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Virtual class room


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Virtual class room

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Virtual class room

  1. 1. VIRTUAL CLASS ROOM Smart Virtual Classroom Project Project Implementing Agency Department of Electronics & Information Technology Ministry of Communication Government of India •Virtual Classroomis an online classroomthat allowsparticipanttocommunicate with one another , (twowaycommunication) viewpresentationsorvideosinteractwithotherparticipantsandengage withresoursesinwork groups. Functioning modalities of virtual class room:- •This projectwas initiated,supportedandsponsored by Central andState Governments.258virtual classrooms were launchedwith supportof fourDIETSi.e Guntur,Vishakapatnam, Chitoor,West Godavari whichwere nodal agenciesforfunctioningof SmartVirtual Classroom. • The Nodal OfficerappointedatDIET / School bystate authoritieswill be responsible forsecurityof assetsand alsoforfunctioningof SmartVirtual Classroomfacility •As perM.O.U the installationof equipmentandmonitoringof projectisliedwithCentral Governmentand ensuringoptimumutilizationof the projectbythe schoolsandprovisionof internetconnection isliedwithState Government • DIET / School should ensure continuousinternetconnectivityavailable throughout(2mbps broadbandat school withBSNL Rs. 1199 unlimitedpackage with 2mbpsdedicatedlease line at DIET.) foreffectiveimplementationof the project. •Provisionof mentor/Guestfaculty,preparationof scheduledTimetable forteachingandinteraction session(3sessionperday) isresponsibilityof respective DIETS. • The access to the facilitiesprovidedatprojectlocationswill be fullysecuredandmanagedonaday to day basisbythe DIET / School throughpersonnel specificallytrainedforfunctioningof the technical equipmentinstalledin theselocations. • DIET / School will bearall day-to-dayrecurringexpenditure suchaselectricity,water,telephone charges,internetconnectivitycharges,stationaryandairconditionersif anyrequiredforthe upkeep of the ICT equipment. • DIET / School will ensure safekeepingandcustodyof equipmentdeliveredattheirsitesandshall ensure adequate securitytothe personnel andinfrastructureatprojectsites.DIET/ School shall indemnifyERNETforany lossresultingdue tonon-adherence of the above. • Anyloss/damage toICTinfrastructure deployedunderthisproject,due tonegligence,theft,power fluctuations,electrical earthingissuesetc,whichare notcoveredunderthe warrantywill be made goodby the respective DIET/ School toensure continuityof the projectobjectives.
  2. 2. • Incase of any change of teachers/Nodal Officers,DIET/School will ensure thatthe new incumbent will be providedwithrequisitetrainingbyalreadytrainedstaff atrespective DIETcentresforthe operationof SmartVirtual Classroominfrastructure. • Anyof the individual equipment/componentwhichispart/portionof the Virtual classroom infrastructure will notbe puttouse for any purpose otherthanthe objective of thisproject.Incase of a requirementof usage foranyothercentral/State governmentproject,due writtenpermission fromthe GIA organizationi.e.DeitYhastobe obtained. Major components of Smart Virtual Classroom:- The major componentsof the Smart Virtual Classroom underthis project are describedinthe followingsection. Hardware componentsof the Smart Virtual Classroomare:- • DesktopPC • Interactive whiteboard • VideoConferencingDesktopCodec • DisplayScreen • Camera& Mic • Projector Broadly we can classify the Smart Virtual Classroom functional components into four categories- • Computing:- • Duringthe sessionInstructorcanconduct classesusingthe Interactive white boardand shareanythingonthe desktopPCandsame will be visible toall the participantsthroughvideo conferencingsoftware attheirlocations. • The desktopPCformspart of thiscategorywhichinturn is connectedtothe internetandall activitiesdone onInteractivewhiteboardcanbe sharedonthe webthrough the DesktopPC. • Videoconferencing:- • All sessionscanbe sharedusingvideoconferencingsolution. • Resource atDIET can viewall the school participantsonthe LED DisplayScreenusingvideo conferencingsolution. • DIET resource can alsointeractwithparticipantsthroughVideoconferencingsolutionandLED DisplayScreen.
