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Unconventional Ideas to Retain Gen Y


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7 Slightly Unconventional Way to Retain Talent

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Unconventional Ideas to Retain Gen Y

  1. 1. Quality Of LIFE Fearless of Instant AspirationsSource: Roongrerngsuke, 2010, Erickson, 2012, Ghosh & Chaudhari, 2009
  2. 2. Give Employees the option to contribute to a larger cause.Let them take ½ salary and 6 months ofcommunity service / CSR activities
  3. 3. Reverse Mentoring | Mentors are teaching theirmentees about Web 2.0 not to gain visibility
  4. 4. Employees can move seamlesslyamong company locations According to their seasonal or location preferences
  5. 5. Scrap the Annual AppraisalGive regular feedback for a quickerand continuous self actualisation,rather than wait for the year-end.
  6. 6. Let them decide if they want PF, Gratuity, Superannuation or LTAFlexi Comp | offer a menu of benefits,rather than pre-defined plan
  7. 7. Offer Unique Benefits across Generations, Job Bands,Generation, Job Band,Cultural Background Offer Unique Benefits | Peer Nominated Award, Tai Chi Lessons, Photography & Guitar Tuitions
  8. 8. High Quality Colleagues Build Perceptions through Organizational Success Stores
  9. 9. Paras Kaushik Head Retail HR Madura Fashion & Lifestyle Aditya Birla 13