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  1. 1. INTRODUCTION What is APEKX: Andhra Pradesh E-Knowledge Exchange Portal. It is a online initiative of school education department , Government of Andhra Pradesh. It will facilitate the teacher and thought their teaching learning experience and exchange of knowledge through various modes like mobiles, laptops, tabs, systems etc. 2
  2. 2. OBJECTIVE A comprehensive online platform for teachers and students to strengthen quality and delivery of learning outcomes. BRANCHES: It has four major branches 1. Discussion Forums 2. Online courses forTeachers 3. E-content 4. Educational Research. 3
  3. 3. FEATURES: 1. Experts 2. Teachers 3. Useful links 4. Repository 5. Group 6. Do 7. Discuss 8. Poll 9. Blog 10. Talk. 4
  4. 4. EXPERTS:The teachers who have much knowledge and exposure in the relevant subjects can join and share the content in this portal. TEACHERS:All teachers who are from different categories like government schools, private schools, K.G.B.Vs join and share their knowledge. It will also allow the students to register on the portal to get clarification for their doubts. USEFUL LINKS:This feature will help the teachers and students to know about the related online links and access to digital content for additional information and knowledge on the subject to quench their thirst for learning. REPOSITORY:This future will enable the teachers to post the e-content subject wise, topic wise and class wise.This feature will inspire all the learned teachers to share their treasure of knowledge to all other stakeholders. GROUP:This feature is having subject wise groups.. 5 FEATURES:
  5. 5. DO:This feature allows posting of the innovative and academic related trends and enhancement of knowledge. DISCUSS:This feature allows online discussion on the subject concepts and academic related trends and enhancement of knowledge. POLL:This is a feature facilitates weighing the value of the shared knowledge on the portal. BLOG:This feature promotes the literary skills and communicative skills of the teacher by allowing them to write and post the valuable information according to their subject wise and category wise. TALK:This feature helps the teachers to discuss about specific subject related concepts and helps the students by clarifying the doubts. 6 FEATURES:
  6. 6. Teachers: 1. Teacher can access quality E-content 2. Teacher can share their ideas, lesson plan with other teachers 3. They seek clarifications form subject experts. 4. Easy access portal 5. They can do high quality online 6. They can prepare question papers with the help of portal. 7 ADVANTAGES:
  7. 7. Students: 1. Students can raise any question related to subjects. 2. They can get answers from any teacher, experts and others. 3. They can access high quality E-content. 4. They can take online exam of their choice 5. APEKX portal is an open resource for every one 8 ADVANTAGES:
  8. 8. Student First: • Tracking and improving learning outcomes • TeacherTraining and professional Development. • Upskilling and school Leadership • Improving classroom transaction with Digital content. LeverageTechnology • Date integration. • To support teacher professional development 9 SOME KEY STRATAGIES:
  9. 9. 10 PAGE LAYOUT: Registered students can raise the questions. Teachers can clarifies their doubts.
  10. 10. • You have to go Apekx portal and click on login zone.Then you go teacher login / student login. 11 LOGIN PROCEDURE: • Enter your mobile number • Password • Security code number • Click on submit button. • If phone number does not exist in the data base then it ask for the treasury I.D. • If you already registered then click on teacher / student login.
  11. 11. • If the teacher does not have treasury I.D. then it gives a direct link. 12 LOGIN PROCEDURE: New registration: • Enter your mobile number • Enter Security code • Then click on submit button
  12. 12. 13
  13. 13. 14
  14. 14. • If you share any article , opinion, video, lesson plan, and E- content, then you select any one. 15 YOUR PAGE IN PORTAL: TEACHER SHARED E-CONTENT • In APEKX platform teachers are sharing their prepared E-content in a fixed format • The shared e-content will be reviewed by the APEKX crew members. • You type subject, class, title, and write short description, then you paste embedded code of video in the particular box.
  15. 15. • If you upload e-content in the portal you can see in repository feature. 16 REPOSITORY:
  16. 16. • For curating the e-content prepared by the teachers authoring tools exe-learning and H5P are introduced H5P is given as content preparation by using word press and H5P plugin. 17 CONTENT CURATION TOOLS: • For curating the e-content prepared by the teachers authoring tools exe-learning and H5P are introduced H5P is given as content preparation by using word press and H5P plugin. ACTIVITIES OF APEKX:
  17. 17. APEKX:Andhra Pradesh E-Knowledge Exchange PEMANDU: Performance Management And Delivery Unit. HTML: HyperText Markup Language CC: Creative Commons OER: Open Educational Resource ICT: Information and communication technology FOSS: Free and Open Source Software. MOOCS: Massive Open Online Courses. NROER: National Repository of Open Educational Resource 18 BIBLIOGRAPHY:
  18. 18. The platform provides information, data relating to all subjects. It is a platform that encourages every teacher to share their knowledge and innovative teaching learning practices.The portal is designed to cater the needs of the academic standards. MHRD GOI asked our state to give presentation APEKX to construct national teachers platform. National Police Academy invited APEKX team to present on APEKX. NCERT as asked AP to put a stall on APEKX. 19 CONCLUSION:
  19. 19. 1. Online courses for teachers. 2. Educational Research. 3. Committee formations and 4. View and feedback system on on-line courses. 20 FURTHER EXTENTIONS:
  21. 21. 22