  3. 3. • Interactionandprojection:- • At DIET Interactive white boardandprojectorcanbe integratedwithvideoconferencingsolution and can be usedas a writingbroadwithprojectionfacilityforself aswell asremote view. • Similarlyanyschool caninitiate videosessionsandmake use of Interactive white boardand projectorforwritingwithprojectionfacilityforselfaswell asremote view. • Others:- • Thiscategoryincludesanonline UPS(UninterruptedPowerSupply) whichisconnectedtoall the installedICTequipmentsforcontinuouspowersupply.The UPSusedinthisprojectgivespower backupof minimum1hour subjectto8 hoursof raw poweravailable toitforfull chargingof batteries. How does it operate Thisprojectenablesthe school teacherstoreachout to studentsatremote locationswithoutbeing physicallypresentatsite andon the otherhandenable ExpertFaculty availability.DistrictInstituteof Education& Training(DIET) will actas a mentorwhere professionalqualityequipmentwill be installedtobe usedasa studioforsmart teachingbyspecializedfacultyandthose lectures/ teachingscanbe beamedlive tothe otherschoolsprimarilyinthatdistrictaswell asin the adjoining areas.The proposedSmartVirtual Classroomsetupwouldalsobe usedforvariousvocational / trainingcoursestobe runfrom districtlevel orstate capital forthe welfare of the community. The projectis videoconferencingsolutionbasedandDIETis connectedtoschool throughcentral locationviainternetasshowninthe below picture: • Schoolsare equippedwithSoftware basedVideoConferencing&electronicteachingaid equipments. • DIETs are equippedwithhardware basedVideoConferencing&electronicteachingaid equipments. • Central locationisforHostingMCU, Schedulings/w,Recording/StreamingSolutionforenabling storage of live sessions,offlineaccessandmultipartyconferencing.
  4. 4. • DIETs dial / connectto Central Locationthroughinternetwhichforwardscall toschoolsand similarlywhenschoolsdial /connecttoDIET, call is forwardedtocorrespondingDIETthrough Central Locationviainternet. Interactivewhite board features: • Writing:Usercanwrite anddraw withpensor fingersdirectlyonthe displaypanel andshow the writteninformationinstantlyduringapresentation.Itishighlyrecommendedtouse pens providedwiththe interactive white board. • Annotation:The usercanoperate andannotate overdifferentformattype filesincluding.ppt, .doc,.xls,.avi,.mpeg,.jpeg,etc. • Touch:Inworkingmode itcanbe a highprecisiontouchInteractivewhiteboard.Usercan use theirfingersora wand as a mouse to clickand drag directlyonthe displaypanel. • Touch Recognition:TheInteractive white boardcanrecognize touchof a single-finger,multiple fingers,double click,leftclickandrightclick. • Hot Icons:Hoticonsare presentonthe both sidesof the board;these iconscan be usedfrom eitherside of the board.Theyare usedforfunctionalitywithinthe annotationsoftware. • Intelligent Pen tray:Theusercanchange the colourof the penfrom the pentray. The colouris automaticallydetectedfromthe sensors. • Display Panel:The boardhasa highgainand highcontrastdisplay. CalibrationProcess: Step1:Connectall necessarydevicesandmake sure the automaticallylaunchedonce the ComputerisswitchedonInteractive white boardserviceprogram.Itwill take afew seconds for the program to load. Step2:Adjustthe Projector’sprojectionangle andmake sure the projectionareaiswithin the white boarddisplayarea. Step3:Touchusingpenoncalibrationicon,on The calibrationscreenwill be displayed
  5. 5. Step4:Touchthe centre of the flashing"十"withthe Interactive white boardpentip.Pen needstobe keptsteadyat the centerpointtill the time calibrationiscompleted. Step5: Calibrationprocessstartsandisoverwhenthe circle iscomplete,same processis repeatedateverycorner. Note: •Dailycleanall sidesof the Interactive whiteboardbefore calibration.
