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How to gain repeat customers that stay with you after the peak season


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What should you do to gain repeat customers? The answer lies in your post-purchase experience. Read more from the Parcel Perform team on some strategies you can implement to ensure customers stay with you even after the peak season.

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How to gain repeat customers that stay with you after the peak season

  1. 1. What should you do to gain repeat customers? Make good use of this holiday season to do so!
  2. 2. of retailers found that customers acquired during peak season do not buy from them again. Source: Shopify 64%
  3. 3. So, what can you do about it? The answer lies in your post purchase communication
  4. 4. 1 Branded post-purchase emails after checkout 2 Be proactive and�communicate with your customers A. Build stronger relationships B. Up-selling opportunities A. Alleviate shipping anxiety B. Don't let them forget you
  5. 5. Build stronger relationships Post-purchase emails you should be sending Order confirmation & Thank you emails Order shipped Order delivered and customer feedback emails Issue and delay emails
  6. 6. Curate, and create a list of product recommendations Avoid recommending products that increases order amount by 25% Recommend products that consumers are familiar with Do not overwhelm them Source: Shopify
  7. 7. 72% of consumers ranked that on-time delivery decides if they would buy from the same retailer again. Alleviate customer shipping anxiety Customers want to be�included and updated after a purchase Communicate proactively with accurate delivery estimates Source: Dotcom Distribution Customers feel better when retailers inform them of delivery hiccups
  8. 8. Don't let them forget you Increase brand recall value Invite customers to rate their shopping experience. Birthday cards, gift cards, in-store credits. Gather feedback Leverage special occasions
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