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Vol. 01 Iss. 02

  1. 1. THE UNITY OF INDIA www.theunityofindia.blogspot.inVol.1 Iss.2 Mumbai, Sunday, August19th to 25 th, 2012 Pages :8 Price 5.00 Reg. No. MAHENG13211/13/1/2012-TC GOPAL KANDA SURRENDERS, PRODUCED IN DELHI COURT rendered before police in the early hours on already been arrested and is in judicial custody in Saturday and was arrested in connection with the connection with the suicide of 23-year-old air suicide of his former employee Geetika hostess Geetika Sharma, who allegedly took her Sharma.Kanda, who was absconding for the past life on August 5 at her Ashok Vihar residence. 10 days after police served him a notice to appear In her suicide note, Geetika had alleged that before them to join investigations, surfaced at Kanda and Chaddha were harassing her to rejoin Bharat Nagar Police Station at 4am. the former ministers firm after she left the job. Before entering the police station, he told Reacting to Kandas surrender, Geetikas brother reporters that he was joining investigations as Ankit said, "This is a planned and well thought out directed by the Delhi Police."Kanda has surren- entry. Now my only fear is that the investigations dered and we have arrested him," P will be impartial of not. 12 days is enough to Karunakaran, Deputy Commissioner of Police destroy evidence. Whatever power Kanda could (North-West) said.Delhi Police had conducted have used to tamper with evidence he has. TheN EW DELHI: Former Haryana minister over 60 searches and raids in Haryana, Goa and investigation should be transparent.""I want his Gopal Goyal Kanda, key accused in the Siliguri in West Bengal, besides questioning interrogation to be done before camera and a Geetika Sharma suicide case, was pro- around 30 people in connection with the case. His retired judge so that he does not change hisduced before a Delhi court today.The Delhi cops brother Govind Kanda was also arrested on statement," he said.Ankit said Geetikashave sought 14-day police custody of Gopal Friday for allegedly helping Kanda evade police. Facebook account has been deactivated andKanda.After being on the run for 10 days, contro- Kandas employee, Aruna Chaddha, a senior alleged that Kanda was behind it."I have informedversial former Haryana minister Gopal Kanda sur- functionary with now defunct MDLR airlines, has the DCP about it.FIVE COPS INJURED AS SUV BMC TO GO FOR CLOUDHITS POLICE VAN IN POWAI SEEDING NEXT MONTHM M umbai - Five policemen were injured on Saturday after a stationary umbai -The Brihanmumbai police van was hit by a speeding SUV in suburban Powai.While two Municipal Corporation (BMC) constables were administered first-aid on the spot, their colleagues has decided to go ahead withwere taken to a private hospital from the civic-run Rajawadi hospital, police the seeding of clouds in the catch-said.The driver of the SUV was identified as Sagar Gaikwad, 27. His blood ment areas of Bhatsa and Vaitarnasamples were sent to laboratory to check if he was under the influence of lakes in September. It also extendedalcohol, police said.Assistant Police Sub Inspector Kalyan Mandalik, 55, the 10% water cut further tillConstables Sridhar Sawakande, 45, BD Dhagde, 44, Tukaram Yadav, 44 September 15.“We have decided toand Sudhir Pandit, 45 were inspecting a site on the road where a mixture- go ahead with the cloud seeding intruck had overturned.While the policemen were getting into the van to September to increase the water lev-update the control room about the truck accident (in which there were no els in lakes. The seeding will be car-casualties), the Tata Sumo driven by Gaikwad rammed the van from ried for 12-15 days in September, onbehind.Mandalik and Sawakande were given first-aid for minor injuries, the basis of availability of clouds,” saidwhile the other three were shifted to a private hospital. municipal commissioner Sitaram Kunte.2003 triple-blast “While there are different methods of cloud seeding, we will do it by aircraft,”accused’s bail cancelled added Kunte, saying it will cost about Rs12 crore.In 2009, similar attemptsT he Bombay high court on Friday cancelled bail that had been granted by the civic body to seed clouds over to a 2003 triple blasts accused, observing that there was prima facie Tansa and Modak Sagar lakes had evidence.A division bench of justice Abhay Oka and justice Srihari failed miserably. “That attempt failedDavare, while cancelling accused Dr Wahid Abdul Shaikh’s bail, granted as we did not have the required scien- analyse the results of the cloud seed-him 12 weeks to surrender before the trial court.The decision was taken tific data. Now, we have consulted ing to know its results. “The data ofwhen the HC was hearing an appeal filed by the Maharashtra government with Mekorot, Indian Institute of actual rainfall occurring after the cloudthat challenged the bail Wahid had been granted by the special Prevention Tropical Meteorology and India mete- seeding will be obtained to analyse itsof Terrorism Act (POTA) court on February 15, 2011.Additional public pros- orological department for their techni- impact. Although we don’t have theecutor FR Shaikh argued that the police had recovered material used for cal expertise. So, we are hopeful of required machinery for it, we will takemaking bombs as well as some partially made bombs from Wahid’s clinic getting positive results,” the BMC chief help from IITM and other agencies,”in Saki Naka. said.The civic body also plans to explained Kunte.