  6. 6. • Wrong calibrationmayleadtothe Interactive white boardnotworkingproperlyandthis requiresrecalibration. • Pressing"ESC"duringcalibrationcancancel the current calibrationoperation. • RedlightappearsonLefthand bottomcorner of Interactive white boardwhenthe Interactive white boardisinpassive mode. • Blue lightappearsonLefthandbottomcorner of Interactive white boardwhenthe Interactive white boardisinactive mode. • It isrecommendedtocalibrate usingthe intelligentpenandputthe penbackin the same colourslotin the tray afteruse. • It isrecommendedthatanypointof time onlyone penshouldbe pickedupfrom intelligentpentray. Benefits of Smart Virtual Classroom 1.Class timing:- 1. • Schedule canbe flexible,accordingtothe needsof bothteacherandstudents. 2. • Classdurationiseasilyextendable,instructorandstudenttime permitting. 3. • Schedule extraclassesatconvenienttime. 2. Learner groups:- Suitable to students of heterogeneous group, even global, with a variety of social circles and customs. Convienient to Student composition that may vary greatly in age, profession, and academic background. 3.Teaching methodology:- • Classescanbe technology-drivenandlearner-centric, with the teacher as a facilitator. Teachers have better teaching tools to effectively engage learners. Virtual classrooms allow students more freedomtoexperiment,exploreand steer the class. This freedom can produce improved student performance. • Modern teaching tools are used such as multimedia, animation, 3D modelling etc. • Learningenvironmentcanbe stimulatingandentertaining.Moderationtool allowsthe teacherto easily control the class. 4.Collaboration in learning:- • Teachersandstudentscollaborate online viaaudio,videoandtextchat.
  7. 7. • It iseasiertoworkwithdifferenttypesof learners.Divideasingle virtual classroomintobreakout sessionsandletstudentsof differentlevelsworkattheirownpace,while the teachermoderates and facilitates. • Easierto involve multipleteachersandtobringinguestspeakersfromanywhere inthe world. 5.Recording:- • Classesare recorded,includingaudio,videoandevenscreen.Studentscan view the instructor’s exactexplanationandmethods,andadministratorscanreview boththe instructor’sand students’performance. • Thisfeature isveryuseful,especiallyforabsentstudents,whocanview the recordingslaterand understandthe conceptselaboratedbythe instructor.Moreover,the studentscanalsoreferto the recordingsforrevisionpurpose,attheirconvenience. 6.Cost:- • Professionalscantake classesfromhome,anytime (evenlate nightsorearlymornings). TechnologyBasedTraining(TBT) yieldsatime savingsof 35-45% overtraditional classroom instruction. • Notravel costs.Teach and learnfromanywhere. • Virtual Classroomisgreenteaching,savespaper,andanyothersuchcosts. • Classesconductedinvirtual classroomsare comparativelycheaper,asmuchas 80%. Operating Procedure of session 1 Before starting session • Once youenterthe Smart Virtual Classroomcleanall ICT hardware equipmentgently, withoutdisturbingcables. • Checkyourmail ID usingyour Username andpasswordto checksessions/meetings scheduledforyou. • Go to the classroomand turn onthe UPS,Desktopand all otherequipmentssetupin classroomwhichyouare goingto use. • Cleanall sidesof Interactive white boardgentlybefore settingcalibration • Calibrate the Interactive white board • Ensure webcam camerais on. • Ensure the internetconnectionisonandis notsharedwithothersforhighspeed • Getready withyourcontentsasper the givenschedule. • Timelylogintovideoconferencingsessionusingyourlogincredentials. • Checkthe audioand videoare workingproperly; doa trial/dryrun. 2 During a Session • Duringsessionlistentopresentersilently.
