6 Simple Tips for Collecting Customer Feedback


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Adapted from Tricia’s Customer Service Success Blog. Learn how your company can effectively put customer feedback to improve support functions, develop new products or services, and satisfy customers. Read more of Tricia's blogs at www.parature.com/blog.

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6 Simple Tips for Collecting Customer Feedback

  1. 1. 6 Simple Tips forOriginally Posted onMarch 30, 2012 by Collecting CustomerTricia Morris Feedback
  2. 2. Collecting meaningfulcustomer feedback to helpyour organization improveproducts and services isno easy task.
  3. 3. The Aberdeen Group published abenchmark report on customer feedbackmanagement that examined the use and theexperiences of 300 enterpriseorganizations. It revealed a stunningdisparity between best-in-classorganizations and those that wereconsidered average or below in customerfeedback management.
  4. 4. Best-in-class companiesare eight times more likelyto increase customersatisfaction and 26 times 26 x moremore likely to increase likely tocustomer retention than increaseaverage companies customerbecause they maintainbetter customer retentionrelationships throughcustomer feedback.
  5. 5. Best-in-class 19 x more organizations are likely to also 19 times more increase likely to increase customer customer-focused focused innovation throughinnovation their proactive use of feedback data.
  6. 6. Personalized service, better communication,innovation, correcting inefficiencies andstrengthening positive customer servicedifferentiators – they’re all vital for customer-focused organizations to stand out from thecrowd. Therefore, pinging the Voice of theCustomer (VOC) regularly to gaugesatisfaction is a necessity. Here are 6 simpletips for managing customer feedback surveysto collect actionable data:
  7. 7. NUMBER ONELIMIT YOUR QUESTIONSNo one wants to complete a two-pagewritten response survey or fill-in bubbles onrows and rows of almost-identicalquestions. The average human attentionspan is about 30 seconds (some sourcessay it is as little as 8 seconds). Choose fivequestions and make them count.
  8. 8. NUMBER TWOBE SPECIFICBe specific in your questions so that yourorganization can act on the feedback youreceive. Broad questions such as “how arewe doing?” or “how was your servicetoday?” do not provide actionable data forimprovement.
  9. 9. Instead ask, “what did you enjoy most aboutyour product or service experience? whatdid you find least enjoyable? if we couldmake one improvement in our product orservice, what should it be?” How about“How would you describe our product orservice in one word?” Think of the greatthings marketing could do with the positiveresponses to this question.
  10. 10. NUMBER THREEASK CONSISTENT QUESTIONS ACROSS ALLCHANNELSAsk the same set of questions with thesame wording across all channels be itphone, live chat, online, email, etc., unlessyou’re specifically asking about customerservice channel preferences.
  11. 11. NUMBER FOURTRY TO CAPTURE FEEDBACK AT THE POINT OFINTERACTIONThis is when you will receive the mosthonest and detailed response, when thecustomer experience is top-of-mind.
  12. 12. NUMBER FIVECONSIDER PROVIDING AN INCENTIVE TOCOMPLETE A FEEDBACK SURVEYShow your appreciation for your customers’opinions by offering a discount code orcoupon following survey completion. Manycustomers will never use it, but the gestureis memorable.
  13. 13. NUMBER SIXTAKE ACTION ON DATA AS SOON AS POSSIBLEThose who have offered their feedback willbe waiting to see if your organizationactually follows up. Don’t disappoint bygathering customer feedback and thendoing nothing with it.
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