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Mobile Apps Portfolio

  1. 1. iOS Applications• World Youth Alliance (WYA) AppDescriptionThe World Youth Alliance is a global coalition of young people committed to promoting thedignity of the person and building solidarity among youth from developed and developingnations. This app enable users to retrieve all the data from the official website www.wya.netthat includes News, Conferences, Internship programs multiple countries.You  can  download  the  App  from  Apple  Store:• Calimits:DescriptionThis app control your outgoing calls duration according to your monthly plan or budget.
Calimits is the 1st iPhone app that list long detailed call log and the 1st that setup call limit.
Monitor each call(duration, time and date of call)
Email your call history to any email youlike.
Control your bills by setup national and international calls limit.
Monitor your calls bysetting up email call log every X days.
List incoming calls or outgoing call individually.
Findout your today and monthly calls duration.
  2. 2. You  can  download  the  App  from  Apple  Store:      • MIT MobileDescriptionMIT Mobile brings many essential Institute services to the iOS user: ü Campus News from the MIT News Office
  3. 3. ü Live campus shuttle tracking with push notifications for predicted stop times ü Searchable campus map ü Calendar of events, exhibits, holidays, and the academic calendar ü An easy way to report campus repair and maintenance issues directly from your iOS device ü A QR code reader and many more features.You  can  download  the  App  from  Apple  Store:• KnotSpotDescriptionKnotSpot is the fastest and most visual way to learn knots and their English names for youngand old. Each knot is clearly occurred in a quiet movie. Confusion is almost impossible!KnotSpot provides crisp movies AND slideshows for every knot via instant search. Knotspotworks on iPad and iPhone, contains an extensive read more section and includes a fun andeducational quiz.You  can  download  the  App  from  Apple  Store:
  4. 4. • GoearDescriptionGoear mobile is a legal app where you can hear the music you like. Goear is running underSGAE and Creative Commons licenses and is currently negotiating with the music recordsassociations for getting a full music license for our users. Key features: - Live Audio Streaming - Manage your own playlists - Share your music with the social networks, & - Mopubs AdvertisementYou  can  download  the  App  from  Apple  Store:• Jewelry ProductsDescripitionIt is a Jewellery based product for the sales personnel to demonstrate their products, like in acatalogue. This is on offline App for iPad, which manages huge amount of data in the form of10000 images & handling 5000 customer records. Bar code function is also implemented.There are two separate projects, which have been developed with the same features. - Shah Diamonds - Urnish Jewelers (Dazzle App) – Please visit
  5. 5. View at:• iLoveNoteDescriptionAn App for couples which enables them to Fix Dates, Post Love Notes , Share Desires&Memories etc. .It is a Universal app and works on iPhone/iPad and iPod.You  can  download  the  App  from  Apple  Store:
  6. 6. • ZenzicaDescriptionA simple app that enables the User to send and save his location to the server. He can laterview his different locations (Geo-coordinates and Map view) on the website: The most interesting feature of the App is the “AutoLocation Send” function which enables the App to send User location even if not running andat a time interval as required by our client (Currently 1 Minute)• Residential Deal AnalyzerThe Deal Analyzer is a game changer for real estate investors doing fixand flips. This is an essential tool that makes evaluating a property, determining profitpotential and getting a loan faster and easier than ever before! Key features: - Offline App - Push Notifications - In App Advertisement (Admobs) - You Tube Videos - App sharing via FacebookYou  can  download  the  App  from  Apple  Store: View the introductory video from the following URL:
  7. 7. We  made:   v Designs  (UI)   v FunctionalityScreenshots: VIDEOS INSTRUCTIONS HOME PROFIT
  8. 8. Android Applications• QR  Code  Scanner  Description  This  App  assists  the  employees  of  a  company  to  scan  various  products  and  perform  the  following  4  functions  on  them  1)  Manage  Custody,  2)  Manage  Inventory,  3)  Track  Transfer  &  4)  Confirm/Check  Serial  Number.  Once  a  Bar  code/QR  code  is  scanned  the  user  can  choose  any  of  the  above  4  functions  and  every  function  takes  them  to  a  different  URL.  We  made:   v Functionality   v Webservices                                                        LOGIN  SCREEN                                                          HOME  SCREEN                                                    SCANNED  IMAGE                                                          