  8. 8. • Askquestionswhere evernecessary. • Share your contentswhenneeded. • ‘TURN ON’your MIC onlywhenitisyour turn to speak. • Maintaindiscipline inclassroom. • Teachersshouldarrange systematicquestion-answersessionforstudents. 3 After asession • Remembertologoutfromvideoconferencingsession. • Properlyshutdownthe Desktop. • Turn off all the equipmentssetupinclassroom. • Lock the classroomfor securitypurpose. Do’s and Don’ts Keepyourusername and passwordgivento you,safe and secure. Do not tell yourpasswordandusername to anyone Smart virtual classroomshouldbe lockedfor securitypurpose. Neverleave yourclassroomun-lockedwhen not inuse. Alwayskeepthe MainspowersupplytoUPS ON forchargingof the batteriesevenif your classroomisclosed. Do not turn off the Mainspowersupplyto the UPS as it mightresultinUPS providing poor backupwhenthere isnomainspower. Periodicallycheckall port/cable connections, BatteryinstalledinRemotesof all equipmentsandUPSbatteries Do not allow lose connectionsinthe equipmentsasitmightcause problems duringusage.Do notkeepleakingbatteries inRemotesasits dischargingchemicalswill damage the remote Ensure properlightinginthe roomfor better image quality. Do not setup a virtual classroom ina dark place as it will leadtopoorvisibility. In the Smart Virtual Classroomkeepthe Interactive white boarddustfree. Do not expose yourInteractivewhiteboard, LED Screendisplayandorotherequipments to dust,directsunlightormoisture asit mightleadto electricshockandfire. Alwaysproperlylogoutfromthe video conferencingsoftware whensessioninover Do not leave yourconferencingsession loggedinafterthe sessionisover. KeepyourMobilesonSilentmode inthe Smart Virtual Classroomduringsession. Do not use mobile phonesorothergadgets duringthe sessionasitwill create disturbance. AlwaysproperlyshutdownyourDesktop and otherequipmentsafteruse. Do not leave yourequipmentsturnedon whentheyare not inuse. KeepyourSmart Virtual Classroomcleanand dry forbetterperformance of equipments. Do not litterinyourSmart Virtual Classroom as it mightharm the hardware components of the classroom. Teachersshouldarrange systematicquestion answersessionforstudents. Do not avoidthe questionanswersessionof your classroomasit isverynecessaryforskill development. Focuson the classroomconversationand activities. Do not indulge inotheractivitieswhilethe sessionisgoingon. Before startingof the classsession,stop Do not use otherwebsitesorpageswhile the
  9. 9. sharingof the internetforbetter performance of the conferencing. sessionisgoingonas itwill leadinpoor internetconnectivity. Alwaysrecordimportantsessionforfuture reference. Do not leave the classroomwhilesome importantsessionisgoingon. Alwaysavoiddirecteye contactwiththe lightcomingfromthe projector. Do not lookdirectlyatthe lightcomingout fromthe projectorasit may cause temporaryblindness. Wiringinthe Smart Virtual Classroomshould be appropriate andhidden. Do not pull the wiringorscratch the wiring of the Smart Virtual Classroom. Alwayshandle the equipmentswithcare. Do not throw or scratch or drill ordrop the equipments. Verygentlycleanall sidesof Interactive white boardbefore usingit. Don’tapplypressure while cleaningthe Interactive white boardsurface asitcan cause damage to the board. Challenges 1. Notable to connecta call andshowingthe statusas “Offline”? • Checkthe LAN cable is properlyconnected. • Internetmodemisswitchedon. • Checkthe statusof the connectivityof LAN onthe task bar at rightlowercornerof the screen.If showscrossedredmark thencable isunplugged,plugit. • If the connectionsare properlydone thenthe problemsmaybe frominternetproviderside.In that case contact yourinternetprovider. 2. Video is not displayed on the Screen? • Please checkthe videosource throughremote of LEDdisplayscreen.Itmaybe due to wrong selectionof Input.Selectrightinputsource. • Your videosettingsmaybe incorrect. • Your camera connectormightbe loose,please re-insertthe connectorandcheckagain. • Your videomaybe lockedbyadministratorsocontact the Helpdesk011-42587000 or 1800 103 5275 or email at 3. Audio is not audible? • Your speakersmightbe poweredoff,please switch “ON”. • Your audiosettingsmaybe incorrect. • Your speakerconnectormightbe loose,please recheckthe connectivity.
  10. 10. • Your videomaybe lockedbyadministratorsocontactthe Helpdesk011-42587000 or 1800 103 5275 or email at 4. Question: Video and Audio both are not working? • Refertothe above givensteps .• If the issue isstill notresolvedpleasecontactthe helpdesk( 011 42587000) or 1800 103 5275 or email 5. Not able to view the content on projector screen? • Checkthe Projectorinputpower.The cable shouldbe properlyconnectedandGreenLEDindicator shouldbe insteadystate. • CheckProjectorsettings. • CheckProjector’sconnectivitytoCPU.Itshouldbe connectedproperly. • If the issue isstill unresolvedthencontactthe Helpdesk(011-42587000) or 1800 103 5275 or email at 6. Not able to operate the Interactive white board? • Checkforthe redLED indicatoronthe leftside bottomcorner.Otherwiseunplugthe USBcable and plugitproperlyonthe rear side of the CPU. • Whenyoumove the penor yourfingeryouwill observethe change incolourof the LED indicator. It will change fromredcolourto blue colour. • Remove pentrayconnectionandconnectInteractive white boardUSBcable directto CPU. Then checkInteractive white boardisworkingornot,if it isworking,problemcanbe inpentray. • If the issue isstill unresolvedthencontactthe Helpdesk011-42587000 or 1800 103 5275 or email at 7. Pen of Interactive white board is not pointing at the desired location on White Board? • It maybe problemof calibration,althoughcalibrationof Interactive white boardisaone-time activityandneededonlywhenpositionof Interactivewhite boardisdisturbed. • If required youcan adjustthe calibration 8. Entire system “shuts down” automatically? • Checkforinputpowersupplytothe UPS and make sure that powersupplyisON. • Checkfor the outputpowersupplyof the UPS andensure thatthe UPS isON. • Checkthe durationof Main Poweras 8 hoursare requiredtocharge the UPS batteries.