  2. 2. 2 THE UNITY OF INDIA Sunday, August19th to 25 th, 2012 HEALTH- BEAUTYPEOPLE MORE CONCERNED ABOUT ‘LOOKINGGOOD’ THAN ‘INTELLIGENT’ M ost people care about looking good on social networks like Facebook than seeming intel- ligent, according to a new survey.A survey by an American multinational company looked at social media habits and found that looking as good as possible on Facebook profile pages is the main priority of 56 per cent people. More than half Britons admitted they want to be more like their social media personas than their real selves. Women carefully hand-pick flattering pictures of themselves to post, while men craft their person- alities around intelligence and courageous behaviour.Social media users from the Middle East and the rest of Europe were far more concerned about appearing intelligent when posting online. Sixty-one per cent of people from these regions said they wanted to seem intellectual when shar- ing content and views across social media, the survey said. The most common reason for indulging in such social lies was finding love or friendship, given by 51 per cent of women and 40 per cent of men. Impressing other people and covering up insecurities also rated highly as reasons, but nearly half (48 per cent) believe posts that are just too good to be true generally are, the survey by Intel found. Ninety-one per cent agreed that there are some topics which have no place on social websites. Eighty-five per cent also felt that people share information thats better left unsaid, while over 70 per cent have felt uncomfortable about friends posts about them. Care for coffee that DRINK milk, T races of a cousin of vitamin B3, found in milk, produces startling health benefits suchmakes you want to take as keeping you slim inspite of a fatty STAY slim diet and lazy lifestyle, a study says. off your clothes? The findings reveal that high doses of nicotinamide riboside (NR) a cousin of niacin prevent obesity in A mice that are fed a fatty diet, and also coffee- from powder, and is flavoured spiked with several increase muscle performance, improve energy expenditure and pre- beverage “stimulants.The vent diabetes development, all without side-effects.The Swissthat makes drinkers powder is called researchers, led by Johan Auwerx, from the Polytechnic School infeel dizzy, hot and ‘coffee powder’ for Lausanne, performed the mouse experiments, while the ability to giveeventually forces its the animals sufficient doses of NR was made possible by Weill Cornellthem to Medical College researchers, who played key roles in uncovering the biological story of NR, the journal Cell Metabolism reported."This study is very important. It shows that in animals, the use of NR offers the health benefits of a low-calorie diet and exercise without doing either," said Anthony Sauve, associate professor of phar- macology at Weill Cornell Medical College. Sauve is the pharmacologist and organic chemist who has invented a simple method for efficiently synthesizing NR on a large scale. He was first to show that NR increases nicotinamide ade- nine dinucleotide (NAD) levels in mammalian cells, accord- ing to a university statement. NAD is a central player in energy metabolism. Sauve has pioneered research into the compound, and he is a leader intake similarity investigating how NAD can signal adaptation in cells and in off in smell, had also physiology.their clothes is mak- been marketed ining its rounds in aiwan. "The research also suggests that the effects of NR couldnightclubs in ong Each 100gm of be even broader," Sauve says. "The bottom line is that NRong.According to the sachet was report- improves the function of mitochondria, the cells energydaily Nanyang Siang edly sold for factories. Mitochondrial decline is the hallmark of manyPau, several girls between HK 3,000 diseases associated with aging, such as cancer and neu-had fallen victim to dollars and HK4, rodegeneration, and NR supplementation boosts mito-the drink, which 000 dollars although chondrial functioning."The Swiss researchers call NR acame from mainland some unscrupulous "hidden vitamin" that is believed to also be present inChina, the Star dealers repacked many other foods, although levels are low and difficult toOnline reported.The these into smaller measure. Nevertheless, the effects of NR on metabolismbeverage is made packets. "are nothing short of astonishing."
  3. 3. 3 THE UNITY OF INDIA Sunday, August19th to 25 th, 2012 BUSINESSPROBLEMS WILL BE RESOLVED ONCE Maruti faces backlashINVESTMENT IS REVIVED: FM over sackings N EW DELHI: Finance minister P N Chidambaram on Saturday said most EW DELHI: of the countrys economic problems Troubles refuse will be solved once investment is to end for Maruti revived."Reviving investments is a key chal- Suzuki as a backlash lenge for us. (Investor) sentiment is not the appears to be brewing only issue...sentiment will change with against its decision to other issues...once we get the investment sack a third of the engine started, I think many of our problems worker force at the can get resolved," Chidambaram said after embattled Manesar meeting chiefs of public sector banks. plant. The union of the The finance minister reviewed the perform- companys Gurgaon ance of public sector banks (PSBs) in the plant as well as central wake of the slowdown and concerns over trade unions like rising bad loans. Mazdoor Sabha (HMS) step should be AITUC, CITU and Hind have opposed the revoked. "They shouldSBI launches online fee deposition sackings and sought take back all the work- reinstatement of work- ers and stop arresting ers. Marutis Gurgaon them. The way they arefacility for IITians trade union leaders acting, it seems that a joined central trade majority of the work- unions in a protest force at Manesar hasK ANPUR: A new fees collection module march against the been made guilty even named as SBI I-Collect was launched by move and demanded when investigations the State Bank of India, IIT-Kanpur