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Hot potatoes


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Hot potatoes

Published in: Education
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Hot potatoes

  1. 1. An Interactive Exercise Tool
  2. 2. Research and Developed by the University of Victoria, Canada. First released in version 2.0 in September 1998F Freeware since October 2009. To make six different types of self-test exercises for assessment We can download this software from this link Software Installation tutorial link
  3. 3. Features : •Includes 5 applications - JQuiz, JCross, JMix, JMatch, JCloze. •Enables users to create interactive based teaching exercises. •Allows users to upload the Web pages to their servers. •Allows to alter the default source files and configuration file location. •User-friendly and very easy to use. •Multi-language support. •Its FREE! Its Freeware & It is free shareware
  4. 4. Benifits :  It is self-evaluate and interactive tool  It is useful to the teacher to evaluate the learners in different ways  It does not require much techno-literacy on the part of users.  This program can be very useful for any subject teacher in creating different types of  interactive exercises including multiple-choice and short-answer questions, jumbled sentence items, crossword puzzles, and matching/ordering or gap-fill exercises.  We can create exercises in almost any Indian regional language desired
  5. 5. About the Program : The Hot Potatoes program consists of five applications for creating different types of interactive exercises i.e., Jquiz Jcloze Jmatch Jcross JMix.
  6. 6. Interface of Hot Potatoes:
  7. 7. Different Interactive Tools for Exercises Jquiz: JQuiz is the most commonly used Hot Potato. With JQuiz you create multiple choice and quizzes. JCloze: JCloze is the Potato module with which you can create gap-fill exercises. JMatch: JMatch allows for the creation of extensive matching exercises, including drag and drop types.
  8. 8. Different Interactive Tools for Exercises JCross: JCross allows you to make crossword puzzles. JMix: The JMix program creates jumbled-sentence exercises.
  9. 9. How do the programs work ? There are three stages in creating exercises with these programs: 1. Enter your data You type in the questions, answers, feedback etc. which forms the basis of the exercise. See Entering and saving data for more information on this. 2. Adjust the configuration The "configuration" is a set of information used to compile the Web pages. It includes instructions for the student, captions for navigation buttons, and other information which is not likely to change much between exercises. 3. Create your Web pages This is simply a matter of pressing the "Export to Web" button on the toolbar, choosing a file name, and letting the program do the rest.
  10. 10. Main Screen of JQuiz
  11. 11. Main Screen of JCloze:
  12. 12. Main Screen of JCross:
  13. 13. Main Screen of JMix:
  14. 14. Main Screen of JMatch:
  15. 15. Click the a Web Page button and create a WebPage and save it on desired path
  16. 16. Web Page View button
  17. 17. Extra Features: •We can provide hints while learners answering the questions •We can insert Images, Videos and Audio files in the questions. •We can change the font size and colour also •We can add Timer for answering the questions p/hotpotatoesusers/