. 2. Who  I  am…Hi  §  Demand  Genera5on  Manager   –  Oversee  outbound  marke7ng  campaigns   –  Manage  monthly  webinar  series   –  Implement  new  lead  gen  &  nurturing  programs,  work  closely  with  sales   –  Email  /  landing  page  messaging   –  Social  media  implementa7on   –  Marke7ng  automa7on   –  Cartwheel  Fridays   2
  3. 3. Why  Webinars?  §  Webinar  leads  are  some  of  the  highest  quality  leads   –  High  bar  of  commiKal   –  Series  help  move  prospects  through  buying  cycle  §  Segment  &  qualify   Marke§  Measure  engagement   5ngShe rpa  20 Prac5c 11  B es  Han 2B  Advance dbook d     92%  of  re said  we spondents   bin great  a ars  were  a   n means   d  effec5ve   of  gene leads  fo ra5ng   r  their   organiz a5on.   3
  4. 4. Why  Webinars?   • Lead  hand-­‐off     • System  integra7on   • Lead  follow  up   Process   • Hand  raiser  process   • Lead  scoring   • Sales  Enablement   • Speaker   • Assets   Webinar   Content   • Abstract   • Title   • Train  speakers   • Dry  Run   Technology   • Prac7ce  Sessions   • Interac7vity  tools   4
  5. 5. Timeline,  Promo7ons,  Follow-­‐up…oh  my!   Task   Timing   Develop  event  plan   6  to  8  weeks  prior   Finalize  event  topic,  7tle,  abstract  and  speakers   6  weeks  prior   Setup  registra7on  and  begin  promo7on   4  to  6  weeks  prior   Send  email  invite   2  weeks  prior   DraX  of  slide  presenta7on   2  weeks  prior   Full  rehearsal  and  event  dry-­‐run   1  week  prior   Final  version  of  slide  presenta7on   2  to  3  days  prior   Send  reminder  email  #1   24  hours  prior   Send  reminder  email  #2   2  to  3  hours  prior   Pre-­‐conference  with  moderator  and  speakers   30  minutes  prior   Edit  recording  (if  needed)   Within  24  hours  aXer   Send  follow-­‐up  emails  and  begin  sales  outreach   Within  24  hours  aXer   Promote  on-­‐demand  recording   Ongoing   5
  6. 6. Timeline,  Promo7ons,  Follow-­‐up…oh  my!   6
  7. 7. Precise  Funnel  Targe7ng   7
  8. 8. Why  Integra7on?   Power   of   Enterprise   Flexibility     Marke7ng   Quality   to  Fit   Automa7on   8
  9. 9. Before  Integra7on:  Disconnected  Systems   Set  Up  Webinar  in   ReadyTalk     Send  Invita7ons   Take  Registra7ons   through  marke7ng   (Register  at  Time  of   through  MA   automa7on   Mee7ng)     Upload  ReadyTalk   AKendee  Completes   Send  Confirma7on   AKendance  Data  into   ReadyTalk   and  Reminder  Emails   MA   Registra7on  Form  to   through  MA   (Manual  Process)   Join  Mee7ng   (Generic  URL)   Send  Follow-­‐Up   Emails  and  Drive   Workflows  through   MA   9
  10. 10. AXer  Integra7on:  Streamlined  Process   Set  Up  Webinar  in   ReadyTalk   Send  Invita7ons   Take  Registra7ons   through  MA   through  MA   (Pre-­‐Registra7on)   Receive  Back  Unique   Send  Confirma7on   Pass  Registra7on   Joining  URL  from   and  Reminder  Emails   Data  to  ReadyTalk   ReadyTalk   through  MA   (Cloud  Connector)   (Cloud  Connector)   Receive  Back   Send  Follow-­‐Up   AKendance  Data   Emails  and  Drive   from  ReadyTalk     Workflows  through   (Cloud  Connector)   MA   10
  11. 11. Integrated  Webinars  =  Less  Manual  Work   ü  Where  are  invites   coming  from?     ü  Where  are  you   accep7ng  registra7on   from?     ü  Where  are  reminders   and  post  event  emails   coming  from?     ü  How  are  you  rou7ng  to   the  sales  team?   11
  12. 12. Why  Integra7on?  Prospect  Experience   12
  13. 13. Why  Integra7on:  Faster  Sales  Follow-­‐Up     13
  14. 14. Why  Integra7on:  Faster  Sales  Follow-­‐Up     14
  15. 15. In  More  Detail    Invite   Registra7on  Page   Email   Post  Event  Page   15
  16. 16. In  More  Detail     Nurture   Department   Industry   SFDC   Sync  to   CRM   SFDC   Campaign   ID   Post  Event   Survey   Further  Info   Follow  Up   16
  17. 17. Ex:  SFDC  Summer  Campaign  2012   Sales  Template   Sales  Call   &  Call   Reminder   Email   Invite  to  webinar   about  the  All  SFDC  Users   template,   webinar,   Marke7ng  &   include  discount   encourage  to   SFDC   DREAMFORCE   Sales  7tles   Release:   aKend   CTA:Demo   code   Webinar   2012   SFDC  Update   June   July   July   July   Aug     Aug   Sept   Sept   Sept   Sept   Oct  Sept   25th   2nd   17st   19th   17th   29th   10/11   12th   13th   18th   3rd  18th   Sales  Template   Email   Email  &   Email   Email  &   &  Call   CTA:Demo   Telemarke5ng   Invite  to  SFDC   Telemarke5ng   Call  on  new   Asset:  Overdrive   CTA:  Follow  up   Webinar  (sidebar   Dreamforce   release   Case  Study   to  webinar,   Dreamforce   Follow-­‐up   CTA:Demo   (sidebar   invite  to   invite  w/   CTA:  Demo?   Dreamforce   Dreamforce   discount  code   Extended  Trial?     invite  w/   Asset:  Top  10     (resend  9/10)     discount  code)     17
  18. 18. In  More  Detail:  Less  Manual  Work   18
  19. 19. Integra7on  =  BeKer  Webinar  Programs     Webinar   Registra7on Datasheet   2nd  Blog   Download   Visit     2nd   Pricing   Product   Blog  Visit   Page   Page  Visit   Buy   Webinar   Product   AKendance   Page   compe7tor   L   Day  1     1st  Week     2nd  Week   19
  20. 20. Key  Takeaways     ü  Eliminate  tedious  data  manipula7on  work   ü  Streamline  the  par7cipant  experience  with                            consistent    branding  and  ease  of  entry   ü    Accelerate  sales  conversion  with  faster  hand-­‐off,                          more  accurate  data  and  more  relevant  touches   20
  21. 21. Ques7ons?  Stop  by  our  booth!     Simone  Nabers   Demand  Genera7on  Manager       @RTWebSem       hKp://­‐genera7on-­‐2     21