branch revocation of the deci- have not been com-on Friday. It was jointly inaugurated by IIT-K act- sion, which was pleted. We will opposeing director SC Srivastava and chief general announced by compa- it," Jhangu said.manager, SBI, Lucknow K Ramachandran. ny chairman R C However, he did not SBI IIT-K branch manager Virendra Singh said Bhargava on Thursday. specify whether hethat the Bank has provided the facility of front Most of the union lead- would give a strike callend data uploading to the institute so that the ers contacted by TOI at the Gurgaon plantdatabase of the students can be uploaded in condemned the deci- over the manage-Internet banking. When any student goes to pay sion. Kuldeep Jhangu, ments decision. All-his/her fees online through SBI internet banking, the general secretary India Trade Unionhe/she has to simply key-in the validation figure of Maruti Udyog Congress (AITUC),i.e. his/her roll number, after which the utility Kamgar Union which is active in thewould pick up all the other details from the data- (MUKU), termed the Gurgaon-Manesar belt,base uploaded by IIT. managements deci- said the industrial This will enable real-time reconciliation of the pipeline. The students will be free from the sion to fire 500 of the atmosphere in thefunds. At any point of time, IIT would know about tension of standing in queues for depositing the 1,500-odd permanent region will worsen if thethe status of fees received from students. The fees. Now, they can deposit the fees online, 24X7 workers at Manesar as decision is notfunds would no longer be unreconciled or be in sitting anywhere. "wrong" and said the reversed.SPANISH BANKS BAD-LOANS Sensex edges higher; ITCRATIO HITS NEW RECORD gains, Reliance Power dropsM M ADRID: The ratio of non- of the banks bad loans rose in June UMBAI: The BSE sensex rose slightly on performing to 164.36 billion euros ($202.2 bil- Friday as stocks such as ITC recovered loans to total lion), compared to a total loan port- from the prior days falls, although poweroutstanding loans folio of 1.74 trillion euros ($2.14 utility stocks dropped after the CAG found irregu-held by Spanish trillion). The bad-debt ratio larities in the governments coal allocation andbanks has climbed uninter- usage. ITC rose 1.7 percent recovering from itsrisen to a r u p t e d l y 3.5 percent fall in the previous session. Reliancerecord 9.42 per between June Power fell more than 5.8 percent on Friday aftercent, topping the 2011 and June the countrys federal auditor said the companyprevious mark of 9.15 per cent 2012, increasing unduly benefited from a government decisionset in February 1994. by 273 basis points over that 12- allowing the power producer to use surplus coalAccording to data published Friday month period from 6.69 per cent to from its captive block for another project it was notby the Bank of Spain, the total value 9.42 per cent. meant for.‘Reliance Power Ltd NEW DELHI: The governments decision to allow Reliance Power Ltd to divert surplus coal from cap- tive mines of its Sasan power project to another group plant will lead to a windfall gain of Rs 29,000will get Rs 29,000 crore over 20 years to the Anil Ambani group firm, the government auditor has said. The Comptroller and Auditor Generals report on Ultra Mega Power Projects Under Special Purpose Vehicles tabled in Parliament on Friday has held the UPA-ruled Centre and the BJP-led Madhya Pradesh governmentcrore windfall from equally responsible for extending this largesse. "The permission to use surplus coal in other projects of the bidder after award of the contract, based on acceptance of the lowest tariff, vitiated the sanctitycoal diversion’ of the bidding process which would result in post-bid concessions to the developer having significant financial implication," the report said.
  4. 4. 4 THE UNITY OF INDIA Sunday, August19th to 25 th, 2012 SPORTS CHELSEA ALL SET TO OVERCOME The Manchester LAST SEASON’S BIG PREMIER Premier League! London: As Olympic memories start to fade, LEAGUE FLOP: MIKEL Britain’s sporting focus looks set to move from London to Manchester Midfielder John Obi Mikel said the this weekend as a new Champions League glory and FA Cup suc- Premier League season cess had only gone so far to ease the hurt of gets underway. a league collapse. For although the London The Blues finished way behind in the title clubs led by Champions race and Mikel wants revenge, a local daily League winner Chelsea reports. and Arsenal would like to He said the Londoners can be right in be in the footballing spot- there slugging it out with the best of them light, everything points to this time around. this season finishing like Mikel said: “We don’t want a repeat of the last — as a straight Manchester derby that. Top four is not our target – we want to between City and United.City had to wait until the win it. It hurts that it was such a big gap.” fourth minute of injury time on a nerve-shredding The 25-year-old midfielder, part of the final day of last season to win its first league title Chelsea side that won the title in 2009-2010, since 1968. However, more than a billion dollars added: “We want to win the Premier League poured into the club by its Abu Dhabi-based and challenge for every cup going. The fight- L ondon: Chelsea stars are all set to take owner Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed bin Sultan Al ing spirit is back in the team. If you are a Chelsea Nahyan had already marked it out as the team to revenge for last season’s big Premier player, it’s winning that matters.” League flop. beat since the previous August.