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Fazeley Mind Map @parboo (aka Jaki)


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I prepared slides to give shape to my 10 minute slot at the "My Dad's on Twitter..." event. I didn't use them on the evening, but here they are if you are interested in what I had planned to say!!

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Fazeley Mind Map @parboo (aka Jaki)

  1. 1. Jaki Booth aka @parboo
  2. 2. • different reasons why people chose to use social media, • why it works/doesn’t work in certain situations and • how different types of people could use it better
  3. 3. • I come here as a novice amongst the presenters • In my day job I am General Manager @BhamCitySU • I realise I am not actually a complete novice in the world of social media • But I’m most certainly not an expert • So, I will speak as I have found...
  4. 4. • Joined Twitter – late October 2008 • Began Blogging – 14 Nov 2008 on – Started bins on 20 November 2008 @ 12.14pm • Attended Bloggers Meet – December 2008 • Created Snow Cock Hunt on 5 Feb 2009
  5. 5. • It’s very parent friendly – it gave me a social life from my living room • I get to hang out with clever folk • I learn - about Birmingham, work & nonsense • I’ve met new people and made good friends • I have found a community of do-ers • It’s a great leveller • I got hooked
  6. 6. • You can chat to someone for hours and not have a clue who they are when you meet them • Explaining it to the uninitiated – it feels like a cult • Hanging out with these pros is not where I’m at – I didn’t learn Excel by chatting to the MS staff – This is a tool not my living – I still don’t really get what a meme or permalink is... • Carrying a bin reputation around with me • What did I do before?
  7. 7. • I think it works best when there is a conversation • It works even better when you meet people • It works least well when there is a one-sided communication – That’s a big shift for most organisations • It works when there is trust
  8. 8. • What does not work look like? – Sometimes I send out a message and get nothing back – Sometimes I talk nonsense in public ... – Sometimes no-one views my blog posts • It can’t replace face to face meeting • For the shy, or uninvited?
  9. 9. • Celebrating Birmingham Women – My blog about Brummie Women – – and a new interest in local social history • WxWM – we just did it! • Making Friends – graphiquillan you made this possible for me 
  10. 10. Jaki Booth aka @parboo