Organizations Should Be Where Their Customers Are- A Multi-Channel Service Approach


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How social customer service will affect the future of business.

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  • Facebook was the most searched for and most visited site in 2011 in the United States. It accounted for 3.1 % of all searches and 10.29% of all visits… for comparison, came in at 7.7% and YouTube, another social media destination, at 3.17%. Facebook is far and away the most popular destination for web users in the United States.
  • UK Study – 25% expect a response within 1 hour and 6% expect a response within 10 minutes.
  • Do customers really see social media as a meaningful way to connect with companies? 51% of them already do! 78% of fans think this will become THE way to communicate with companies. And it means a lot to them… 88% of fans would be less likely to buy if their question went unanswered, 27% said they would stop doing business with a company altogether.
  • Unlike traditional channels that you’re used to, social media channels have a lot more noise than you need to worry about as a customer service organization.
  • Engagement!
  • Use Parature and a good plan to collaborate on content.Use keywords to automatically setup routing rules to different marketing and Support QueuesEnable email notifications for those people who don’t spend their day in ParatureUse TSA’s to make sure posts are responded to in a timely mannerSetup workflow so support can escalate to Marketing and vice-versa.- Does your process require an approval workflow? If so, setup workflow so everything goes through an approver before getting posted. A Media provider services over 5,000 Facebook posts/comments and 17,000 tweets a month using Parature
  • Use Parature for FacebookMake it look inviting! And Match your brand – Make it look like you put it there for a reason and it’s not just static content or canned answers in a generic FAQ. This is an extension of your brand, make people feel comfortable interacting with you like you would on your web portal.Develop useful KB content – Make it usefulAn online gaming company saw an equal number of tickets submitted through the Facebook Support Tab and their website in 2011 --- Look at trends of tickets submitted through facebookvs support portal -- yazino
  • Organizations Should Be Where Their Customers Are- A Multi-Channel Service Approach

    1. 1. ORGANIZATIONS SHOULD BE WHEREDuke ChungCo-Founder THEIR CUSTOMERS ARE A Multi-Channel Service Approach
    2. 2. OUR BUSINESS COMPANY BACKGROUND Founded in 2000 Headquartered in Herndon, VA Privately held, investors include Valhalla Partners, Sierra Ventures, and Accel Partners 45 countries 33 supported languages 3,000 supported brands 40,000,000 + registered end-usersParature is the leading provider of cloud-basedcustomer service and social engagement software formid-market businesses.Parature helps organizations worldwide to deliver greatcustomer service and to engage with their customersacross the web and social channels, all delivered via thecloud.
    3. 3. CUSTOMERS ACROSS ALL SIZES AND INDUSTRIES Software & TechnologyBusiness ServicesGaming & Media Education & Associations Retailers Healthcare
    4. 4. SOCIAL CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE FUTURE 65% of SupportConversations will Happen inthe Cloud by 2012. 2010+ Social Customer Service Facebook, Twitter, Other Social Channels 2005-2009 Web Channels Ticket, Chat, Feedback, Communities, Search 2001-2004 Web Self-Service • Support Channel preferences are radically changing with each generation. 1996-2000 Email Support • New technology trends can impact customer service Pre 1995 Phone Support behavior. • Understand who your end users are and determine how they prefer to be supported. Source: SSPA and Wikipedia
    5. 5. SOCIAL CUSTOMER SERVICE IS CATCHING UP SUBJECT LINE• Facebook was the top-visited Website for the second year in a row.• 81% of Small Businesses reported using social media.• Customers expect to get help on social channels When I want to communicate with a brand, I… Source: CMO Council, “Variance in the Social Brand Experience” December, 2011 .
    6. 6. PROMPT SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT – HYPER RESPONSIVENESSPrompt social engagement will become one of the most important socialtrends. Responding promptly in social channels will lead to more positivecustomer satisfaction and increased loyalty.Source: CMO Council, “Variance in the Social Brand Experience” December, 2011.
    7. 7. WHY SHOULD I CARE? Fans that Believe social Fans would be Fans said theycommunicate channels will less likely buy would no longer with become the from you if their deal with the companies dominate way question went company if today to communicate unanswered ignored with companies Source: Conversocial
    8. 8. HOW DO YOU TACKLE SOCIAL CUSTOMER SERVICE? Monitoring Engage andPresence Respond Collaboration
    9. 9. MONITORING- LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS Product Praise Suggestions Complaints Discussion Technical Your General Support Questions Brand QuestionsFacebook and other social media companies have altered how people exchange ideas, andfor businesses that realize it, social media holds the potential to change how they buy and getsupported as well.
    10. 10. ENGAGE… IN A HUMANIZING WAY!Facebook Pages give consumers a glimpse of your company’s personality including yourcustomer service culture.
    11. 11. COLLABORATION – SERVICE & MARKETING TEAMSSource: Altimeter GroupThe cross-company integration and management of Social Media continues to be an evolvingchallenge.
    12. 12. ESTABLISH A CUSTOMER SERVICE PRESENCE Let your customers know that customer service is your number one priority and you are here to help them.
    13. 13. MULTI-CHANNEL CUSTOMER SERVICE EVERYWHEREProvide 360degree view of Knowledge-your end users. Ticket base and FAQ’s Social Publisher Chat Mobile Facebook Wall & Pages Customer Service Software That Revolves Around You Downloads Web Search Surveys Twitter Stream E-Mail Blogs and Forums Phone Video Comments Metrics & Support Reports Agent