Securing appointments by telephone


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Short course on securing appointments via telephone. Get that all important meeting.

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Securing appointments by telephone

  1. 1. Securing Appointments by Telephone
  2. 2. Introductions • Who am I? • What do I do? • What is my experience and interest in appointment setting by telephone? • What do I want to achieve from the workshop?
  3. 3. Workshop Principles • Participate • Have Fun • Safe Environment • Everyone is equal • If you don’t understand seek clarification • No mobile phones please
  4. 4. Where do Sales Come From? 33, 34% 33, 33% 33, 33% Sales Luck Attainable Unattainable
  5. 5. Why Cold Call? • Still Works! • Gain Access to Decision Makers • All businesses need a pipeline of fresh leads • Active part of any marketing/promotional strategy • Done well it impacts positively on your success
  6. 6. Why Cold Call? Calls Appointments Opportunities $SS Sales £££ 100 calls 30 Appts 20 Opps 5 Sale TIMEandEFFORT
  7. 7. Right Frame of Mind • Confident • Prepared = Professional • Focussed on your objective • Stand Up • Smile • Speak slowly • Use a headphone Failure and Rejection is Part of the Journey to Success Calls = Appointments = Sales
  8. 8. Pre Call Research/Activity • Stage One – What is a an Ideal Prospect? – Size, Geography, Industry, Products – Exercise • Stage Two – Build clean list of prospects – Exercise
  9. 9. 5 Steps to Appointment Making Get The Person’s Attention Identify Yourself and Your Company Give The Reason for the Call Ask for the Appointment 1 2 3 4 Send Confirmation5
  10. 10. 1 Get The Person’s Attention • Avoid Gimmicks • Are you interested in saving on print costs? • Are you interested in increasing productivity? • If I/We could save you X would it be worth meeting? Good Morning/Afternoon Mr Smith Hi John, Hello Jane Use people NAMES wherever possible
  11. 11. 2 Introduce Yourself and your Company • Personal Name • Position or what you do • Company • Location if relevant • Brief Infomercial. • Explain why client should be interested in meeting with you. • One or two sentences – Paint a positive picture • Keep short, relevant and to the point – avoid waffle. Keep Track of Time – Max 3-5 mins
  12. 12. 3 The Reason for your Call • “To set up an appointment to show how a product or service will add value to the prospect” • Provide reference • Seek qualification/interest • If possible in less than one or two sentences Mr Smith; The reason I am calling you specifically today is to arrange an appointment to stop by and show you how we have ……I am sure that you like ABC (reference) would be interested in seeing how we can/saved/improved/reduced etc.
  13. 13. 4 Ask for The Meeting • Always ask for the meeting. • Be specific and direct – Date – Time – Location • Focus on when we will meet – Not whether we will meet You are interested! That’s great. How about Thursday 3pm?
  14. 14. 5 Confirm The Meeting • Thank them for taking the call. • Confirm verbally date time and location of the meeting • Details of any equipment required • Follow up immediately in writing – Email, letter as appropriate
  15. 15. Why should they agree to meet? • Putt yourself in their shoes • What is in it for them! • Benefits • Talk benefits to increase chances of securing an appointment. • Exercise We have recently worked with … and increased their client base by 25%. I am pretty confident we can do the same for you. Would you be interested in meeting to have an open discussion on what we did to help ABC?
  16. 16. Handling Negative Responses Five most common responses 1. Happy with what I have 2. Not Interested 3. Too Busy 4. Send me some literature 5. Can’t Afford It, No Budget Most sales people give up at this point. Effectively handle these five responses and watch your appointment rates increase dramatically
  17. 17. Happy With What I Have Got • Status Quo/ Safe • Doing it in house • Find out what is the status quo? • Offer something that compliments what they have got! You know something Mr X, a lot of clients tell me the same thing before they have a chance to see what we do actually compliments/enhances what they are doing right now- especially our program …..which really helped them to …….We should get together so I can show you how we helped them…………... How about Thursday at 3pm?
  18. 18. Not Interested • Means Not Convinced • Natural Reaction • Need to understand why they should meet with you! • Provide some benefits – Comp ABC, XYZ achieved.. etc Well Mr Smith, ABC and XYZ had the same reaction you did when I first called them - before they saw how what we do was beneficial to them. However they are now delighted customers because we were able to meet up and demonstrate how we improved their…. We should get together. I am convinced we can help you…. How about Thursday 10pm?
  19. 19. Too Busy • Fob off! • Offer to schedule an appointment – Should flush out another objection or a meeting – Happy with what I have got etc! Mr Smith. The reason for the call was to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet. When would be convenient to you? What about getting together the week after next. What about Monday 20th at 3pm. Is that more convenient for you.
  20. 20. Send Me Some Information • Dangerous • Is the Info relevant? • Will they read it? • Risk the customer misinterpreting the info. • Lose control and momentum! Can’t we just get together. It will only take a few minutes to “show” you how we have helped others improve their business performance. That way we can really gauge by how much we can help your business. How about Friday at 3pm?
  21. 21. Can’t Afford it - No Budget • Does not see the value • Do not challenge – If we can provide evidence of savings… • Use a bridge to get you where you need to go. Mr Smith, I am just curious, How do you go about justifying/setting/allocating a budget? We have to justify savings, productivity etc…. Well on that basis we should get together. I am confident we can resolve the no budget issue at our meeting. How about Monday at 3pm
  22. 22. Getting Through Gatekeepers • Role is to protect decision makers • Do not offend them • Sound Senior- They might just put you through! • Seek their advice where appropriate! • Do not let them sell on your behalf unless you are 100% confident they will do it as well as you! – Go to voice mail instead.