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The story of how Wingify was bootstrapped from ZERO to millions of dollars in annual revenue without raising of external funding. This is also a story of the genesis of Visual Website Optimizer as Wingify's flagship product and the world's easiest A/B testing tool.

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    1. 1. My Bootstrapped Story!From ZERO tomillions in revenuewithout raising anyfundingThat’s me,Paras Chopra
    2. 2. What are we talking about?Birth: 2009
    3. 3. A journey that started with afew lines of codein 2009on notepadrunning on a $20 serverhosted at a Rs. 350 domainPsst.. code didn’t look half as good as the image here :)
    4. 4. Happy Souls: 20Customers: 2500+Circa: March ‘13To the present day…Revenue: $X,000,000Funding: cos(π/2)
    5. 5. How did this happen?Mostly luck and some smartness…
    6. 6. Genesis of ___________• School days:– Visual Basic 6.0 -> NaramCheez -> ArtificialIntelligence -> Paul Graham -> I want do my ownstartup!• College days: majored in Biotechnology!– Academic interest: computational biology• Protein folding• Gene network simulations• Synthetic biology, artificial life• Data Analytics Fun! Fun! Fun!
    7. 7. Failed College Startups!
    9. 9. So, naturally…Technology + data analytics + marketing=A startup in marketing optimization
    10. 10. I worked in“industry” andcommuted 3 hoursdaily to someoneelse’s dream…While workingon my dream overthe weekends andduring evenings
    11. 11. Circa: May ‘09After 8 months of part-time effort…
    12. 12. Here’s how it looked...
    13. 13. Here’s the feedback I got from Hacker News!“Split test a shorter elevator pitch emphasizing benefits over features.”“Water-down the technical jargon with descriptive sentences..”“I looked at this and completely failed to "get it"..” “I felt the same way”“Wooah, jargon overload” “Keep sales pitch simple.”“Unfortunately, it took me 14 page views and 1738 seconds to find the producttour on the page.”
    14. 14. You say disappointed?I wanted to die!
    15. 15. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger..1. Focus matters– Instead of making a comprehensive khichdi, make a delicatesandwich2. Usability and user onboarding is paramount– Nobody gives any fucks to your new fangled, complicated app– Make it usable, even if it means cutting down on features3. Don’t code in isolation– Involve potential users from day 1. They know their pains
    16. 16. FUCK THIS SHIT I discarded all code andfocused on just onefeature:A/BtestingFree,Not easy$10K+,EnterprisyOpportunity!
    17. 17. This time, I took justone monthfor building aminimumviable productTricks used for the hack:• $5 theme for UI• No logo• “Inspired” designGot the basics right:• One feature done well• Guided onboarding• Solved actual pains
    18. 18. Content MarketingExclusive BetaRapid iterationGrowth“Strategy”
    19. 19. Meanwhile, started talking toSparsh Guptathen at Oxford Universitynow Wingify’s CTO & Partner
    20. 20. Five months into the FREE beta1000 free usersZombie social lifeQuit full time job!
    21. 21. Two months after quitting job1000+ registered free usersLaunched paid plansFirst day: 10 paying customers!
    22. 22. Initial Humble GoalTo earn an equivalent of my previoussalary Rs. 50,000/mo (USD 1000)Actual first month revenue: USD 4000
    23. 23. Picking steam..• Added features that customers needed• Sparsh started contributing more and more• Got covered on TechCrunch• Wrote for lots of places– Smashing Magazine, SEOMoz, CopyBlogger andwhat not• Blog, case studies, twitter, reviews• Revenues kept on growing 10% or more everymonth!
    24. 24. 2011Sparsh came back to India; took over as CTOWe hired our first employee, took an office18 months into existence: $1,000,000 inrevenue
    25. 25. During these three years (2010-2013)…• Codebase grew to ~800,000 lines of code• Team grew to 20 people• Gotten 3 acquisition interests• Been contacted by 30+ VC firms• Scaled product to serve 7000+ requests/sec• Acquired 2500+ actively paying businesses across70+ countries– Including enterprises likeMicrosoft, AMD, Disney, GE,, MakeMyTrip, etc.
    26. 26. All this happened because• Of our focus on four aspects:– Customer Feedback• Being close to them and rapidly iterating on their feedback– Product• Absolutely high software and design standards– Inbound (content) marketing• Why pay for marketing when you can become thoughtleaders in your space for free– Customer service• Not just solving the queries, but delighting them. “Customerhappiness engineer”
    27. 27. Circa: March ‘13Folks, so that is howwe got to the present day…
    28. 28. Now, where do we go from here?We’ll become the most respected softwareproduct company to come out of IndiaHonestly, milky way is the real limit :)
    29. 29. Thanks a bunch for your ears!Paras ChopraCEO & Founder, Wingifyparas@wingify.comTwitter: @paraschopra
    30. 30. Image credits• Myself!• Sparsh Gupta :p• Memes!••••••