‘Hurt’ VVS mulls over Titans duel forfuture, may walk away La Liga andAnother member of the Fab Four is lingering in WORLDthe twilight zone. VVS Laxman, Indian cricket’s perennial crisis man HEGEMONY who some- how the noose finds M around his adrid: Records promise to tumble again neck on a in the 2012-13 La Liga season as world six-monthly powerhouses Real Madrid and basis, is Barcelona resume their duel for supremacy, contemplat- threatening to cast Spains other 18 clubs even ing retire- further adrift. Jose Mourinhos Real had to smash goals last season, to better Ronaldos previous ment at the league points and goal-scoring tallies to end record of 40.Real are closing on Tottenham end of the arch-rivals Barcas three-year hold on La Liga Hotspurs Croatian playmaker Luka Modric toNew Zealand series. That Laxman is mulling over last May, driven to exceptional heights by their strengthen their midfield, otherwise their relative-his future is not a total surprise, especially after rivalry with one of the greatest club teams of all ly young squad has remained largelythe defeats in England and Australia led to talk of time. Barca have a change of face at the helm for unchanged.Barca, who host Real Sociedad onblooding youngsters, but reports suggest that, if the new campaign with the untested Tito Sunday (1900), have added explosive Spain fullhe retires, it will be the decision of a hurt man. Vilanova having big shoes to fill as Pep back Jordi Alba to their ranks for 14 million euros,Ashish RajePeople close to him have told Mirror Guardiolas replacement, but after four years as and are seeking another defensive reinforce-that Laxman has been disappointed by the criti- assistant he brings a strong thread of continuity ment before the end of the month.Vilanova willcism that he is blocking the path of younger play- with him."This duel of titans forces the clubs and need to nurture ageing stalwarts Carles Puyolers in the Test team, and has fast-forwarded his the players to become better," Mourinho, whose (34) and Xavi (32), while hoping David Villa hasretirement plans as a result of that. “A final deci- side start out at home to Valencia on Sunday, not lost any of his sharpness after recoveringsion will be taken about the exact details of my told Portuguese television this week. "The two from a broken leg which kept him sidelined for aplans by this evening,” Laxman was quoted as clubs are fighting for world football hegemony." large part of last season.The strength of Realsaying by The Hindu yesterday. “He is hurt that Spanish football is basking in glory after the and Barca, the worlds two richest clubs bysome former players have criticized him and national team completed an unprecedented tre- income according to Deloittes annual survey,repeatedly at that,” a source added. When con- ble by winning Euro 2012 in July, having also and the success of the Spanish internationaltacted, the Indian board was unaware of what it scooped the 2010 World Cup and Euro team, contrasts sharply with the parlous state ofdescribed as a “sudden development”.Only a 2008.Real and Barca supplied 11 of the 13 play- the rest of the La Liga.Last year, the players wentmonth ago, Laxman had been talking of his ers who featured in Spains 4-0 rout of Italy in last on strike to delay the start of La Liga over unpaiddesire to beat England and Australia when they months final in Kiev and with Portugals Cristiano wages and this seasons competition was almostcome visiting. The home series against England Ronaldo and Argentinas Lionel Messi added to put back because of a dispute with broadcastersis later this year, and India play Australia at the the equation, their firepower is increased further. over television rights which is still unresolved.start of 2013. “I want to look ahead. It’s very GOAL-SCORING DUEL TV REVENUESimportant that we start the season in a positive As with the club rivalry, the goal-scoring duel One of the key income streams that allows Realframe of mind because we have the same teams between Ronaldo and Messi appears to spur and Barca to continue to pull away from the restto whomwe lost badly, England and Australia, vis- of their rivals is their snaring of around half of the them to ever greater heights, and Argentineiting India this season,” he had said in an inter- World Player of the Year amassed 50 league 600 million euro.view. “I’m hoping we’ll make amends.”
  5. 5. 5 THE UNITY OF INDIA Sunday, August19th to 25 th, 2012 NEWSMUMBAI RTOS COLLECT RS 68 LAKH Five policemenFINES FROM OVERLOADING TRUCKS injured in roadMUMBAI: The Wadala andAndheri RTOs conducted a was no nexus between RTO team and the offenders mishap in Mumbai MUMBAI, Five policemen were injured todayseries of raids on overloading of (transporters). Also, it after theytrucks, trailers and tempos in helped us nab more drivers were hit by aMumbai during the past one for overloading goods." speeding carmonth and nabbed a whopping Sources said that across in suburban623 offenders who were fined Rs Maharashtra, the RTOs had Powai, police68 lakhs. nabbed at least 3,000While the Andheri RTO caught offenders for overloading said.The383 persons for overloading goods. At Andheri, the team mishap tookgoods and fined them Rs 38.54 from Nagpur RTO which place aroundlakhs, the Wadala RTO caught was camping here for a 4am when the240 offenders from whom Rs 30 month, not just booked cops werelakh was recovered. cases for overloading but investigating another accident case, and the SUVThe campaign against overload- also caught tourist buses for rammed into them, they said.The car driver hasing of goods was launched across 48 RTOs in the carrying illegal cargo. Nine bus drivers were been detained and the injured policemen werestate and it was done in an unbiased manner. apprehended in Kurla recently for illegally carry- rushed to a nearby Rajawadi Hospital, policeSaid transport commissioner V N More, "We had ing commercial cargo on the rooftop. In Mumbai, said.Police are now verifying whether the personswapped officials (inspectors) across the RTOs. it is the highest collection of fines for overloading behind the wheelFor example, the inspectors at Wadala RTOswere transferred to Aurangabad for a month while cases in a month, said assistant RTO Tanaji Chavan. The RTOs across the state conducted was under the IRCTC man heldthose from Aurangabad