  9. 9.                                                                                                                                              SCAN  RESULT  SCREEN                                    CUSTODY  FUNCTION  URL  • iLove  Note  Description  This  is  the  ultimate  App  for  couples.  Share  memories  and  keep  them  for  a  lifetime  in  your  own  personal  scrapbook.  iLoveNote  lets  a  couple  exclusively  share  their  life  together  in  their  own  social  network.  Improve  your  communication  simply  by  laying  out  all  your  thoughts,  aspirations,  and  concerns  in  a  unique  way  that  email,  text  message,  or  social  networks  today  cannot  capture.    Please  visit  or  download  the  App  from  Google  Play:      We  made:   v Designs(UI)   v Functionality   v Webservices   v Database  Structure    
  10. 10.                                              HOME  SCREEN                        DATE  NIGHT  SCREEN                      DATE  NIGHT  DETAILED  SCREEN      • Residential  Deal  Analyzer  Description  The  Deal  Analyzer  is  a  game  changer  for  real  estate  investors  doing  fix  and  flips.  This  is  an  essential  tool  that  makes  evaluating  a  property,  determining  profit  potential  and  getting  a  loan  faster  and  easier  than  ever  before!  Key  features:     - Offline  App   - Push  Notifications   - In  App  Advertisement  (Admobs)   - You  Tube  Videos   - App  sharing  via  Facebook    You  can  download  the  App  from  Google  Play:      Or  View  the  introductory  video  from  the  following  URL:      We  made:   v Designs(UI)   v Functionality    
  11. 11.                              VIDEOS                                                                                    INSTRUCTIONS                                                                      HOME                          PROFIT      • Zenzica  GPS  App  Description  A  simple  app  that  enables  the  User  to  send  and  save  his  location  to  the  server.  He  can  later  view  his  different  locations  (Geo-­‐coordinates  and  Map  view)  on  the  website:  The  most  interesting  feature  of  the  App  is  the  “Auto  Location  Send”  function  which  enables  the  App  to  send  User  location  even  if  not  running  and  at  a  time  interval  as  required  by  our  client  (Currently  1  Minute)  We  made:   v Designs(UI)  
  12. 12. v Functionality   v Webservices   v Website  Frontend   v Database  Structure    You can download the App from Google Play:                                                                        • Hinpay  Chat  App  Description  Android  app  that  reads  GPS  location,  captures  picture  or  movie,  sends  to  server,  then  wait  for  server  data.  When  server  data  comes,  will  contain  picture  or  movie,  plus  text  fields,  which  are  to  be  displayed  one  page  per  user.    We  made:   v Designs(UI)   v Functionality   v Webservices   v Website  Frontend   v Database  Structure    You can download the App from Google Play:    
  13. 13.    • Wishlist  App  Description  This  App  basically  contains  3  types  of  lists:  Wish  Lists,  Shopping  Lists  and  To-­‐Do  Lists.  It  enables  the  user  to  share  his  Wish  Lists  and  Shopping  Lists  with  friends.  To-­‐  Do  Lists  are  saved  locally  on  the  Mobile.  Key  Features:              -­‐          Create/Read/Update/Delete  Data  to  and  from  server  and  locally              -­‐          Storing  Images  and  URLs   - Bar  Code  Scanner  that  connects  to  UPC  database  to  automatically  get  the  name  of   the  product   - User  can  edit  BG  color,  Text  size  and  Text  Styles  while  using  the  App  and  the  same  is   saved  to  server   - Multiple  images  upload  and  whole  variety  of  Text  options(Like  Bold,Italics,   Underlined,  Strikethrough)   - Shopping  lists  detailed  management    We  made:   v Designs(UI)   v Functionality   v Webservices   v Database  Structure    You  can  download  the  App  from  Google  Play:  - Paid Version: Lite Version:    
  14. 14.                                                    
  15. 15.      • GoEar  App  Description  This  is  a  Music  App,  which  streams  Audio  from  Server  using  JSON.  Key  Features:              -­‐          User  Custom  Playlists              -­‐          User  Songs              -­‐          Admobs  Integration    We  made:   v Designs  (UI)   v Functionality   v Web-­‐services   v Database  Structure    You can download the App from Google Play:  • Want It Now AppDescriptionThis App lets you keep track of the status of your shipment. You just need to type in yourreference number and the Status of your Shipment along with the Estimated time of Deliveryis shown.You can download the App from Google Play: