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E haazar


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E haazar

Published in: Education
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E haazar

  1. 1. E- Haazar - AEBAS ( Adhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System
  2. 2. Bio metric equipment
  3. 3. e-Hazar Project - Objectives &Strategy  Capture the Daily Attendance of students & teachers at School points.  Track potential Student drop out.  Map Attendance to Student Assessment & Performance  Transparent and accountable delivery of services including, Mid-Day Meal, Free Text books, Uniforms, Bicycles for Girl Children, etc
  4. 4. Advantages of e- HAZAR ( AEBAS ) • Low cost – easily deployable  No attendance registers required  .  No cards or other tokens required  .  Tracks time of entry & exit, hence MIS can track hours spent in office  The whole AEBAS software is highly scalable.
  5. 5. How to install or setup the device  The Adhaar card data of all the students and teachers is accessed by the device from the central server for Adhaar authenticating attendance in real time.  Where there are two eHazar-AEBAS applications in which these biometrics work 1. AP Online application. 2. CGG online application.
  6. 6. AP Online application 1. Press on / off button. 2. Monitor will on. If not, check whether it is charged or not. 3. After turning on the monitor, you will observe the login page.
  7. 7. Home Page
  8. 8. One time Authentication for device tagging
  9. 9. Attendance Capture of Teacher
  10. 10. Updation of Student Roll ID
  11. 11. Aadhar Seeding
  12. 12. Ifyou want to down load students.teacher s details click on data synch button and then submit