came here to conductchecks for Wadala RTO. This ensured that there checks on overloading of goods and have collect- ed at least Rs 3 crore in fines, sources added. influence of alco- hol or not. for 11 lakh fraud MUMBAI: An employee of the 42-YR-OLD WOMAN ON 4 acquitted of murdering boy Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) was arrested by the MRA Marg police after spending 10 years in jail DIALYSIS PULLS OFF station for siphoning off Rs 11 lakh MUMBAI: Ten years after four by submitting fake vouchers to the RARE PREGNANCY youths were arrested for kidnapping and accounts department.Sources said murdering a nine-year old Byculla stu- Satish Tamgadge has been sent to dent, it turns out that the body recov- police custody till Aug 21. MUMBAI: Dialysis and pregnancy rarely go hand in ered by the police might not have been Tamgadge, who was working as sen- hand, but Kurla resident Sharifa Sheikh has pulled off that of the missing boy. ior executive with the finance depart- the impossible by giving birth to her third child a fort- Arfan Sait, counsel for the accused, ment, had been committing the fraud night back."I thought I was putting on weight and pointed out to the Bombay high court for the one year. "His act of dishon- was shocked when the doctor told me that I was 24 earlier this month that while Dinesh esty came light recently during a ran- weeks pregnant, said the 42-year-old Sharifa, Patil, who went missing in November dom check carried out . Following who also has two daughters. What made it dif- 2001, was a nineyear-old , the dead the suspicion, an internal inquiry was ficult for her to accept the situation was the fact body found by the police was, as per the conducted which confirmed that the that she had tried to get pregnant right after the records, of a boy who was 14-15 years Tamgadge had indulged in dishonest birth of her second daughter who is now 12 of age. practice since the past one year." years old, but in vain. "Moreover, we have a 16- year-old daughter, said her 44-year-old husband,Mohammed Arif Sheikh, a driver who has been out of job for the last threemonths and had to borrow heavily for his accidental baby.The boy, born in Viira Cabs launch crusadeKohinoor Hospital, Kurla, on July 31, is in fact a medical marvel. "It isextremely rare for a woman on dialysis to get pregnant, said nephrologistAseem Thamba, who has been Sharifas doctor since she was detected with against rogue drivers at air-kidney failure in 2005. outraging modesty of the woman. This incident had prompted Viira Bad roads under liability Cabs management to launch a crusade against rogue drivers. Said Preeti Sharma Menon fromperiod to cost contractors jobs Viira Cabs, "There are two forms of touting at the domestic airport. The terminals prepaid counterMUMBAI: The pitiable condition of city does not print the taxi number onBrihanmumbai roads and the tactics the pre-paid receipt unlike theMunicipal Corporation used by contractors to international airport. As a result,(BMC) has decided to circumvent the MUMBAI: The Viira Cabs, a fleet when a customer walks out, toutscancel the contracts of rules.Standing commit- taxi operator run exclusively by choose the taxi and pocket a feecontractors who fail to tee chairman Rahul women, has launched a massive from the driver. Customers get heck-repair roads that are Shewale said, "We are crusade against the rogue drivers at led in the process and drivers whounder the defect liability taking this issue very the domestic airport. It has peti- refuse to pay the tout a fee wait forperiod (DLP) despite seriously. DLP contrac- tioned senior police officers, hours to get a fare." The secondfive warnings.The BMC has also dou- tors who fail to repair roads will have to explaining the modus operandi of modus was -- "Outers" grab passen-bled the penalty amount to be levied on pay double the penalty amount. After drivers who fleece passengers and gers on arrival who have opted forerrant contractors.Currently, the contrac- five warnings, their contracts will be can- cause "nuisance" at the airports taxi the pre-paid service and instead oftors are fined Rs 1,000 per pothole per celled."On August 5, TOI reported that bay. Recently, a woman driver work- taking them to the regular taxi/autoday. In case of DLP roads, contractors the BMC, in a first, was planning to take ing with Viira was assaulted by a stand take them directly to a taxi orwill now be penalized twice the coercive action against errant contractors driver owning a Cool Cab and the auto which is circling the precinctamount.TOI has been highlighting the of defect liability period (DLP) roads. later was arrested and charged with and take a cut from the driver.
  6. 6. 6 THE UNITY OF INDIA Sunday, August19th to 25 th, 2012 NEWSGOREGAON COUPLE GAINS Rights panel moved on babys deathSUPPORT AGAINST HAWKERS THANE: A Dombivli resident has moved the National Human Rights Commission following a TOI report, highlighting the appalling behaviour of MUMBAI: Residents are and engineers had joined the authorities at the Jalandhar civic hospital, leadingpeeved after the Goregaon march. Many schoolchildren in to the death of a new-born early this month.police said they plan to initiate uniforms had also participated Advocate Vijay Trimbak Gokhale filed an e-chapter proceedings against a along with their teachers. The petition before the NHRC on July 26, requestingcouple under the Criminal agitation was against hawkers it to take suo motu cognizance of the case as theProcedure Codes (CrPC) and shopkeepers who have hospital authorities behaviour caused the deathSection 107, for "harassing encroached upon footpaths." of a new-born.hawkers". The duo will have to Anil Joseph, chairperson, Gokhale attached a copy of the report on asign a one-year Rs 5,000 bond Perry Road Residents below poverty line family from Punjab which hadassuring cops they will not dis- Association, said they would to suffer the death of their premature baby