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technology assessment tools


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Published in: Technology, Design
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technology assessment tools

  1. 1. Technology Tools Assessment By: April Pardilla ED271 Dr. Jacqui Cyrus
  2. 2. Moodle is a very useful tool for both students and teachers. It provides special features that allow students and teachers to communicate and keep track of assignments, attendance, and grades. Moodle also provides a chat room that allows everyone in class to converse online regarding homework's and projects. Moodle makes it easy to access for students to find out what and when assignments are due. Rate: 4/5
  3. 3. Google has always been my go to search engine. Personally I don’t use any other search engines. Google provides easy to use applications, for instance I learned from taking this class the use of the wonder wheel. The wonder wheel breaks down your main topic in a wed like form that branch out related subjects to your main topic, making it easier and convenient to search. It is awesome! Rate: 5/5
  4. 4. Firefox is a free web browser that is easy, fast, and simple. Firefox is free to install that provides full speed and security for web browsing. Firefox offers special features that allows you to customize your web browser to your personal style.  Rate: 5/5
  5. 5. Prezi is a unique tool to utilize if you want something beyond PowerPoint. Prezi is free to install for the basic features but costly if you want more excitement to your presentation . I find Prezi to be fancy and dramatic that presents a lot of creative features you don’t see on PowerPoint. However, it is very confusing and difficult to navigate around. Prezi can be very time consuming if you don’t use it often. Rate: 3/5
  6. 6. Slideshare is a new and unique tool that I’ve learned from this course. Since I am a PowerPoint fan, I am able to present my slides differently. Its quick and trouble-free, simply upload your PowerPoint slides onto your slideshare account and share it with your fellow peers and teachers. I highly recommend everyone to try it out! Rate: 5/5
  7. 7. Boxnet is another practical tool that I’ve learned in this course. Boxnet is user friendly. With Boxnet you are able to share, manage, and access all documents online. It is an easy way to organize documents whether it is small or large into folders with easy access. Rate: 4/5
  8. 8. Picnik is personally one of my favorite tools for editing photos. I love playing and editing photos for fun and with this newly learned site I am able to try the many features Picnik has to offer. It is a easy, quick, and fun way to edit photos. I recommend everyone to give it a try!  Rate: 4/5
  9. 9. Delicious is a tool that I find to be very useful for everyone. It is user friendly and not difficult to navigate around. Delicious provides users to organize important sites that may be useful for future references. With just a copy and paste of the URL, delicious makes it effortless to save countless significant websites. Rate: 5/5