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  1. iTero Scanner A basic guide to handling inquiries. Amber Ruffin
  2. What is an iTero scanner? Better known as the iTero imaging system This intaroral scanning system was introduced to the north american market in 2013. The scanner was developed by Cadent Holdings Inc. The average cost of the scanner is between $20K and $30K. iTero scanners are used to create dental devices like: clear aligners, traditional braces, crowns, implants, etc. .STL- Standard Tessalation Language What does it look like? iTero Element newest scanner Cadent iTero Intra-Oral scanner Older model (2013) iTero Element newest scanner
  3. Help! I’m new to ClearCorrect. How do I send you iTero scans? Never fear! I am here to help! ClearCorrect Provider Services for the win!
  4. iTero scan submission Let’s start with the basics
  5. iTero scan submission basics ■ Scans must be in .STL format ■ Doctor must purchase an annual subscription or pay iTero per case submission ■ Scanner must include the “orthodontic” module with or w/o the “restorative” module ■ Doctor must be setup in Old iTero software: If the provider has old or outdated software they can utilize this link for additional assistance. iTero Restorative scanner: If the provider’s scanner does not support the iRecord OR if they have updated their scanner and continue having trouble exporting .STL files they can utilize this link to find additional information based on their specific scanning system.
  6. iTero scan submission Procedures for recording and exporting scans to ClearCorrect
  7. Steps 1-3 1. Before scanning the patient, the doctor must first select the “iCast” or “iRecord” option. If they select the “Invisalign” option they will not be able to export the files to us. 2. Select iTero Orthodontic 3. Choose the “iRecord” case type. After scanning both arches and the bite. The information is saved in “” Steps 4-6 4. The doctor should then log in to “” to access the orders page, where the scans are located. 5. On the top left of the screen there is a box under “Quick Search”. The doctor should select the drop down menu, then choose patient name, and enter the patient’s name. 6. Click on the patient’s name under “Orders” by selecting the blue ID number. This will take them to the order information page Recording the scan
  8. Steps 7 - 9 7. After they have accessed the order page they will need to click on “Export”. This will require OrthoCAD 3.5 or higher. 8. A pop up box will then prompt them to select “allow”. 9. After choosing “allow” another pop up box will open, this will be titled “OrthoCAD Export”. Steps 10-12 While in the “OrthoCAD Export” box they will need to make a few adjustments before being able to complete the file export. 10. Under export type they’ll need to select “Open Shell” 11. Under Data format, they’ll need to select “Two files- arches oriented in occlusion”. 12. Under Folder Name, they’ll need to change the number to their patient’s last name Once this has been done they can select Export and open the export folder if they’d like to. Exporting the scan
  9. Uploading the scan files Steps 13-15 13. After exporting the scans the doctor will then need to submit the case to us via the Doctor’s Portal and when prompted, they should select “iTero” as the scan type. 14. Once they have completed their case submission, they will then be prompted to “Upload” intraoral scans or “Ship” new impressions. 15. The doctor will need to select “Upload” and retreive the scan files from their Cadent folder. There should be two files to upload, one for each arch. Note: We know that some scanners generate three files, but since all the pertinent positional data is included in just the two, we don't need the third. TIP: The scans can take a bit of time to fully upload.
  10. What if they have trouble exporting and uploading scans? Should the provider have any trouble exporting their .STL files, have them try the below: ■ Checking their subscriptions. Remember the doctor is required to pay for the ability to export .STL files whether they pay annually or per case. ■ Ask the provider what mode their scanner was in prior to recording their patient’s digital impression. Remember it must be in “iRecord” or “iCast”, otherwise the .STL file cannot be exported. ■ Have the provider double check the file/folder location where the scan was saved or exported to. They may have placed it into a folder they do not access often. ■ If all else fails refer them to their iTero Rep or the iTero customer support for additional assistance. - Website: - Toll free number: 800-577-8767
  11. Thanks! Any questions?

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  1. More info on Dental Wings scanners; comprehensive information to provide better info to doctors. Want more info on ALL scanners and possible tutorials info on each System we work with Maybe include prompt for doc to contact scanner company or rep. Docs tend to contact us because the info was made available by us but does not adv who to reach if they have trouble after following tutorial