asrupt peace in the area. join GNA if it organizes a march they could not afford to pay incubator charges. But Kavita Thakker and her to the Goregaon police station, NHRC told Gokhale his complaint is underhusband, who plan to approach and added, "Activists and like- consideration.the Bombay high court to seek minded citizens should come February 2007 that clearly state I am extremely pleased the NHRC has takensquashing of the notice, have together to support each other that they will remain in force till cognizance of my e-complaint. It has given a newreceived support from citizen when they see such injustice the MCGMs Hawkers reassurance and my confidence in the system isgroups across the city. Jayant because of corrupt politicians (Regulation and Activities) unshaken. If sitting in Dombvili I can write to aVidwans, president, and officials. When injustice is Bylaw 2009 comes into force. government agency and that they have respond-Goregaonkar Nagarik meted out to a lady, where is "Also forgotten are restrictions ed positively to my complaint shows that all is notAssociation (GNA), which the state womens rights com- suggested by MCGM and as bad as it is being painted, Gokhale said.organized a footpath bachao mission? It should come for- upheld by the SC that there He said if the NHRC takes up the matter itmarch in June with 400 resi- ward to support this help herl shall be no hawking permitted would be a major victory for citizen activists likedents in Goregaon (E), said ess lady."Nayana Kathpalia, co- within 150m of railway stations him. The NHRCs acknowledgement shows willthey would support Thakker convenor, CitiSpace, said the and municipal markets and embolden the common man whose faith in theand urge her to join their organ- BMC, Mumbai police and state 100m from a place of worship, system will be restored. He will think that even hisization.Highly-qualified profes- seem to have forgotten several hospitals and educational insti- voice can be heard and he can move the sys-sionals like doctors, lawyers Supreme Court orders of tutions," said Kathpalia. tem, Gokhale said. One more stu-Well-heeled chain-snatcher has 2 held for pelting stones dent involved35 cases against him, say cops at BEST bus in Bhandup in ragging MUMBAI: The MUMBAI: A Bandra GRP, which is well-heeled MUMBAI: Two minor boys investigating the case of chain-snatcher, were arrested by Bhandup ragging of a group of stu- police early on Friday for pelt- dents from L S Raheja who had tried to ing a BEST bus with stones College of Arts, has dis- hoodwink cops in and injuring a conductor. Said covered the involvement Mumbai Central BEST spokesperson Manoj of another senior student last month, has Varade, "The incident occurred in the incident. Cops had been found to be at 3.20am. Our special bus earlier registered a non- involved in eight was ferrying staffers to the offences in cognizable offence nearby bus stations when it against six persons, fiveBorivli (E). Naushad Sardar Qureshi owns three was pelted with stones onflats (two in Mumbai and one in Delhi) and an final year students of the Jungle Mangal Road in college and an ex-stu-SUV and has been married twice.The Kasturba Bhandup (W). While some glass panes were damaged, one conductor wasMarg police, in whose custody Qureshi is, dent, under the hurt."BEST employees nabbed the accused and handed them over to the Maharashtra Prohibitionreturned eight chains to their rightful owners in cops. Senior inspector Shrirang Nadgauda said the BEST drivers rash driv-Borivli on Friday."Qureshi has at least 35 cases of Ragging Act. Senior ing had angered the boys. "It was a case of road rage. Two persons were GRP officials said theregistered against him at police stations. He usu- arrested for not allowing a public servant to perform his duty. They peltedally targets women, particularly senior citizens possibility of arrests can- stones at the bus," he said. not be ruled out.who are most vulnerable. We suspect he hasbeen involved for eight to nine years," said ACPSunil Deshmukh.Muktaben Kacha (80), who wasQureshis victim, said he had pushed her to the Civic body to increase income limit for poor women MUMBAI: The Brihanmumbai Municipal make poor and needy urban women able for self-ground to prevent her from raising an alarm. "I Corporation(BMC) will increase the annual employment. These schemes can also be availedhad set out for a stroll after dinner, in May. A man income limit of women, who want to benefit from by women, especially those families who arewas leaning against a bike, close to the railway its welfare schemes, starting from Rs 60,000 to below poverty line (BPL).Under the gender budg-tracks at Dattapada in Borivli, where I stay. He Rs 1 lakh. This move is slated to benefit 4.93 lakh et, the BMC had made a financial provision of Rs.came charging towards me and snatched my women and more than 6 lakh families in the city. 15.95 crore for the implementation of women andtwo-tola gold chain. He pushed me so hard that I This scheme is for women who earn less than child welfare schemes.fell and sustained bruises on my arms. Within Rs 60,000 annually. An approval has been given The civic body felt an urgent need to changeminutes, he jumped across a wall and escaped by Sitaram Kunte, municipal chief. the rules for people to benefit especially fromalong the tracks," Kacha said. "We never lost The gender budget concept was initiated by women and child welfare schemes and hashope of getting the chain back. It took the police former mayor Shubha Raul in 2009, during decided to increase the annual income limit to Rssome time to get a green signal from the court for Swadheen Kshatriyas tenure as the municipal 1 lakh. The rising inflation and high living stan-returning all stolen valuables, after they nabbed commissioner. These schemes include basic dards have made it difficult for such families toQureshi," her grandson Kaushik said. training for skill development, self-defence to sustain.
