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Authoring tool


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Authoring tool h5 p

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Authoring tool

  1. 1. AUTHORING TOOL – H5P H5P is a plugin for existing publishing systems that enables the systemto create interactive content like Interactive Videos, Presentations, Games, Quizzes and more. We can run H5P through online servers that contain Wordpress, Moodle or Drupal. H5P is open source and free to use. To develop a good content by teachers ICT AP is provided a dedicated link from our APEkX server (explained in Step 2). A Teacher can develop an interactive content easily by using the following steps. Note: Your computer should be connected to the Internet . Step 1: Open your Browser (Either it may be Google Chrome / Firefox / Internet explorer / others) Google Chrome Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Here I am using “Google chrome” in Windows to explain this process, because of its great speed. You may use any other browser in any other Operating system(like Ubuntu, Linux, Mac,..etc) to develop.
  2. 2. Step 2: Enter “” and press ENTER Step 3 : The following screen appears. The User name and Password are available at the lower part of the screen. We can type or copy–paste into corresponding boxes.
  3. 3. Step 4 : Enter “User name” and “Password” and press “Log in” Step 5: The following “Dashboard” Screen appears. We can find H5P plugin at the left below corner. Click on it.
  4. 4. Step 6: The following screen appears, all uploaded contents are appeared here. You can click on any title to use that content Step 7: Developing a new H5P Content. Click on “Add New” Add new
  5. 5. Step 8: The following screen appears. Here we can enter our Content name, and select content type. Here we can develop 26 types of interactive contents (the number may increase for upcoming versions). Select a desired content to develop. Step 9: Enter your content according to the given instructions, in respective boxes. When it is done, check once again and click on “Create”. Content Name Content type Create
  6. 6. Step 10: Now your content is created and added to the list. At this time we may Play by clicking on the title or Edit by clicking on “Edit” option. When you want to edit, click on Edit. A window like the above step(Step 9) opened. Edit the content. But instead of “Create” option we may find “Update”. Press Update to Save and update the content Step 11: Logout – place the mouse pointer on “Howdy” , at the right corner of the screen. A small menu appears like in Step 12. New added Content Logout Menu
  7. 7. Press to Logout and close the window Logout