  11. 11. • If the issue isstill unresolvedthencontactthe Helpdesk011-42587000 or 1800 103 5275 or email at 9. No display on LED display screen? • Please checkif the LED displayscreenispowered“ON”. • Please selectthe “Inputsource”fromremote as“HDMI”. • Check LED displayscreenconnections • Evenafterabove stepsitis unresolvedthencontactthe Helpdesk011-42587000 or 1800 103 5275 or email at 10. Display on LED screen is erratic? • Poweroff the LED displayscreenfor30 secondsthentryoperatingagain. • Make sure the wall outletisworkingwell. • Evenafterabove stepsitis unresolvedthencontactthe Helpdesk011-42587000 or 1800 103 5275 or email at 11. Remote Control Malfunction? • Replace the remote control batteries.•Cleanthe upperedge of remote control (transmission window) • Checkthe batteryterminals. • Evenafterabove stepsproblemremains unresolvedthencontactthe Helpdesk011-42587000 or 1800 103 5275 or email 12. TFT monitor is blank and power indicatorlight blinks continuously? • Onyour computercheck PowerandSignal cable. • CheckwhetherTFTmonitorisusingitspowermanagementsystem • Move the computer'smouse or pressanykeyon the keyboard. • Evenafterabove stepsproblemremainsunresolvedthencontactthe Helpdesk011-42587000 or 1800 103 5275 or email 13. Interactive white board pens are not working? • Checkforthe pentray connections,if theyare loose tightenthem. • Checkandcleanpentray sensors • Please checkif the properdriverisinstalled.
  12. 12. • Checkthe Interactive whiteboardisproperlycalibrated. • If still notresolvedthencontactthe Helpdesk.011-42587000 or 1800 103 5275 or email at 14. Projector is ON but not working? • Checkwhetherthe cable isconnectedtothe source PC. • Checkinthe Displaypropertyof PCthat the displayoutputison ProjectorPort. • In remote,checkforthe HDMI source isselectedandif not,thenselectit. • If still notresolvedthencontacttheHelpdesk.011-42587000 or 1800 103 5275 or email at 15. There is Variation in projection colourfrom Projector? • Check the HDMI cable,fix itas perthe method • If still notresolvedthencontacttheHelpdesk.011-42587000 or 1800 103 5275 or email at 16. LED Display screenvideo/ Audionot working? • Checkcablesare connectedproperly. • Checkwhetheraudioisnotmutedfromthe controller(EndpointDevice /DesktopApplication) • If still notresolvedthencontacttheHelpdesk.011-42587000 or 1800 103 5275 or email at 17. Not able to share the content during conference? • Check connections • Checkfor the share buttonif it isOFF.Please turnit ON. • If still notresolvedthencontactthe Helpdesk011-42587000 or 1800 103 5275 or email at 18. How can I correct the issue of working pen with variations? • You can recalibrate the Interactive WhiteBoardsettings 19. If we cannot see some calibration points correctly and projection is out of Interactive white board display? • The Projectorisnot adjustedproperlyandneedstobe adjusted. 20. If interactive white board is working but pen is not working?
  13. 13. • Openthe pentray andcheck for the sensors,theymaybe dusted,needtobe cleaned. • If Pentray sensorsare disturbed/damagedorburnt,thenchange the pentray. Call helpdesk 21. What if video conferencing software installed in my desktop is not working? • You can downloaditfromyourprojectportal 22. If display of projector is reverted? • Go to MENU buttonthenselectinstallation,there are twooptionsone forfronttable topand secondforceiling.Selectceilingoptionandpress‘OK’button.