  7. 7. 7 THE UNITY OF INDIA Sunday, August19th to 25 th, 2012 HEALTH- BEAUTY Quit smoking: Interesting facts about smoking to. But every smoker knows, there will be a day An interesting fact from Dr. Munish Kr. Sachdeva, they will have to give up smoking. Liver & Endoscopist Specialist at Ganga Ram In order to fight the urge to smoke, studies sug- Hospital, 80% people smoke in company, gest that one must replace the triggers and solu- remaining 20% have many other reasons to tions with other habits. For instance, every time smoke alone. This explains why office goers and you feel the urge to smoke, replace the trigger working professional take several smoke breaks. response with drinking a cup of strong tea. Most smokers will coyly agree that if they have Sensory excitement seems to help fight the butt. company they will smoke. Or you just need a Smoking is a heartbreaker break from everyone and your work. Smoking can break your heart, not emotionally Stars to help you quit smoking but physiologically. Did you know that smoking In an interesting turn of events, actors will encour- not only affects your lungs but also your heart and age smokers to put out the cigarette for life. The blood vessels. By reducing risk factors like smok- warning will be read out before the film begins ing, 80% of premature deaths due to cardio vas- and immediately after the interval. It will be inter- cular problems can be avoided. Besides this, esting to see which actors will actually promote smoking lowers good cholesterol, reduces oxy- this cause. S moking addiction is a tale that every smok- gen levels, speeds up heart rate and creates Teens pick up smoking due to movies er will share with you, it may have started blockages. The by-product of smoking - carbon Directors believe art imitates life, but in this study, due to stress or peer pressure but quitting monoxide - is linked to heart attack, angina and life imitates art. In a study conducted in the US, is an uphill task.They have tried but failed; the stroke. Youth who watch a lot of movies with cigarette- urge for a puff is over powering for meek souls. Asthma and smoking smoking characters, no matter what the films rat- But we believe that nothing is impossible, hence People gasp when asthmatics smoke and all for ing is, are more likely to start smoking them- we blow off the smoke on some interesting facts the right reasons. Our Pulmonologist with selves. The common excuse for the youth is that about smoking to help you kick the habit today. Moolchand Medcity at New Delhi, Dr.S.K. Jain smoking is cool. Cant stop smoking, heres why... explains this deadly mixture, "Asthmatic patient No smoking in paradise For smokers, puffing on a cigarette is a habit. It is who smoke often suffer from cough, wheezing Goa is all about leaving your troubles behind and as hard as giving up as television or Facebook, or and shortness of breath due to thickness of having a good time. And for smokers, puffing on harder. To quit smoking it is important to under- epithelium or irritation of the airways, causing the beach is a great way to relax. But the govern- stand that smoking is a form of self medication to them to swell up, narrow the passage that is filled ment plans to ban this recreational activity on the relieve psychological problems of stress, bore- with sticky mucus making asthma attacks more beach. "We are planning a law which will include dom or popularity. For some it is a statement to frequent compared to non-smoking asthma beaches in the list of public places where smok- define masculinity and cool quotient, while for patients." The scary truth for asthmatic smokers! ing will be banned," said Deputy Director of others its just an old habit that theyre addicted How stress makes you smoke tourism department, Pamela Mascarenhas. B Top 10 quirky food facts ody piercing or getting your body tattooed in David Beckham styleHOW TATTOOS CAN CAUSE HEPATITIS may cost you a huge price — infection of Hepatitis B and C virus. The needle used in the act to (re) fashion your body may just be D infected with the said virus causing liver disease, which in its ultimate stage o you know constitute in dyna- this. Worcestershire often turns cancerous (liver cirrhosis). That is deemed to what makes up mite. But times have sauce is made of happen if the needle is not properly sterilized. How tat- Worcestershir anchovies, a particu- toos are done-A tattoo is a permanent mark or e sauce? Do you lar kind of fish that is design made on your skin with pigments know whats differ- available in inserted through pricks into the skins top ent about Tibetan England. The layer. Typically, the tattoo artist uses a hand- tea? Did you sauce is pre- held machine that acts much like a know that a pared by tak- sewing machine, with one or more banana tree is ing these fish, needles piercing the skin repeat- not a tree? and soaking edly. With every puncture, the We have them in vine- needles insert tiny ink given you gar till all the droplets. The process — foods that are bones dis- which is done without anes- beneficial to solve. Bon thetics — causes a small your health; we Appetite! Butter amount of bleeding and now present 10 tea: This is for all slight to potentially significant pain.-How they cause hepatitis? Tattoos are quirky facts about the tea lovers here a potential cause for spreading hepatitis B and C virus. "The main risk is if food that you did not and we hope you will the equipment, which is the needle, is infected and not enough precaution know. From Hippo still love tea after is taken to prevent transmission. But its not just the needle that can spread soup to coconut changed and before reading this. For the the virus. Needles are not the only things that can cause transmission of water, let the count- you head to the adventurous, Tibetian the hepatitis. The silent culprits are the expensive ink bottles in which the down begin. kitchen to make your tea is a must try. artist dips his needle time and again while doing the tattoo. So even if they Peanuts: We love own explosives, you use disposable syringes or fresh gloves, if an artist uses the same ink bot- peanuts as much as should know that Notice :- Readers are recom- mended to make appropriate tle for several clients, the chances of transmission of the virus increase. monkeys do. Add peanut oil is rarely enquiries and seek appropriate Now since these ink bottles are mostly imported, they generally dont use some salt and used in dynamite advice before sending money, fresh bottles for every client. Explaining the science behind it, "Tattoo mak- masala, and you a n y m o r e . incurring any expenses, action ing involves pricking the needle deep into the dermis - the layer under the on medical recommendation or have chakna or an Worcestershire entering into any commitment in skin surface - which results in bleeding and the same needle is dipped into accompaniment with sauce: A great ingre- relation to any advertisement the paint bottle which leads to transferring of Hepatitis B or C from infect- alcohol. But did you dient for Chinese or published in the publication. ed to another.Preventive measures to rescue yourself from hepatitis Tattoo THE UNITY OF INDIA doesn’t know that peanuts Mandarin food, vouch for any claims made by as you would any other medical procedure. You want a tattoo parlor to be were used to help theres something the advertisers of products and at least as clean as your doctors office. Ask to see the tools the artist will make bombs? When fishy about this services. The Editor, Owner, use. The needles should be new, sterilized, and wrapped — no excep- peanut oil is sauce. Did you know Printer & Publisher of THE UNITY OF INDIA shall not be tions. The ink should be in small pots meant for single-use and anything processed, you get whats in this sauce? held liable for any conse- that touches your skin should not be reused. And the artist should wear glycerol that is made Heres a clue - vege- quences, in the event such gloves. into nitroglycerin a tarians might not like claims are not honored by the advertisers.
  8. 8. 8 THE UNITY OF INDIA Sunday, August19th to 25 th, 2012 FILM LEGAL NOTICE TO AJAY DEVGN OVER SON OF SARDAAR A senior lawyer on Friday issued a legal notice to actor and producer Ajay Devgn for allegedly hurting religious sentiments of Sikhs in his upcoming flick Son of Sardar.As per the notice, lawyer Navkiran Singh decided to issue legal notices to the makers of the movie after watching the official trailer of Son of Sardaar on Youtube.The notice said that the film, in some parts, shows Sikhs in a bad light and hurts religious sentiments.The contents available to the public through the official trailer on Youtube contains "absurd comments", the notice said, adding that "in case Sardars would not have been there, then on whom would the jokes be made."The notice said that the official trailer on Youtube contains such material and the film may contain more.Navkiran requested Devgn to delete such dialogues from the film in public interest or his office would to take legal action against the Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan nerv- actor and all other persons involved in execution of this film on criminal as well as civil side. ous while recording KBC song R akhi Sawant is M egastar Amitabh Bachchan has record- on a roll these ed a special song for the sixth season days as she is of hit the game show Kaun Banega busy packing her bags to Crorepati and he says he had butterflies in his fly to New York. No, she stomach while recording with Bollywood com- has not bagged any poser duo Salim-Sulaiman.The 69-year-old actor Hollywood project, nor has a Bollywood director signed her for said that the mock rehearsals for KBC has began any sizzling item number in an upcoming film. The item girl- as the show is ready to go on air from September cum-reality show actor has been invited to be a part of the 7."The crowning glory is the session at Salim- Independence Day parade being held tomorrow in New Sulaimans recording studio later at night to York.Indian Independence Day is celebrated across record a song for KBC, and my extreme hesita- the world to mark the cultural legacy and rich her- tion in doing so for it is a moment filled with itage. And the 66th Independence Day celebrations immense self consciousness," Bachchan posted in New York would be the biggest event outside India on his blog."... Salim-Sulaiman, made me nerv- celebrating Indian Independence from the clutches ous and anxious and yes, the butterflies which of British rule. And to mark the celebrations, a fleet have now found permanent residence within my of Bollywood celebrities have been invited. intestines. However, this must be said, the expe- rience tonight has been most rewarding and fruit- I am not a politician to get speech: Rakhi Sawant ful," he added.Bachchan also said that he prefers to record songs with composer Aadesh Shrivastava because they have had several jam- T he leg- declined to share too many details saying, ming sessions and that he also enjoys a rapportGulshan Grover to play M F Husain endary "Im in an interesting phase of my career with with Vishal-Shekhar."I think it becomes relevant artist filmmakers putting greater faith in me as an and important to be in a state of complete com- M F Husain is actor. When I was offered the role, inspired fort before performing any creative act. It is for said to be the by the legendary artist and woven in a touch- me. And when the environ is not conducive, the inspiration for ing story, I loved it and took it up," he says. soul is absent. an upcoming film. Its not a Himmatwala is not Tamannahs Bwood debut: Producer Salim Akhtar biopic, but the film, directed by a d m a n According to Sajid Khan, his remake of the 1983 Jeetendra-Sridevi star- Shashank rer Himmatwalla, is actress Tamannahs Bollywood debut. At least thats Shekhar, is what the films newly-released promos say. However, producer Salim about an artist Akhtar begs to differ. He claims Tamannah was the leading lady of a film who gives back produced by him eight years ago titled Chand Sa Roshan Chehra that to society was released in 2003 amidst much fanfare. A miffed Akhtar has even through his art. moved court against the actress, who allegedly hasnt honoured her Gulshan contract with him that requires her to shell out 25 per cent of her earn- Grover, we ings for five years to the producer. A furious Akhtar told TOI, "It was I who hear, will be introduced her to Hindi films, and neither she nor the makers of the playing the remake of Himmatwalla are acknowledging that. Just because she went character. He will on to become a big star in the south after doing Chand Sa Roshan sport long hair coupled with the trademark Chehra? Why do they lie so much in the film industry? She has just stubble, and move around barefoot in the changed the spelling of her name, which was earlier spelt as Tamanna, movie. To make his part look as authentic as and dropped her surname Bhatia." Explaining how he discovered possible, the actor is borrowing from his inter- Tamannah, Akhtar said, "She was my daughters classmate at Maneckji actions with the celebrated artist. Gulshan Cooper School in Juhu. This weekly English newspaper Publisher, Printer & Owner by Suresh Sakharam Gore & printed by him at Somani Printing Press, 7, Udyog Bhavan, Sharma Ind. Estate, Walbhat Road, Goregaon (East), Mumbai- 400063 & Publication at H-119, Chandani Agar, Wadala (E), Antop Hill, Mumbai-400037. emailuienp@gmail.com Editor Suresh Sakharam Gore *All right reserved & Subject to Mumbai (Bombay) Jurisdication only.